25+ Pros and Cons of Adoption (explained)

Adoption is a process and a decision that cannot be taken overnight. It does not matter if you are considering adopting a child or you want to place a child for adoption, you need to research about it and have proper knowledge before you start the process.

Adoption can be a blessing to many who cannot have children of their own. However, it can also become a nightmare to many. Let’s dig into the pros and cons of adoption.

Advantages and disadvantages of adoptionDisadvantages of adoption
Gives a new life to the childHigh Cost
For the family who is adoptingChildren mental health
Helping the birth motherBirth mother
Decrease in populationUnknown possible medical history
Upbringing of the childLong process of the adoption
Child might want to reunite with the birth parent
Conflicts between birth parent and adoptive parent

Advantages and disadvantages of adoption-

Gives a new life to the child

Adopting can be very helpful to that child who is up for adoption. He or she can then get a full functional and loving and supporting family. It gives an opportunity for that child to live a quality life instead of being and growing without parents or at an adoption center.

If the baby is adopted by the correct family, the baby gets opportunities to live a fulfilled life obtain higher education, and live a healthy life in a result of omitting illiteracy from the world.

For the family who is adopting

Sometimes adoption is a mean for a family to grow their family as a religious belief; others may struggle to have a child biologically.

Adoption helps that family to get the happiness of having a kid for whom they are dying to take care of and to give all their love and support.

Helping the birth mother

Sometimes the adoption may provide benefits to the birth mother. In many cases, the birth mother is a teenager who can hardly take care of herself and does not want the same life for the baby.

In some cases, the parents are not enough to raise the child emotionally and physically. They might end up terminating the parental rights and open adoption.

Adoptive parents will typically provide for the medical expenses as well as the expense regarding the legal process of adoption.

It also gives the birth mother an opportunity to live a new life without the responsibility of the child as it is always not just a fault.

Decrease in population

It is not only important for the parents of the adopted child. It is equally important for the world to start adopting pre-born children instead of giving birth to new ones.

In this way the literacy rate might increase in a particular country or a state. This will also help in controlling the population in every way.

Upbringing of the child

not every time the birth parents are immature and irresponsible. The child will have ample of love and support from both the families to grow with great values for family and being grateful.

Disadvantages of adoption

High Cost

The full process of adoption is not less at all. It might include bills and charges right from birth to the day of adoption. You need to be financially very stable if you want to consider adopting a child. The price may go to $2500-$3000.

The child welfare information gateway is a resource from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says it can cost from $5000- $40,000 or more to maintain and complete the process and expenses.

Some employers do provide financial assistance and paid leave to help with the process

Children mental health

Some of them may find it great while others might see themselves as a hindrance to the family because of the fact they are adopted. If adopted in later stages of childhood, can experience depression and anxiety which can cause emotional problems.

They might end up blaming their adoptive parents for the consequences.  Some children who are adopted close to their birth may not have complete knowledge to about their birth parents and might want to see them in the future which might bring discrepancies to the family.

Family dynamics between birth children and adoptive children can lead to family tension.

Birth mother

A lot goes through the birth mother to decide on her newborn to put up for adoption. It is emotionally and physically very draining for the birth mother to just let go of the child that she nourished inside of her for months.

The emotional and mental status of the mother might affect the adoptive family and the child in the future as well

Unknown possible medical history

The adopted child may have a medical history that is not taken under consideration when in the adoption process.

Mainly in the case of newborn, it is almost impossible to know if they have any genetic disorders or any hereditary medical issues.

In that case, also a lot of extra expenses is added ad the adoptive family cannot pre-prepare of the condition. 

Long process of the adoption

The adoption process is unbelievably long. So if you consider adoption, it is a lot of time, money and emotional ups and downs.

Child might want to reunite with the birth parent

This is an issue with most cases as the child might want to reunite with their birth parent after growing up in the future.

Conflicts between birth parent and adoptive parent

not always the birth parent is immature and irresponsible. It might become a conflict later in the future between the parents of how to raise the child, and what values they might carry. It can also become confusing for the child to keep on with both parents and their values.

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