A Guide To Help Children Realize Their Dreams

Dreams of life are tackled much more easily today than in the past. Four tricks on how to implement your big wishes. People want to stay healthy, have a happy family and enjoy life. A recent study shows this, and they want to make dreams come true. 

Unlike previous generations, they no longer postpone their big wishes until they retire. Mothers and fathers realize that they cannot catch up with the children but still want to work. And still, others do not want to wait until 60. 

Here is everything that you can do to help children realize their dreams-

Follow everything that has been listed below to help kids realize their dreams. 

Know What Are The Wishes And Dreams Of A Child

A child’s dreams and desires can be very diverse. Just like adults, children usually want what they don’t have or what they can’t be. It can also just be a great idea in your imagination. Desires and dreams of children can therefore be:

  • Become a singer or a dancer
  • To get the coveted toy
  • Family life as it is in the books
  • Children, especially from other countries, often want peace
  • To become a police officer or firefighter
  • To go on excursions
  • Having a best friend or best friend
  • To be in a club – “to belong to it.”

It is now your job to support your child in all of their wishes and dreams, regardless of whether they seem feasible or not.

Follow the Four Tricks

How can such dreams come true? The short answer: With heart, brain and scientifically-based approach. The following example shows how this works: Suppose your big dream is a long trip through the USA. The route goes over 20,000 kilometers and costs just as much money. Such a trip cannot be booked but can be implemented with these four tricks. 

Plan in Stages

Always stage your big wishes. They can only be achieved by taking many small steps. Simple rules that are emotionally charged will help you, for example, the resolution to travel at least 500 kilometers every month. This flows seamlessly into the next point. 

Patience is Rewarding for You

Every amount saved for the trip is recorded as a new distance with a needle on a travel route. With 500 dollars, your son or daughter can travel 500 kilometers to Paris, with another 500 dollars to the Atlantic, etc.

That is a recurring motivation and playfully helps to realize the dream in the long term. Waiting for the dream to come true is thus regularly and directly associated with joy.

Help Them Building Habits

Before one lives the dream, it is often a question of saving time and money, i.e., doing without. Through habits or “automatic” actions, such as a standing order on the savings account, they can easily integrate the commitment to their projects into everyday lives and thus come closer to realizing their dreams.

Offer External Motivation

Communicate your plans to friends and family. The “publication” creates social liabilities. This acts as additional motivation from the outside. In addition, shared anticipation is doubled in joy. These positive effects give extra energy to achieve the big goal. 

  • Follow the Tactic

This tactic relies on positive emotions and is scientifically sound. It can be applied to different dreams, be it for a break, develop a second professional mainstay as a consultant, or the cultivation of a time-consuming passion like flying. In addition to health, support in both private and professional life is essential for achieving the dream.

Take The Decisive Step

There remains one last important point in making a dream come true: courage. It takes determination to get the stone rolling effectively and thus make the dream a reality. Allow yourself the time you need for this moment.

The most important thing is to keep the dream alive and not sweep it under the rug. So make your child have that courage.

  • What Should You tell your child?

Keep thinking specifically about what you can do next to get one small step closer to making it happen. Should you suddenly lose courage, and then remind yourself what the fulfillment of the dream feels like. And then you get the hang of it. It is worth it! We hope you enjoy making your dream come true.

Make Use of the Positive Emotions

Willpower alone is not enough to achieve one’s dreams. Positive emotions are even more critical in implementation regardless of age or gender. The reason is the human brain. People mainly make decisions emotionally and intuitively. That’s why we love instant rewards. They immediately trigger positive feelings.

The reward system in the brain is responsible for this. It works most effectively in the here and now. Even small things like new messages on the smartphone can stimulate this system.

A big dream, on the other hand, does not immediately create it. At first, it is still too far away to perceive the distant fulfillment directly as a reward.

Have a Proper Idea About How Love Drives the Children

Parents love their children. That is why they try to do everything possible so that their children will later become happy adults. Every mother and father has a particular idea of ​​what happiness means. All parents would have liked to have had specific opportunities to realize their own dream of happiness. 

Therefore, it is all too understandable that parents want to offer their children these opportunities as early as possible. Parents want to pave the paths for their children that they believe will lead to happiness.

Understand that Your way is not your kid’s way

Children need their parents as role models with whom they can orient themselves. That is why it is good when parents see themselves as leaders. But not like leaders from the last century, not as rulers and autocrats.

Instead, parents should be leaders, as they are now more and more urgently sought in business, universities, and schools: as supportive leaders.

What Can the Parents Do?

These parents would do everything in their power to enable their child to develop into a strong personality and to develop their talents and gifts. This contrasts with parents who need their children to make them feel meaningful.

Such parents are not too different from superiors, who need subordinates to make them essential.

Being Examples

Parents should be an example to their children in every way, even when it comes to taking responsibility for what is close to your heart. And because that is the development of their children into happy adults, they must insist that anything that hinders or undermines such development has no business in their family.

Assemble the ideal team 

Communicate their enthusiasm tone. Motivate them. Trust them. Tell them what you need them to do. Value them.

Gather around a table

Ask open-ended questions to your kids. Who? What? What for? How? ‘Or’ What? Or? Find solutions that suit everyone, win-win solutions. Be creative and inventive. The critical question is, why not?

Define a mission and Set Goals

An ultimate long-term goal, short-term goals, and an action plan with small, manageable, short-term goals in service of longer-term goals. Your child’s dream seems so unattainable that he is tempted to give it up.

Help him persevere by breaking it down into a series of small goals. In step 2 above, you and your child will have learned what unique skills and knowledge they will need. 

This could mean learning a language, practicing a musical instrument, or taking additional lessons in a specific subject. If your child is easily distracted, Bach Flower Mix 55 is made with chestnut buds to help improve concentration.

Realize the Desire of a Kid

In the world, eco citizenship has pride of place. Children develop the desire to take care of the planet and have a healthy Earth for generations to come.

They participate in many environmental projects: saving endangered species, replanting trees, and transversal project mode to work on fundamental subjects such as language or maths.

Encourage the Dreams

Children’s fantasy knows no bounds, and their dreams are a mixture of hopes and fantasies, the real and the magical, the impossible and the achievable. Children are aware that anything can happen! As parents, our role is to encourage them in any way we can.

Don’t Deny Their Dreams

To help your child reach their goals, you need to start now! While a parent’s job is to make sure their child has the basics of nutrition, clothing, and a safe and comfortable home, that is not enough. A parent must also ensure that his child can fully develop. Parents who adopt an attitude of control or a negative and dismissive attitude will prevent their children from achieving their dreams and ambitions.

It doesn’t matter if your child wants to be a vet, archaeologist, or journalist, don’t deny their dreams or try to create obstacles for them. If you disregard their dreams, give them a good education, and teach them the skills to achieve their goals, you hinder them and create a barrier to their success.

Be a True Example to Follow

Children learn by imitation, by replicating what they see you do. It can be positive or negative; it depends on how you act. Ask yourself the following question: do you want your child to see you behave in a way that is “not at all disturbed” or in a way that will teach him to be resilient and help him to overcome the difficulties in life? 

Practice Reserve

Success in life depends on your determination and your skills. While having a sufficient income level certainly helps you, achieving your dreams doesn’t just rely on what class or level of wealth you were born into.

However, whether they are born to poor or rich parents, anyone can experience failure. What matters is that you raise your child on the premise that a person can achieve whatever they think about, as long as they work hard and stick to it.

Help Them Plan

When children are very young, they love role-playing games, which influences their future dreams. One day they might want to be a racing driver, the next day a doctor, and the next day an airline pilot.

It is pretty natural. But as you grow older, you will probably notice that their focus is on more specific interests and that they can make a dream of it.

Support and Encourage Them

As determined and motivated as your child is, your support and encouragement are essential. Your child admires you more than any other and knows that you are always there to give him confidence if he is depressed.

Know the Characteristics of Those Who Pursue Their Dreams

It is okay to allow children to specifically name some of their ambitions, as they need to have a purpose. But there is no certainty about their future.

Our role is not so much to help them achieve their goal to help them develop the character traits that will allow them to persevere in their various ambitions and not fall behind be discouraged by failures. Here are five character traits needed to pursue your dreams:

Show the Value of Perseverance

You can teach it to your kids in the little things. Have them practice an activity every day or persevere in the face of difficult schoolwork. They will understand that success is almost always built through small steps taken consistently.

Practice Resilience

The path to our dreams is usually strewn with times of failure. While failure might mean giving up some plans, it’s usually a sign that it’s time to get up and try again. Please remind your children that it is not over yet. There will always be another check, another game, another opportunity.

Help Children Develop Skills

Mowing lawns is by no means a despicable job. Help your children see that they can develop their skills and move towards their goals through every little responsibility they take on. Asking them to do their chores well, efficiently, and to the end, can help them in this direction.

Have A Long-Term Vision

Goal-setting teaches children to aim for a specific result by measuring the time, talent and resources required. You can help them by setting them school or other goals for the month or year. Teach them how to put a plan in place, breaking their big goal down into small tasks to work on each day.

Build Up Team Spirit

Help them learn cooperation and the value of friendships. “Friendship is the best investment,” said Pastor Ray Johnston. It is a source of encouragement, support in difficult times, and empowerment to one another. God did not create us to do it on our own.

Find the Balance between Dreams and Reality

We have another essential task in helping our children to pursue their dreams successfully: to help them to know themselves well and to live honestly by relying on this knowledge.

Let Them Become What They Want!

Children begin to perceive their surroundings at the age of five to six in a completely different way than before. A wide variety of influences are recorded and processed. These influences increasingly shape your child, and they develop a pronounced self-image.

This process serves as the basis for developing wishes, dreams, and goals for your child’s future.

Ideally, Parents Should Support Their Children In Finding Their Own Way? 

In principle, it’s like learning to walk: Nobody knows where a child will run to later. The only thing that matters is that it has learned to walk really well. And this requires as many opportunities as possible to try out running.

Do Not Be Too Sensitive and Frightened

Some parents try to put all the stones out of the way for their child because they are afraid that they will trip and fall. At first glance, it works too. It becomes problematic, however, when one realizes that in this way, neither stumbling (nor finding one’s own balance again) nor falling (and not injuring oneself and getting up again) can be learned.


Not only do parents love their children and want the best for them, but children also love their parents. They try to fulfill their parents’ wishes and to tread their paths of happiness.

Even if they are not really interested, they make an effort, even if they have absolutely no talent for it, if they would instead do and learn something completely different themselves. The parents need to nurture that wish.

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