10 common Baby-Making Mistakes You Should Avoid


You do everything right to make a baby but fail to see any success. Infertility or sterility is not always the problem. Sometimes couples miss small details that hinder the baby-making process. You can only avoid a mistake if you are aware of it.

What are the things you should not do when planning to have a baby?

  • Having a baby should be your choice and you should not succumb to pressure.
  • Discuss with your partner whether he is ready for a family.
  • Do not believe in any baby-making myths.
  • Avoid going by old wives’ tales. 

10 most common baby-making mistakes

Having sex only during ovulation

Most couples, when they are trying to get pregnant, look forward to having sex only during ovulation. They are not aware that there is a window for getting pregnant right before ovulation. Irregular sex may make you miss the opportunity for conception.

How to correct this mistake: Have regular sex. Most experts recommend that having sex three to four times a week increases your chances of conception.

Too much sex is not a thing

You might think that this point contradicts the first one and that might confuse you. But there is a middle ground. Yes, having sex regularly is very good for getting pregnant, but having sex every day or more may cause problems. It has nothing to do with the quality of sperm or the potential of a man. Too much sex may lead to burnout. When the right time comes, the couple might lose interest in sex.

How to correct this mistake: To avoid this doctors recommend having sex on alternate days.

I know my periods

It is not always true that you know exactly when you are ovulating. Ovulation does not follow the strict rules of a clock. You can not pinpoint your ovulation period just from the symptoms. Women always think that normal discharge is a sign of ovulation, but it is not always true.

How to correct this mistake: Consult an expert. Use an ovulation prediction test and maintain a fertility chart instead of relying just on symptoms. 

It is not the right time to see a doctor

When is the right time to see a doctor depends fairly on for how long you have been trying? If you and your spouse are thirty-five and below and are trying to get pregnant for more than a year then it’s time for you to see a doctor. If both are thirty-five and above then six months is a fair time to wait before you see a doctor.

How to correct this mistake: In either case, if you or your partner are having doubts, go see a doctor without any hesitation. 

I have PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects hormone levels in women. This may make them vulnerable to fertility issues. PCOS comes with a reduced frequency of ovulation. But this does not mean you are definite of having problems conceiving only because you have PCOS.

How to correct this mistake: Consult a doctor. He will suggest the measures you need to take to improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

Stop Using artificial lubricant 

Lubricants consist of chemicals that may be harmful to male sperm. During sex, a woman’s vagina produces natural lubricant that makes it easy for sperm to reach ovules.

How to correct this mistake: Avoid using artificial lubricants if you can. You can use natural lubricants like olive oil or coconut oil.

A regular cycle means my fertility is fine 

Women often think that if they have a regular menstrual cycle, problems with their fertility are ruled out. A regular menstrual cycle is a good sign. But there are other factors you cannot ignore, like poor egg quality, unhealthy fallopian tubes, unhealthy uterus, or insufficient progesterone production. All of these factors can cause fertility problems.

How can I correct this mistake: Assuming is not an option, go see a doctor and be sure of what exactly the problem is.

A healthy lifestyle has nothing to do with making a baby

A healthy lifestyle is a very crucial part of getting pregnant. Unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol and junk food not only reduce your performance during sex but also deteriorate your body making it unfit for getting pregnant. Mental health is also very important when you are trying to get pregnant. 

How to avoid this mistake: Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a break from unhealthy habits. Be stress-free. Try Yoga and meditation. 

The problem is always with women

If you think this is true, then you are making a blunder. Problems in conceiving can arise due to men as well as women. Sometimes the problem lies in both of them. Fertility problems do not favor any particular gender.

How to correct this mistake: Don't be shy about sharing your problems with the doctor. Make sure that both of you are checked.

You can only get pregnant in ‘this’ position

Your sex position has nothing to do with you getting pregnant. You can try any position you want, and also it is not necessary to stick to one position. All the stories you have heard about the right position for conceiving are myths.

How to correct this mistake: One thing that you cannot take away from making a baby is having fun. You are free to use your creativity. 


One thing that you always need to keep in mind is that in the process of making babies, patience is the key. Don’t rush into any decision. And it is also not healthy to assume things. Seek an expert’s advice whenever necessary. Don’t hesitate or be shy about anything. And remember there is no problem whose solution cannot be found.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few important questions that are normally asked by couples who are having problems getting pregnant. 

Is there any way to predetermine the sex of the baby?


When can I check for pregnancy after sex?

-A couple of hours after the intercourse.

I am HIV positive. If I get pregnant will my newborn be HIV positive too?

-Though there are chances of your baby being HIV positive too, nothing is certain. Ask your doctor for more details.

Do I need any kind of vaccination before starting to try conceiving?

-That depends on what conditions you are living in. Whether your locality is any disease-borne area. Anyways it is better to consult your doctor for more details.

How do I ease my stress?

-The best advice would be to take a break. Avoid work pressure and any kind of negativity.  Yoga and meditation do wonder.

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