8 Challenges and Solutions of Being a Single Parent

Parenting is not at all an easy job and that too when you are a single parent. But when you have your spouse beside you, you feel a lot confident as you have someone supporting you emotionally. A single parent has to face a lot of challenges every day but a proper schedule if made then things can be handled more efficiently. 

Single parenthood is a huge challenge as you have to deal with multiple situations at the same time single-handed. You have the grief where you have lost your loved one and at the same time, you need to take up the responsibilities of bearing the child and the whole life. The challenges may increase with each passing day.

What issues can single parents face?

  • Single parents often go through financial stress.
  • They are worried about the child’s future.
  • They may not find good care support.
  • They have a lack of balance in the work-life.

Challenges single parents face

Here are a few of the challenges faced by single parents. 


This is one of the major problems faced by a single parent. Loneliness is a big issue and can’t be neglected in any form. You have to live with the loss of the partner as well as the void that they have left in your life. 

Parents are often worried about their children about how their future will turn out. But at the end of the day, they have no one to discuss with or give them some moral support. All decisions are taken solely and have none to share with. 

Financial burden

This may not be an issue for all single parents but some face this as a constraint in their life. A sudden demise can affect the spouse financially a lot. 

Overbearing financial responsibilities can cause depression or frustration. Often anger and depression can be one of the problems faced due to overthinking. You can even have problems raising kind children

Work-life balance

Although you may now have one less person to count on you still have to work, plus do all of the housework, take care of the kids, and of yourself at the same time. If your children are older enough then they can start helping you out with small chores around the house. 

This will make them self-dependent and they will get to know a lot more than the other children of the same age. In this way, they will become more responsible and at the same time, a lot mature.

Lack of self-care

You may feel like an emotional mess after the separation or after the demise of your partner. It is not uncommon to feel in this way. A constant check on your children’s needs and demands leaves a lack of attention to your part. Previously you had someone to share your emotions but now it is just you and your problem. Feel free to talk to your extended family or friends.

Dealing with your extended family

Not families are the same and not everyone is bad. Lucky are those who get a supportive family but not all are lucky too. Therefore, the problem arises with the unlucky ones dealing with their extended family. They might not agree with how you raise your child; you are being separated from your ex-partner and might have a problem with your lifestyle. 

Still, this is the time where you need your relatives around as their help may turn out to be invaluable. Although there should be some boundaries and limitations of their impact on your life. Don’t let them poke their nose too much in your life.

Social pressures of getting married

In Indian society plays a very major in every family’s life and especially if you are a single mother parent! Indian society always pressurizes a single Indian parent to get married. They completely overlook or ignore the complex family bond that they are trying to create. The remarriage proposal may or may not work. 

They might not be on that mental state to remarry someone and settle. Sometimes, it does work – at other times, it fails miserably. But as a single parent, you need to listen to yourself and your children first because they are now your top and the only priority. 

Finding a childcare support

Being a single parent, you now have more responsibility. Therefore, most single parents look for some babysitters or nanny to look after their kids. It’s a tough job because trusting someone good enough these days might seem difficult as you get to see a lot of cases regarding babysitters. But if you are a working parent (which mostly are) you have to trust someone to take care of your child.  

Filing of legal documents

In the case of divorce, single mother parents have to take up more other problems like attending court sessions and filing of legal documents. In India, many legal documents need the name of the child’s father. In such cases, the mother has to come up with all possible excuses to get the file submitted. 

The solutions to these challenges faced by a single parent

Stay positive

Try and stay positive as far as possible. Remember you have a soul dependent on you so if you are not positive you cannot raise the soul properly. So, keep yourself out of all the negativities and spend quality time with your kids.

Don’t feel guilty

The initial days may have been tough on you but don’t keep yourself under guilt. You need to know that you had no other choice but to accept what life gives you. Maybe something a lot better is waiting for you! 

Build a support system

It is obvious that as a single mother or father, help is needed. You can talk to the rest of the family to help you out. You can also consider hiring sitters, however, if you feel that that can drain the finances, you can ask a trusted someone to do this for you. Make sure your kid is not becoming strong-willed

Maintain a routine

Most importantly try and maintain a good routine to balance your life. Try to schedule meals, chores, functions at particular hours. A consistent routine will not only help you but also help your child be more organized.

Treat kids well

I know it’s sometimes difficult to handle your emotions and kids at the same time but you know this is what life is. It will always throw challenges and you have to handle them with utmost care. So don’t go harsh on kids, even they are in turbulence. Try to be patient and treat your kids well.

Take time for yourself

This is a very important task and yes you should take out time for yourself from the busy schedule. Even if it’s something like reading a book or just watching a movie do so. Set aside all the problems and hang out sometimes with your friends or just enjoy a hot coffee in a café keeping your kids with the sitter.

Raising Kids around Animals

Keeping pets is a very good option. The kids will always have someone to cuddle and play with. Dogs are very faithful and are man’s best friend. They go with kids well. 

Here are some Important FAQs about Single Parent Challenges

How difficult is raising a newborn as a single parent?

Raising kids as a single parent is only a difficult job. It is difficult for a single mother or father to handle work as well as a child. Yes, it is difficult to handle a newborn but try and balance your life as far as possible.

What is the hardest thing about a single mother?

In the Indian family, a single father faces a lot more problems than a single father does. Uninvited proposals of marriage, societal pressure, being eyed every time, are some common problems faced by single mothers.

Is it ok to date someone?

Of course, why not? As far as the person is good enough with the kids and you why not date him. Afterall you also need a shoulder to rest. If the person is kind and caring go ahead.

What are some challenges faced while Raising a New Born as Single Father?

Being a single father to an infant is rewarding but with many challenges.
-Nurturing an infant
-Living with no sleep 
-Work-life balance
-Feeding problem

Raising a newborn as a single mother is a lot simpler than a single father as in the infant period a child needs the mother a lot more than their father.Single parent job is a lot difficult. Challenges will keep pouring in, all we have to do is accept those challenges, look for solutions to overcome them, and just move on.

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