20 Tips to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Baby

Selecting a name for your baby is a difficult task sometimes, as once you select a name for your baby it cannot be renamed like a computer folder. So, are you pregnant now or just had a delivery a few days back and your mind is crowded with so many names as you are frustrated with regular suggestions popping up from different people of the family, and even from the neighbors, we understand your condition?

How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Baby

We are here to help you with your child’s name as we bring to you certain points that you should always keep in mind before you fix a name for your child. 

Create meaningful but not common name

We all want our child to be named in such a manner that you don’t hear somebody called by that name usually. Hence, try to give your child a name that sounds good but at the same time keep in mind that they are not meaningless. 

Give a name that shows the gender of your baby 

Do not give a name that is sounding cute to you but is something related to the opposite gender of your baby. What we mean is, try to specify the gender of your child by the name itself. Or else the poor child may be in trouble in the future and face embarrassment.

Do not forget your culture and tradition 

Give names that sound good but at the same time do not forget your tradition and culture you belong from. This will also help the child to remember his origin when he/she is a grown-up and it will be something he/she may be proud of. In short, do not drift far away from your origin.

Give a name that can easily derive a nickname 

Names which can easily stem out a good nickname are always preferred. This will add a different level of coolness within your child’s name. For example, Michael can be called as Micky, Frederick can be called as Fed. Such type of names makes it easy to give a nickname to your child.

Do not make it too large and complicated 

Do not give names to your child that is too long to even pronounce. This will create trouble for them in the future when they are in public places as people may fumble before pronouncing their name and it will also lessen their trouble of correcting the spelling each time. 

Keep in mind that the name must be equally attractive when he is an adult 

A name that sounds cute to a baby may not sound good when he is a grown-up. Give cute names to your child but at the same time do remember that the child will grow up gradually and how will the name sound then? 

Are both of you happy with the name? 

The father and mother both have equal rights over the child. So, the name making decisions should also be the same. Take the decision which will make both of you happy and you don’t regret it later. Never impose something on your partner. 

Name that will make his/her future bright

We all want our children to have a bright future when they grow up and for that, we can go to any extent. So, if you believe in astrology, then take suggestions of some well-known astrologer who will guide you regarding the naming of your child and will suggest you the first letter of the name.

Inspirational Names 

We all grow up with a role model and we always fantasize about their presence in our life. It is not very uncommon when you want to name the new member of your family with that name. We understand your emotions and we think it is fine to name your child with that inspirational name.

Avoid names which are in trend

Being in a trend is fine! But do not follow it when you are naming your child as you should remember that trend comes and goes but once you write your child’s name in the birth certificate it is temporary. Always prefer a classic name as a class is permanent and will not fade away with time.

Prefer being rhythmic 

You must be confused and thinking what has a rhythm to do with your child’s name? Well, what we mean is always tend to keep the first, middle, and last name a bit rhythmic. For example, Stuart Alum Lazare sounds nice but think about Jackson Grayson McMasteron it sounds weird, right? 

Does the name have any other implications? 

You may name your child with the name of your favorite celebrity or role model but keep in mind that you are not giving the exact name of your role model. For example, if your surname is Dickens and Charles Dickens is your favorite writer please don’t give the name Charles to your child. 

Keep a match with your older children

This will make you, your family stronger and happier, and will further strengthen the bond within the brothers. At the same time, this may also create a fuss as you may need to keep reminding people that who is who. 

Search for a name that sounds good with the surname 

Give a proper name that is not very similar to your surname and neither rhymes with your surname. Look for a nice name that combines perfectly with the surname. Do not make the mistake of choosing the first name beautifully and end up sounding it dull with the surname. 

Give a name that matches the personality of the baby

You can understand certain traits of the child within a few days. Give a name that will match his/her character. As it is said that the name creates a first-hand impression of the child and if it is so, let it be true and let your showcase your character.

Focus on the initial letters 

Try to focus on the initial letters of the name and the surname. This will give an extra weightage to your child when he is a big man working in an office or a professor in a well-known college. For example, he may be called RJ sir if his name is Rachel John.

Make sure that the name has a single spelling 

How often do we face with the spelling errors that people make with our names? Do not let your children face the same problem. Check out that the name has a single simple spelling and no other alternative spelling as this may cause a problem to the child when he is in his school and is a grown-up. 

Take suggestion from the family 

Apart from making sure that you and your partner are convinced with the name of the child also take some suggestions from your family members as you should remember that your family members are your child’s family members too and they will also call your child by the name you are deciding. 


We know how much you care for your baby and the only gift that you will be gifting which will be carried by the child forever is the name you gifted him. Be wise, and do not forget to do some research before you fix a name for your child.

Do not decide in haste that you will regret forever. Listen to everybody but at the same time do not crowd up your mind with a different name and end up getting confused and frustrated. All the best for your life ahead and have a nice parenting life. 

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