Infant Development: 2- Week Old Baby Care and Tips

In the second week, everything is still quite new to you. However, things will start to fall into a pattern from this week. You may continue to feel overwhelmed and you will also sometimes be worried about how to take care of your baby when you are alone with it.

What to expect in the second week of your child’s life?

  • A predictable pattern will form when you will know when to feed, change, and play with your baby.
  • In the second week, your friends and family will start to give you more space and you will start to enjoy more one-on-one time with your baby.
  • Your baby will start to spend more time awake than it did in the first week.
  •  You will also feel more energized and awake than the first week. 
  • Your baby will start to grow.
  • The umbilical cord may fall off in the second week.

Your baby’s development in the second week 

  • Body

By the second week, you will notice that your newborn starting to gain weight. After the first week, your baby will have its first growth spurt. In the first month, newborn babies grow at a rapid rate and can gain almost 30 grams per week. Your baby is also going to grow up to 5 cm by the end of the first month.

The shape of your baby’s head will appear smaller in week 2 because the swelling that occurred at birth will go away this week. 

You will sometimes notice that your newborn is rolling its eyes back in their heads full stop this is a common phenomenon among newborns. In week 2 new birthmarks will start to appear and the existing birthmarks will start to darken. 

  • Cognitive development 

Your baby will be able to hear loud noises and will get started by such noises. When you lay your baby on its tummy it will try to tilt its head up. Your baby can already see your face when it is within a short distance.

Whenever you rub your little one’s check, it will start to open and close its mouth or try to suckle. If you place your finger in your baby’s hand it will automatically wrap its hand around your finger.

What is some basic baby care knowledge that every new parent should have?

  • Baby’s first bath 

If the umbilical cord stump falls off this week, your baby will have its first bath in its baby bathtub. You will get to know whether your baby loves the water. Start developing a routine for bath and sleeping.

Remember that you should not use any soap while bathing your newborn and you should not be giving your baby a bath every day. Doctors advise baths once every week or once in a few days.

  • Umbilical cord stump

If the umbilical cord is not falling off even in week 2, your doctor may suggest techniques that will help the cord to dry out faster. However, you should never try to pull the cord or loosen it. 

  • Breastfeeding 

In the second week, your baby will be developing a feeding pattern and you will notice that your baby will wake up almost around every 3 hours to fill its tummy. Every feeding session should last within 15 minutes to an hour. In case you have opted for formula feeding then your baby will feed every 4 to 5 hours.

This week as your baby will experience a growth spurt, it will need lots of nutrients and that is why it will feed more. During week 2 you will start to understand your baby’s hunger indicators. You will start to understand which cry demands what. 

If your baby is sucking on its lips, moving its head, trying to latch on your breast while you are holding it in your arms, making sounds, making faces, becoming restless, and/or moving its limbs everywhere, you should understand that your baby may be hungry.

2-week old babies generally don’t feed on a schedule so you need to understand your baby’s hunger indicators to understand your baby’s feeding pattern.

  • Diaper duties 

By the second week your baby will finish passing out the tar-like meconium and this week you will notice transitional tools which will be yellowish or greenish in color. You should look out for at least three loose yellow tools every day. Your baby will start to have more than 6 wet diapers every day.

  • Sleeping pattern 

2-week old newborn babies tend to sleep almost 18 hours every day and sleeps for long periods of time. Your baby should always sleep alone in its own crib or cradle. Don’t let your baby fall asleep in car seats, baby seats, and swings or in your arms. 

If your baby does fall asleep somewhere else, you should not be afraid of transferring your baby to its crib. Never leave your baby alone on an elevated place such as a bed or changing table.

When should you be concerned?

  • If your baby seems to not have any startle response to loud noises, you should consult your pediatrician. 
  • If your baby continues to have trouble getting up for its feedings or seems to cry inconsolably for hours it may indicate some various problems you should doctor. 
  • If the soft spots on your baby’s head are becoming depressed or start to bulge, you should call your pediatrician immediately. 
  • If you notice that your baby has temperature and is vomiting or being lethargic or has decreased appetite it could be symptoms of a serious illness so you should call your doctor.


If your baby has not gotten its whooping cough yet, you may want to schedule an appointment for the same during this week. Skin to skin baby care is very important for your baby’s development growth and weight gain.


You and your baby are starting to fall into the new normal of a predictable pattern. Now that you are going to spend more one-on-one time with your baby, you will staff to explore more about motherhood and parenting. You should give yourself enough time to take rest and recover.

Even though you are exhausted with baby duties, try to take a shower as it will make you feel better. You may start to experience baby blues during this time which results from your fluctuating hormones. Remember to eat healthily and drink lots of water. 

You should go visit a doctor if you need any help with your breastfeeding techniques. Spend quality time with your baby and give it skin to skin care. Your baby loves to see your face and hear you talk about things.

So whenever your baby is in the alert mode and awake, chat with your baby as much as possible. If you feel that your sleep-deprived brain is losing track of things, you can use a notebook to keep track of your baby’s new schedule.

FAQS about 2nd Week of Baby

1. Is it ok if I take my 2-year-old newborn outside?

Generally, doctors don’t advice against taking your newborn outside in public as long as you maintain safety precautions while doing so. Going outside and taking short works can be beneficial for both the mother and the baby. It can also be a good bonding experience.

2. What can I do with my 2-week old baby when it’s awake?

You can start playing some games such as finger puppets; you can just talk with your baby, sing it a song, read it baby books and just enjoy the moment.

3. Why is my 2-week old baby sucking its thumb?

Thumb sucking is a natural thing for newborns as suckling is an inborn reflex. Non-nutritive sucking will help your baby to come down. Whenever your baby doesn’t have a pacifier and needs to zone out, it will search for its hand and start sucking. There is nothing to worry about if your baby sucking his thumb.

4. Should I trim my baby’s nails?

As the nails of newborn babies grow rapidly it may give your baby accidental scratches that is why doctors generally advise trimming of nails. You can file your baby’s nails as they tend to be very soft. Try to get it done when your baby is sleeping so that there is lesser movement from your baby and lesser chances of nicking your little one.

2 Week Old Baby Development Care And Tips

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