6 Tips to Build Self-Esteem in your Kids

Self-esteem is, without any doubt, a significant quality that all should possess. Sometimes it is easy to notice in kids when they feel good and they don’t. The face is the reflection of all the emotions and its easy for parents to notice what they feel.

 Developing positive self-esteem is very important. Healthy self-esteem is important as it gives them the confidence to deal with life, a better outlook, and helps you to combat difficult situations.

How to build positive self-esteem in kids?

  • Do not insult your kids
  • Praise your kids wisely
  • Encourage your kids in activities
  • Love your kids unconditionally
  • Be a good role model for your kids

Build Self-Esteem in your Kids

Self-esteem is important as it reflects yourself to others. A kid with positive self-esteem outshines more than a kid with negative self-esteem. Self-esteem provides confidence and builds positivity in kids. They feel good and capable. They feel proud of the things they do and want to try their best. Nurturing them well will develop a good self-esteem.

When kids are confident themselves, they grow a positive mindset. This mindset allows them to take up more challenges and deal with them. Good self-esteem always has a good impact on people. kids with good self-esteem will inspire others and like these other kids might have a good impact too. 

What is the difference between positive and negative self-esteem?

Kids develop positive self-esteem when they have confidence in themselves. And the confidence develops when the people around them provides that. Parents should provide that confidence to take up new challenges and accomplish them. Even if they fail, let them learn their mistakes and encourage them to move on further.

Kids with positive self-esteem have these qualities:

  • They feel confident
  • Take up decisions independently
  • Take up new challenges
  • Build new relationships
  • Have a sense of control in their activities.

Whereas kids with negative self-esteem have these qualities:

  • A fear on their face
  • Lack of confidence
  • Disinterest in socializing
  • Fear challenges
  • Lose interest in learning new things
  • Feel angry and frustrated
  • Easily bullied and teased by friends

These are some of the impacts that negative self-esteem reflects. As a parent, you should keep a watch on your kid’s activities. Many kids have trouble building positive self-esteem. The reasons can be a constant failure in school or being bullied every day. You will get to understand them if the child gets angry frequently or loses patience easily. There is nothing to worry much. These things are quite common.

 So, you should talk to them and listen to their problems. In such cases talking helps a lot because after all, they are kids and their ability to think is far less than ours.

How parents can build up self-esteem?

Parents play a major role in kids’ life. Most importantly kids look up to their parents and think of them to be their role models. Parents inspire them and encourage them. So, they keep that expectation from them. This expectation and inspiration from parents keep a child going. 

As kids grow up from babies to toddlers to adults, they become sole dependent. This dependency is instilled in them from their childhood. As they grow up they become self-reliant and confident.


Provide kids with unconditional love with no conditions attached, only emotion. Kids are like flowers. Your nurturing depends on how their future will be. If they are in a loving space, they will be comfortable sharing their emotions with you. So, show them how much you love them and care about them. 

Let them bloom and grow. So, hug your kids, snuggle them, read them a book, enjoy a good moral movie, and make them learn about being positive in life no matter what negativity comes.

Encourage independence

It is important to make your kids independent. Make them learn how to dress up, hold a cup, manners, and discipline in school. Allow them to take some decisions in their life. These small steps in childhood will make them independent slowly and steadily.


Parents should devote a greater portion of time in talking with kids rather than allowing them to play video games. Kids’ minds are like clay, the way you shape them depends on how their pots will turn out to be. So, talk a lot. Talk about your childhood, how you have grown up, what was your interest, what you wanted to be etc. 

Talk about “self-esteem”. Why is it important to have positive self-esteem and how can they develop them? Give them the courage to nurture their abilities. This can become a challenge of Single Parent, but with proper handling, you do not have to worry. 

Do not insult

Bully, abusive language, insult, negative thoughts, all these create a strong impact on the child. Therefore, avoid insulting or humiliating kids. Try and encourage them. If they fail, tell them the reason for their failure and help them to rectify their mistakes. Ensure you are using only the correct methods to deal with your naughty kid

Often kids in school get bullied by teachers or friends. Talk to your kids about it and help them to get rid of these thoughts. Instill courage to face such insults rather than getting depressed.

Play with kids 

Spend time with kids as much as possible. Play with your child and show them that you like spending quality time with them. Not only children develop confidence, but they also become entertaining and jolly. This helps them to fight with anxiety and the risk of depression. Playing and having fun can be a great stress reliever.

Be a good role model

Kids look up to their parents as role models. So, try and inspire them in a good way. Remember whatever you do, kids will follow them. So, keep a check on your actions. The effort you put the result they will show. 

FAQs about to Create Self Esteem in Kids

1. How do you explain self-esteem to kids?

Well, you do not explain to them the term “self-esteem” literally. Your actions speak to them. Make them confident by encouraging them in activities they participate, feel proud of whatever they do, accept them the way they are, try and avoid insulting them, and see the good things about them.

2. How can I stop my kid from getting bullied?

It is quite often in schools that kids get bullied either by the teacher or by a student. Some ignore them while some kids have a great impact and slowly goes into depression. You cannot stop bullying but you can make your child confident.

Confidence comes with knowledge. Make your child knowledgeable and give him the courage to face such petty issues in life. 

3. What real self-esteem looks like?

You will get the picture of a person with self-esteem once he builds up that courage. You can look at his face as say that his confidence speaks. Our face is a reflection, the more confident you are it shows on the face, yet it is harmful to be overconfident at all times. Learn to have confidence in your thoughts and ability then only work will be done.

4. How can self-esteem affect a child’s learning?

Low self-esteem can harm a child. It can lessen the student’s desire to learn, the ability to focus and speak. The students might not be able to take up challenges and feel weak and fragile.

The Way Ahead

Building up a child’s self-esteem is not rocket science. Parents just have to devote time to kids talk to them about certain issues, how to fight against the world, how to be dependent, how to be confident, and never lose self-respect. These are some key points that need to be reminded of the kids through stories. Praise your kid, love them, and embrace the way they are.

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