30+ Handy Checklist for Preparing for Twins

The feeling of having twins is filled with joy, thrill, bliss, and excitement where the nervousness becomes unsettling. Mothers experience these types of emotions when it is revealed to them that their expectations have been doubled. One needs to do extensive research on twin birth. You can get information from various medical experts and other resources available on the internet. When you are expecting to have twins, then you should prepare early to reduce anxiety.

How should you prepare yourself for twins?

  • Everything you get should be in pairs.
  • Prepare yourself financially as well.
  • Take classes to know how you will handle both your infants.
  • Plan to hire help while you are pregnant with your twins.
  • Plan every single thing way before your delivery date. 

Here in this article, all the things are mentioned which you will need to take care of before and after the twins arrive. 

Handy Checklist For Twins


Most people prepare to have a single child, so the news of having twins can come as a shock to many. You need to prepare the budget because it is going to be challenging. After all, the cost will be doubled. You need to create a budget within which you can easily get all the resources that you need to create a welcoming and warm environment for your twins. 

Allocate the maximum money for their medical support and help. The mother of the twins needs to have high-quality antenatal care for healing properly. You might have to visit the doctor for various tests and scans. By regularly monitoring the situation, you will get peace and comfort. 

You will have to do everything that has been recommended by the gynecologist. Complete your research on finding the best sonographer, pediatrician, and gynecologist who have already managed the cases of a twin birth. 

Check the health insurance and see if it offers any added coverage. Several brands will offer you special deals when you are expecting twins, so make sure you are registering there for freebies and discounts.


In the initial few months, the twins can share a single crib when they cannot move properly and are small. When they grow older and learn how to move around, then you need to purchase separate cribs for their comfort and safety. 

Even a basic crib can cost you a lot so you can look for used ones. If you are purchasing a used crib, ensure that it is intact and comes with the instruction manual. Check whether the crib has encountered any type of safety issues in the past by researching the model. 

Join Classes 

The parents need to take part in the childbirth class and should look around the hospital where the mother is going to deliver as it will help in preparing both mother and father for this event. 

In several places, you can also get classes for mothers who are expecting twins. Most of the time, twins or multiple births occur earlier than the due date, so make sure you are scheduling the classes earlier. 

Car Seats 

When you are bringing your babies home, you need to have car seats. Even a basic car seat will cost you a lot so you can go for the used ones. Both expensive and affordable car seats will have the same safety ratings. 


Consult a dietician to get advice on how to follow a healthy diet. During this time, you need to consume healthy proteins that will allow you to gain several pounds that will provide more nutrition to the babies. 

Try to avoid food that has sugars and fatty acids in it. Dietitians will mostly recommend you to consume food that takes longer to burn and will provide you with more nutrition like vegetables or whole-grain bread. During this time you need to have food that has high iron content like beetroot or leafy vegetables along with vitamin A. 

Premature Labour

According to reports, it has been concluded that more than 50% of the twins will be born early. In 10% of cases, they will be born before the pregnancy reaches 32 weeks. 

In comparison to singleton, the mother who is expecting twins will have six times more chances of experiencing premature labor. Research about preterm labor and its signs.  

Some symptoms of premature labor include 4-5 contractions every hour, and the frequency will increase. You will experience pelvic pressure which won’t go away easily. Apart from that, you will experience cramps, upset stomachs, vaginal bleeding, and backache. 


Most of the time, twins are born premature, so they will need immediate intensive care post-birth. Before the delivery, pick the suitable hospital and schedule services to avail of all the compulsory facilities. 


One will have to make some strategic decisions about the design for efficiently using the space of the room. Try to avoid using bulky cribs that come with elaborate add-ons as it will take a lot of space. Instead, you can opt for two basic cribs that you can easily push or place side by side. 

Try to keep the room minimalistic and do not stuff it with unnecessary things because it can create a clutter which will make it hard for you to clean. You can just use the same changing table or same dresser for both the children but make sure you’re using a drawer separator for keeping their clothes separate. 

Choose Names 

The name of the baby is a personal matter, and only the parents pick the name. Concentrate on picking names that are equally unique or equally common. 

Avoid using names that sound or rhyme similarly. Many parents pick names that have the same initials. Do not pick names which can be confusing. 


The parents who are expecting twins know that having a regular stroller won’t meet the requirement. They will have to purchase twin strollers that are lightweight and are available in two different designs. 

If you go for the side by side stroller, then you can use it on terrains which are bumpy as it is sturdy, but it is much heavier in comparison to tandem. 

You can go for tandems if you want the stroller to take less space and is small. Depending on the storage and whether you are an active new parent or not, the stroller type will vary. 

Hire Help 

As you will have two newborns to take care so sometimes you will need more helping hands. You can hire babysitters or a nanny. Make all the arrangements before the delivery. 

When you’re preparing for having twins, then during the first trimester, you will find the situation demanding. You can either hire some professional help or ask any of your family members to support you in this tedious task. 

Feeding And Sleeping Cycle 

In the first few months, you will have to understand the feeding and the sleeping cycle of the twins. In the initial days, they won’t have any cycle, so you need to create a schedule and stick to it. Make sure you are feeding both at the same time and make them sleep at the same time; otherwise, it can become messy. 

Maternity Leave

Look into the maternity leave policy of the place where you work. Each workplace and the state have different rules so you can talk with your boss or HR to discuss maternity leave before and after the child is born. 

Support Groups 

One can find several Facebook groups and other social media groups where they will virtually meet mothers who have given birth to twins or are expecting twins. 

You will be able to share your thoughts and understand their state of mind. Talk to the women who have undergone this entire challenge and have emerged victorious. 

Maternity Clothes

Purchase maternity clothes which will make you feel comfortable when your belly will expand. One can wear the same clothes even after the birth of the twins because you will have the same body shape. 

When it comes to purchasing maternity clothes for mother who is expecting twins, then it will be different in comparison to a singleton. Be creative and smart while purchasing maternity clothes. 

Pick A Pediatrician

You can ask your friends or family to recommend a good pediatrician. You can also look for a pediatrician that falls under the insurance network. It is essential to select a good pediatrician before the child is born.

Talk With The Sibling

If you already have a child before you are expecting twins, then you should make some arrangements that will help in making the transition smooth. 

Expect some changes in your house if the pregnancy has complications because it can lead to bed rest, reduced activity, and sometimes hospitalization. Talk to the sibling because you need to cater to their demands as well. 

Pre-register The Hospital Stay

When you are experiencing labor pain and sitting in the wheelchair, then it will be hard for you to fill out the paperwork. So prepare yourself by pre-registering the hospital stay depending on the due date. 

When you are experiencing heavy contraction and labor pain, you can call the hospital to confirm. So you won’t have to spend time on the paperwork because everything is done already. 

Stock Diapers

You can never have too many diapers, especially when you have twins at your home. Expect to use almost 20 diapers every day. Make sure you’re stocking up diapers because you don’t want to run in the middle of the night to get diapers. 

You can pick between disposable diapers or cloth diapers. Buy them in various sizes so that when the child grows, you can still use them. 

Baby Shower 

If you want to get ready to have twins easily, then opt for a baby shower. It is a tradition that is followed before the mother gives birth. 

The celebration becomes grander when the parents are expecting multiples. This is the event where the guest will shower good wishes and gifts. So you can get some useful gifts which babies can use. 

Labor Pain

The mother can experience labor pain anytime, so you need to prepare a plan. It will help you to take action when you experience heavy contractions easily. Ask the doctor about the symptoms that you will experience during the labor pain. 

Ask someone to babysit the older child when you visit the hospital. Labour pain can happen anytime, so by preparing for it; you will cut down the stress. 

Nourishing Foods

If breastfeeding works for you and your baby, then it will help you to save money, and it will be healthy for your child. When breastfeeding is not working, then you need a different formula. 

Try to find some good formula manufacturers who offer great deals and coupons to parents who have multiples. So when babies can consume solid food, you won’t have to look for places where you can get the best food for them. 


Both twins will have a suck reflex, and you need pacifiers for soothing the process. You will have to purchase two pacifiers. The parents can also use pacifiers for stopping the infants from crying by providing them with something which they can suck. In the early few months, it can be beneficial.

Washing baby clothes 

A newborn can experience skin sensitivity when harsh detergent is used for cleaning their clothes. Opt for cleansers that are baby safe. Till the child reaches at least one-year-old try to use this detergent, then you can switch to the regular ones. 

Burpee Clothes 

Every time the child burps they will need burpee clothes. Burping clothes are necessary because with every baby burp there can be some spit-up. Burpee clothes will help you to protect yourself from this burp cheese. 

When you have twins, you need to give each baby fresh clothes. The burping clothes must match with their outfits as well. In the initial few months, you need to feed your child almost eight times, so make sure you’re buying at least 30 clothes. 

Baby monitor

If the babies are sharing the room, then you will have to purchase a single baby monitor. If the babies are in a separate bedroom, go for multi-room monitors. Some monitors will interfere with each other when they are in close proximity. 


Babies have very dry skin, so it is often recommended to use a humidifier in the nursery. During the winter season use a humidifier because the heaters will dry the home. If the babies are sharing the room, then you will only need to purchase one humidifier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Are twins conceived on different days? 

Yes, one can conceive twins on different days. There needs to be only a few days or hours in between.

Which things should be kept in the hospital bag for the twins’ birth?

With twins, one can expect to have early delivery so pack the bags from the 26th week. Try to pack all the supplies that the babies will need. Twins are small in size in comparison to a single baby, so they will need tiny baby clothes.

Which things will one have to purchase two of them for twins? 

One will have to buy a separate car seat, wash clothes, towels, fitting suppliers, swings, cribs, etc. for twins. 

Why are twins born early? 

There are various contributing factors why twins are born early or prematurely. One reason is that the mother will go into the labor spontaneously, but nobody knows why the labor is triggered, and the membranes get ruptured without any warning. So one cannot prevent premature labor. 


Having twins can be overwhelming for the parent, and the task becomes more difficult. Having the checklist in your hand will help you to accomplish them without worrying. It’s pretty expensive to have twins, so you need to plan everything properly. Your life will be full of joy when you see both your child are interacting and growing together. 

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