15th Week of Pregnancy: Body Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

Welcome to your second trimester! With each passing week, you are nearing the D-day. Some major symptoms that were bothering you for the last few weeks are not to be seen now and you are on a roll with your newfound energy! 

15th Week of Pregnancy: Body Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

Your baby is the size of an apple now and is looking more like a human being now. By now you are sporting your belly bump in your perfect maternity clothes and feeling like you are on top of the world. But there are a couple of things you should keep in mind about this week’s pregnancy and the things that you will be expecting!

What can you expect at this week of pregnancy?

  • Tiredness and fatigue are going to be your constant companion.
  • You will keep gaining weight and so it is suggested that you keep working out to keep yourself and your tiny one strong.
  • Fortunately, the breast tenderness goes away and the soreness reduces.
  • Pain in your abdominal region can also be spotted.

Your Baby

Your little one’s hairline is starting to form now which will stay forever. Your baby might be born with a head full of hair while there are cases where hair doesn’t appear for months after birth too.

Lanugo, which is ultrafine soft hair are starting to form all over the baby’s body to protect him/her from the amniotic fluid. Though the lanugo will not stay for life and disappear before or after birth.

Twin development 

Your babies are 3 ½ inches each and each weighs 1 ½ ounces. It is better to undergo an amniocentesis test now to assess the health of the babies.

Your Body Changes

The following changes are going to continue happening with your body at this stage. 

Honeymoon Period

The second trimester is also known as the ‘honeymoon period’ as most of the troublesome symptoms disappear by now and you can relax a bit. 

Bleeding gums

Your pregnancy hormones which have been disturbing you with innumerable problems are back this week with gingivitis. This will result in swelling of gums and they might even bleed while brushing due to sensitivity.

You might develop a swelling in your gums which is termed as ‘pregnancy tumor’ but it is not intimidating as it sounds. This will subside after your delivery. Nothing to worry about. 

Take good dental care is necessary now. Brush twice a day and floss once a day to prevent gum swelling, bleeding, and soreness.

Weight gain

While all your life you dreamt of losing your weight, now if you look at the dial of your weighing machine, you might have a heart attack. It is natural and a good sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Your baby is getting bigger with each passing week and on average, you will be gaining one pound every week. Your weight tells a lot about your pregnancy, so make sure to weigh once a week if you are weighing at home or else wait for a monthly check-up.


You may now notice your baby moving a bit and might even be hiccupping in your belly! You can opt for a Multi Maker Screen (MMS) where you’ll have your blood tested week the 15th week and the 20th week. This test will confirm if your baby has any risk of neural tube defects or chromosomal abnormalities. This week’s ultrasound will surprise you as you!


Here are all the symptoms that you are going to face this week.

Heartburn and Indigestion

You will be feeling hungrier now and that will make you vulnerable to eat more but do not do it as your digestive system is not that active now. Eating in large amounts will result in indigestion and heartburn. Eat 6 small meals instead of having 3 big ones.

Your veins become prominent

This is a good sign as it shows that your blood flow is healthy and is carrying all the nutrients to your baby. 


Your body is undergoing a lot of changes and your baby is growing too. This entire process takes up almost all your energy. Take rest whenever you can and do not stress yourself.


Your pregnancy hormones, fatigue, and stress can be the cause of your frequent headaches. Apply some essential oil on your forehead and near your nose and sit in a dark room to ease your headaches.

Darkening of the Areolas

Your breasts are preparing for breastfeeding and the increasing flow of blood has made them tingly and sensitive. The skin near your nipples will continue to darken and is natural.

Continued Weight Gain

No matter how much you complain about your increasing weight you won’t be able to stop it. There might be two reasons behind your increasing weight gain your baby is growing and bloating. Constipation leads to bloating and gas formation. To counter your bloating issues, have plenty of water throughout the day, and have some laxatives to soften your stool. 

Round ligament pain

Your muscles and ligaments are stretching as your uterus is growing every moment. This might cause some pain on the lower sides of the belly and this pain is termed as the ’round ligament pain.’ This is natural during pregnancy but if the pain aggravates do contact your doctor immediately. 

Thoughtlessness or Pregnancy brain

You seem to be forgetting small things like where you kept the keys of your car or when is your next appointment now and then and it will be frustrating. It is a natural phenomenon as the volume of your brain cell volume decreases during pregnancy. 

Attach sticky notes on your wardrobe or refrigerator to help you keep track of your important things, or, you can use your laptop or smartphone too unless you forget where you kept them after using!

Hyperemesis gravidarum

This is an extreme case of morning sickness which can lead to hospitalization too. Hyperemesis gravidarum in the second trimester may result in some complications like placental abruption (premature isolation of the uterus from the placenta wall). If you are experiencing unbearable morning sickness, call your doctor immediately.

Tips for this week for a healthy pregnancy

To make sure that you remain healthy, you have to follow these tips mentioned below. 

Consult your doctor for preeclampsia

This symptom usually appears later during pregnancy, maybe in the 20th week, where there is a sudden hike in your blood pressure and swelling of your face and arms. If you notice these symptoms talk with your doctor about low-dose aspirin. 

Measure your baby’s fundal height

Your doctor will measure the distance between the top of your pubic bone and the top of your uterus to estimate the size of your baby

Keep a check on your calorie intake

You will have your appetite back by this week. It is recommended to have an additional 300 calories per day with your diet. You can get the additional calorie by having lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Keep a check on your weight gain

You should gain at least 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. Maintain a healthy diet and make sure you meet the required weight. Insufficient weight gain can bring complications for both you and your baby. 

Do not skip breakfasts

Your baby needs continuous nutrient intake and for that, you have to provide him/her with the necessary amount of nutrients. Have a bowl of oatmeal or a sandwich or a smoothie, but, do not skip your breakfasts.

Exercise daily

Exercising daily keeps your body healthy and increases the blood flow which is what your baby needs right now. Do not go for heavy weight lifting or cardio because it is stressful and stress is not good for your baby.

Emergency cases to call the doctor

  • Severe abdominal pain or cramping
  • Breathlessness 
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Signs of premature labor
  • Fever
  • Vomiting tendency 
  • Severe morning sickness


This trimester is the best period of your pregnancy. You will feel more energetic now and even your appetite seems to be coming back! Channel your newfound energy into your workout routine. Chances of miscarriage are less now tow.

The best way to remain fit and relaxed is to not stress much and taking adequate rest. Maintain a healthy diet and follow certain hygienic measures to ensure both your and your baby’s health. A little responsible now and happiness thereafter! 


What genetic tests do I need?

Genetic screening will be open to all people by 20 weeks of pregnancy. Advances in testing now support Down syndrome screening tests as early as nine weeks. Many studies may require antibody samples, others include a serum check and advanced ultrasounds (translucent nuchal disease).

The choices for genetic testing include first quarter, second quarter scan, several standardized screening test methods, and cell-free DNA (for instance, MaterniT21 or Verify). Invasive procedures such as amniocentesis or CVS are typically prescribed even if either of the screening measures mentioned above is irregular.

How much weight should I gain during pregnancy? 

The minimum rise in weight ranges between 25 and 35 lbs. These numbers change according to the weight and the BMI of your pregnancy (i.e., underweight, normal weight, overweight), and also to your child’s twins.

When will I feel the baby move?

Early 7 to 8 weeks we can see baby motion by ultrasound. Quickening is the word for a mother’s first sensation of kid motion, also referred to as a fluttering sensation. Currently, this is noticed around 16 weeks after. Some people are familiar with fetal jumping, particularly during the first pregnancy, not until close to 25 weeks.

How much coffee can I drink during my pregnancy?

Caffeine can be limited to about 200 to 300 mg a day which is equal to 1 cup of coffee. Green tea usually has less caffeine than coffee.

What activities should I avoid while pregnant?

Stop any activity that places you at risk or raises your abdomen ‘s likelihood of injuries. Amusement park riding, downhill skiing, and contact sports are some examples.

15th Week Of Pregnancy

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