Best Activities To Help Children Develop A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is no less than any healthy food for a soul. To see positive results in our lives, one has to be optimistic. And, not only for parents, a positive attitude is a vital need for kids as well. 

You should be conscious enough about the behavior of your kids. You’ve to take a step if your kids are stepping into the feeling of self-doubt, anger, or sadness.

Why are kids with a negative attitude a problem?

  • Annoying kids are the reason for creating a fight between parents or other family members. 
  • Parents have to face embarrassment in public due to kids with negative behavior.  
  • They will keep crying without any reason. 
  • A kid with a negative attitude will not follow the instructions of parents or teachers. 
  • A lot of complaints from school or tuition. 

It’s scientifically proven that people dwell more on the negative as compared to the positive. The same is applicable to kids also. No matter how busy you’re, you should keep an eye on a child’s every little activity. Let’s understand first the need for positive attitudes in kids. 

Parents are the ultimate source of learning for the kids. They will learn from your actions. Thus, To control your kids, you have to check on your attitude. 

Characteristics of Kids with Negative Attitude 

Kids with a positive attitude help to create a positive environment in the family. It strengthens the bond of love between parents. You might not get time to measure every action of your child. But, if you don’t want to let your kid drag toward negativity, check on these characteristics:

When kids become aggressive and mistreat others with activities like biting, hitting, etc.

  • When kids are not ready to listen to you anymore.
  • They are getting annoyed or nervous easily. 
  • When kids start shouting for silly reasons.
  • When kids start spending time alone.
  • They show hardly any interest in sports. 

Play Activities To Develop Positive Attitudes In kids

Developing a positive attitude is not an option but it is compulsory for the kids. Negative behavior leads to mental illness after a short time.

As a parent, you should take the necessary measure if you notice any of the above signs in your kids. Here we’ve mentioned a few activities which are quite easy and help to nurture a positive attitude.

Spend More time with your kids 

Get some time to share a positive experience with your kids. Play with them, have a good laugh together, feed them with your own hands, be ready to give your undivided attention, take them in your lap, and buy their favorite food. 

When you start doing all such activities, it will automatically bring positive outcomes in their behavior.

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Encourage kids in sports activities

As I already discussed, kids learn from their parents. If you spend lots of your time spending on the mobile phone in front of your kid, they will learn the same as well. 

Therefore, it is your duty to see that your kid is part of certain important activities. It helps them to increase their interest when he/she see their parent’s participation in that particular activity. You should also consider the top Indoor Activities for Kids

Teach your kids to help others

A habit of helping others release the emotions of self-happiness. It develops feelings of kindness, peace, and gratitude. Let your kid assist in your daily household work such as bringing utensils, folding clothes, picking up toys, etc. 

Ask them to help other siblings in finding toys or things in the house. The more they help, the more positive they will become. 

Gardening: Encourage your kids To Plant

Nature is the biggest healer. Bring some seeds to your kids. Encourage your kids to take part in planting the plants and watering them daily. 

When your kid will see the plant growing every day, it will give her/her a sense of satisfaction and joy. 

Positive Vision Board Idea

Kids love to play with colors. Tell your kids to draw positive pictures such as pictures of a happy smiley, the sun glowing in the sky, a hut surrounded by trees, etc. These activities help your kids to be busy. 

Drawing positive images on the board or a paper increases their creative confidence and self-esteem. This is definitely a symbol of Ideal Parenting.

Morning positive notes: Help to Bring Smile

Morning positive notes are helpful to bring a smile to the face of kids and parents as well. Make cute positive morning notes. Draw your kid’s favorite picture. Ask your child to prepare notes every morning for the siblings or parents. 

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Develop the habit of practicing positive affirmations

Positive words are the most powerful way to change negative self-talk. Positive affirmations are the set of positive words or sentences such as ‘I’m loving, ‘I’m kind’ or I’m joyful. 

Motivate your kids to write down such words for themselves. Ask them to repeat daily and committed to these sets of words. Teach them the art of positivity. You’ll soon see the big results in their mood. 

Art & Craft: Push your kids to make toys with clay

There’s no doubt that kids love to play with toys. What if they’ll make toys with their own hands? Push your kids to make toys with clay or paper

Find some good DIY hacks on the internet. Ask them to make attractive items to decorate their own room. when kids will learn these artistic skills, they’ll also make school crafts without taking your help. 

Develop good family habits

Don’t let your kids sit inside the room the whole day during vacations. Take along with you at the time of shopping. So, they will learn how to buy necessary items for the home. 

Tell your kids how to greet elders or relatives when they visit your home. Develop the habit of feeding birds or animals. 

Encourage to write down the goals

Encourage your kids to write down the goals. Help them to write weekly or monthly goals to complete particular tasks or assignments. 

Establish the habit of making a To-do list on a daily basis. From waking up in the morning to completing homework or dividing time for every activity such as playing, homework, and games help them to be focused throughout the day. 

Important FAQs about Activities to Develop a Positive Attitude

What’s the main cause behind Kid’s negative behavior?

Bad parenting is the main reason behind the kid’s negative actions. Due to a fast-paced lifestyle, parents might not get the proper time to handle their children. Kids want the attention of their parents. Make some time for your child. Guide them to differentiate between right and wrong choices. 

What are the external factors responsible for Kid’s behavior?

Apart from parents, kids learn from their surroundings such as friends or community.  There are several external factors such as family environment, arguments between parents, less social interaction, study burden, peer pressure, and many more. 

What are the things we should avoid as parents to handle a rude child? 

Life is stressful for parents. A messy boss, irritating family issues, and lots of responsibilities are quite challenging. In that case, handling the rude behavior of a child are no less than trauma. 

If you want to see the calmness in your child, don’t overreact to things, give respect to their emotions, handle peace, do not expect respect in return, and keep appreciating them in little things. Remember, there’s only one way to win a bad mood, to be good with them. 

When to seek doctors’ help to protect our kids from mental illness?

When your child experiences symptoms like extreme fear, difficulty sleeping, regular nightmares, changes in eating habits, avoiding family or friends, or attempting to injure himself, then you should take consultation from a doctor. 


It might be difficult to turn negative behavior into positive, but it’s not impossible. If you’re the parent of a kid, you should make a habit to spend time with your child. If you’ve more than one kid, you should learn to treat them equally.

To inject positivity in your kids, first, learn the art of positivity. Make some positive changes in yourself and the family environment. Observe your kid’s every activity and treat it accordingly. 

Be a smart parent!

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