12 Nasty things you shouldn’t Say to Overdue Pregnant Women

Every expecting mother will find it super challenging when they are facing overdue pregnancy. Even if the baby is arriving after one week, still the time will feel like an eternity. During this time, as a close person to the expecting mother, you should be supportive and offer practical advice instead of saying pretty unhelpful things. 

What Are The Things One Should Not Say To An Overdue Pregnant Women 

  • Never tell the mother that they are growing big.
  • Do not ask her whether she has delivered the child if you see her still pregnant. 
  • If you know that she is overdue, then do not ask whether she knows the right due date. 
  • Don’t restrict her from sitting anywhere.
  • Stop suggesting home remedies.
  • Don’t tell her that she won’t be able to sleep after the baby is born. 
  • Avoid saying that getting induced is a bad idea.

Things To Avoid Saying To An Overdue Pregnant Women 

Initially, if you’re an expecting mother, you would enjoy the phase of pregnancy like morning sickness, gaining weight, dealing with mood swings, etc. As time passes by and you are already overdue, it starts to become a struggle, making the mother feel more uncomfortable. 

It is normal to experience an overdue pregnancy. This is something most women are not prepared for. Here are some things that you should refrain from saying to an overdue pregnant woman. 

Didn’t you have your baby yet? 

Isn’t it obvious that if she had the baby, then you could see the child? You don’t expect the mother to hide her child under the clothes and pretend that she is overdue. 

By asking all these questions, you are putting a lot of pressure on the mother to deliver the baby quickly.

Does Placenta Have An Expiry Date? 

The placenta does not have an expiration date. Our body creates the placenta, and it is a disposable organ. 

If the pregnancy remains for more than 40 weeks, you will have to go through testing to see whether the baby and placenta are healthy. Make sure you don’t say this to someone who is in her 41st week of pregnancy

Are you sure that you are not having twins? 

Yes, the mother is always sure whether she is having twins or not. Recently the chances of having surprise birth of twins have decreased dramatically because of the enhanced ultrasound technology. 

Tales Of Old Wives

Try to keep your home remedies at bay when you are talking to overdue pregnant women. Do not suggest her to try essential oil or have spicy food or try walking or any other remedies to quickly deliver the baby. 

If there is something that would work from them, then the doctors will recommend it to them. Not all things will work for everyone. 

Your Belly Is Big 

It is usual for pregnant women to gain weight, but you should not constantly remind her about gaining weight by telling that she is huge or her belly is big. It takes time for pregnant women to accept their bodies. If a woman is in her 40th week of pregnancy, she will of course have a big belly!

Instead of focusing on the size of the woman, you should compliment her and talk about the glow on their face due to pregnancy. 

Don’t Sit Here

Don’t ask an overdue pregnant woman not to sit at a particular place because the water might break anytime. The water will break after establishing labor pain. 

It Can Not Be That Bad

How do you know that it is not that bad to go through overdue pregnancy? The later stage of pregnancy can be pretty difficult for a mother. Try to sympathize with her instead of saying frustrating things. 

Enjoy Your Peaceful Sleep Now

Many pregnant women had said that when they were going through the overdue pregnancy period, people told them to enjoy their sleep as they might not get enough of them afterward. 

It will not only cause anxiety in them but also give the message that it is not that lucky to have a newborn in your life. By saying that she won’t enjoy peaceful sleep afterward, it will make things challenging for them. 

When Was Your Due Date? 

During the initial days, it is normal to ask the pregnant women about their due date, but when they are already overdue, then do not remind her that she is late by telling this thing. 

The gestation period for different women can be different. Normally, if a lady is in her 39th week of pregnancy, her due date is close, so do not ask her this random question.

Don’t Act Impatient

Isn’t it normal for an overdue pregnant woman to have anxiety and be impatient about the situation? Many people tell overdue pregnant women that the baby will come when they are ready. Since you cannot talk to the baby, so avoid commenting anything like this. 

After going through 40 weeks of pregnancy, it is normal for the mother to be impatient because the uneasiness and symptoms are also escalating every passing day. 

Getting Induced Can Be A Bad Plan

Never tell your friend that getting induced is a terrible idea. Many people say that getting induced one will increase the intensity of the labor they are going to face and can also cause an adverse effect. 

Do not make the overdue pregnant mother worry by saying irrelevant things. This can make things worse for them, and they might avoid getting induced even when needed. 

Are You In Labour?

Many think that when they ask an expecting mother whether they are in their labor, it is an innocent method of showing that you are interested in their pregnancy, but actually, it is not. 

It makes them feel more pressured as she has no control over the situation. Every mother would want to hold her baby in the arms, but when someone is continuously asking them whether they are in labor yet it is going to make her anxiety worse. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Asked by Overdue Pregnant Women

1. Is overdue pregnancy dangerous? 

For a pregnant woman, overdue pregnancy can bring risk. Within four weeks after the due date, mostly all babies are born. If the child has not arrived yet, then the chances of stillborn increase. 

2. For how many days can the pregnancy remain overdue? 

If the pregnancy continues even after 42nd week, it can lead to complications in pregnancy. The doctor will recommend induction during the 42nd week. Pregnancy can be overdue for ten days after the due date. 

3. What causes overdue in pregnancy? 

There is no particular reason why you are experiencing overdue pregnancy. There’s a rare chance that the baby born after the 40th week will face any harm. 


These are the few things that you should never say to overdue pregnant women. It will be hard for anyone to analyze the intensity of difficulty the overdue pregnant woman is going through. Instead of invalidating her feelings, you should sympathize.   

Nothing will make a woman less of a mother if they are going through an overdue pregnancy or opting for induced or caesarian delivery methods. Try to be a sensitive friend to the overdue pregnant woman and understand how they interpret your suggestions and comments. 

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