17th week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

4 months down and just 5 more to go! It’s so exciting, isn’t it? You feel happier and more confident as you sport your baby bump and can feel your baby move. Most of the bothersome symptoms are gone by now and you feel a bit relaxed. Your baby is undergoing immense development and is adapting to the outside environment. 

17th week of Pregnancy: Changes, Symptoms, Food & Care

You should feel special about yourself and proud to have been blessed to enjoy this challenging yet exciting journey motherhood. The best part is that the past few weeks have made you both adapt to all the changes both emotionally and physically.

But, before you just sit back and enjoy your maternal leave, here are a few things that you should keep in mind these things that you will be expecting this week.

What can you expect this week?

  • An increase in weight is a common change that you will observe.
  • You can have acid refluxes, so talk to your doctor regarding that.
  • Your mood can change from time to time.
  • You can be hungry, but you must not always feel like eating.

Your Body

The following changes will keep happening to your body.

  • You don’t feel fatigued or nauseated as such. But, if you feel so, remember someone is growing inside you.
  • Your appetite has increased and you are bound to be hungrier than ever before. This is because your baby is needing all the nutrients to grow and get ready for the outer world.
  • Your partner is about to get disturbed! You might wake up in the morning and not find him sleeping beside you. He is probably in the living room sleeping on the couch. Your snores are not letting him sleep. Surprised? You needn’t be. It’s your stupid pregnancy hormones that are blocking your nose. 

Trying sleeping on an elevated surface or applying a nasal strip to unblock your nasal cavity. If your partner complains much, do not listen to him! You need your sound sleep now.

  • With your uterus growing, your organs will rearrange their usual position to adapt and this might lead to some gastrointestinal issues such as heartburn and indigestion.

Your Baby

  • Your baby weighs around 4 to 5 ounces now.
  • Your little one is the size of a large onion now and has started to put on some fat now. The accumulated fat helps to keep your baby warm.
  • For the past few weeks, your baby has been practicing sucking and swallowing. Your baby will have all the reflexes by the time he or she is born.
  • The skeletal system is hardening too and by now your baby can move his/her hands and legs.
  • Your baby can move his/her eyes but the eyelids are closed.
  • Do you know what makes us human beings special and different from each other? Our fingerprints. Your baby will have his/her fingerprints within the next week! Isn’t it exciting?

Twin development

  • Twins are prone to be diagnosed with Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). This is a rare condition in which one of the babies is behind his/her gestational age. It can also because of some chromosomal abnormalities or some complications with the placenta or other maternal complications.
  • You will be undergoing frequent ultrasounds. And the best treatment for IUGR is bed rest and early delivery in extreme cases.


Given below is an extensive list of all the symptoms you can face.

Gastrointestinal issues

Heartburn, indigestion, and nausea are the gastrointestinal issues (GI), that are common during your pregnancy. Heartburn and indigestion are an issue that you have been suffering ever since you got pregnant. You can deal with heartburn by having small portions and eating at regular intervals than eating a lot at one go. 

Gas and constipation can be of great discomfort, and you can tackle these by maintain a healthy liquid diet and eating vegetables and fruits rich with fiber.

Increased appetite

Your baby is growing and he/she needs all the nutrients to grow. Do not keep your stomach appetite and eat whenever you feel hungry but foods that are nutritious like high-fiber grains and lean proteins.


This is common during pregnancy. Your uterus is growing and it is adding up to your weight. Try and get a firm mattress or put a cushion behind your back while sitting on the chair.


Drink plenty of water and other liquids except ALCOHOL throughout the day. Dehydration causes faintness and dizziness usually.

Skin pigmentation

Often termed as the mask of pregnancy, is a symptom that happens with 50% to 70% pregnant women. You may find brownish or blackish spots to appear on your face. Your pregnancy hormones are the sole reason behind this! To tackle melasma or mask of pregnancy, try avoiding much exposure to the sun or apply sunscreen before going out. Do not worry, the spots will disappear after your delivery.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are usually hereditary but it can also be if you are gaining weight pretty fast. 


The pregnancy hormones team up with stress, fatigue, and tension to leave you in an uncomfortable situation with occasional headaches. Consult your doctor if you want to take some acetaminophen to ease your headaches.

Sciatic nerve pain

It may be with the sciatic nerve, whether you experience irregular pains radiated from one of the thighs. Your lower back or hips through start pain, entering your legs throughout. This generally happens because your growing infant places strain on the nerve. Try swimming for some relief. 

Tips to have a healthy pregnancy this week

Here are all the tips, which should be followed by you during the 17th week. 

Enlargement of breasts is normal

Increase in blood flow and the hormones are developing your breasts for breastfeeding. If you feel uncomfortable invest in a good maternity bra or a cotton sports bra to help your tingly and ultrasensitive breasts.

Cut on your dairy products

You need enough calcium now to help your baby to grow and to also harden your bones. If you are lactose intolerant, have orange juice, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, and almonds to get the required amount of calcium that your body demands.

Loose tooth

There are possibilities of your hormones affecting your gums and bones in your mouth leading to have a loose tooth. If your gums are bleeding and making you feel uncomfortable, visit a dentist.

Do not wear high heels

With your baby growing inside you, it is necessary to maintain a proper postural balance. So, switch to wearing flats instead of heels to deal with the balance. 

Prenatal massage

Your body is adapting to changes that your baby is undergoing. The sudden changes can lead to back pains and cramping. Schedule a prenatal massage to pamper your body and ease a bit of your discomfort. Consult a well-trained masseuse as your body is pretty sensitive now.

Ease your round ligament pain

The growth of your uterus stresses on the lower pelvic region and this can cause sharp pains in the lower abdomen. Try wearing a belly band or stop doing an intensive workout, to ease the pain.


Just a few more weeks and you’ll be relieved of all the pain that you are going through. Your increase in appetite and your new-found energy are some really good symptoms. As your weight keeps on increasing from this week onwards, do not indulge in a highly intensive workout and stressing your body much.

Prenatal care is a must now and do not hesitate to pamper yourself with a good massage and a cheat day from your diet once in a while. Taking the utmost care of yourself is the only mantra. 

You are doing a great job!


Will I get stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a typical result of maternity skin stretching. In most people, it’s normal. I consider stretch mark creams that never follow the marketing promises and that genetics also play a significant role. The bulk of mothers agree that skin should be kept properly humidified.

Why am I so gassy?

Increased pregnancy progesterone hormone delays the absorption and provides a longer time for the development of gas. When the abdomen becomes bigger, the bowel shifts and becomes crowded. This also delays digestion.

What should my food intake be?

You need about 300 additional calories a day, especially later in pregnancy as your child grows quickly. Calories from nutritious foods should come from these.

What activities should I avoid while pregnant?

Avoid activity, which threatens you to fall, or increases your abdomen ‘s chance of trauma. Amusement park riding, slopes, and contact sports are just a few examples.

What medications are safe during pregnancy?

There are specific rules for what is healthy and dangerous in pregnancy concerning counter medicines and prescribed drugs. You will have a chart with your prenatal provider and several reliable websites are available online to have comprehensive lists. Ask your doctor or midwife also before you take some medications.

Is a hot bath or sauna safe?

In pregnancy, hot baths and saunas should probably be avoided. Heat sensitivity was related to neural tube defects in the first trimester. It’s OK to bath until the water is too hot.

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