11 Ways That Women Can Use to Convince Him To Have A Kid

If you have the baby fever, you need to convince your partner to welcome a new member of your family. Parenthood demands equal participation of mother and father. It is said that when a woman decides to have a baby, it becomes nearly impossible to change their decision.

How to convince your partner to have a kid 

  • Have patience, and do not be afraid to wait for a few years.
  • Do not use emotional blackmail to convince your partner to have a child. 
  • Discuss with them the reasons why you want to have a baby.
  • He should know that both of you will have to make the compromise.
  • One will have to be aware of their biological clock.
  • Start to pet a puppy and learn to share the responsibilities. 
  • Talk to them and understand their reasons for not wanting to have a baby.
  • Work on your relationship if there is any problem. 

If you are thinking of convincing your partner to have a baby or want to know how you can approach your husband and talk about your plans about parenting, then here are some tips that will help you. 

Ways To Convince Your Partner To Have A Kid 

One thing that you should never do is emotionally blackmail your partner into having a baby. Your partner needs to be equally happy and welcoming about the new member. T

here can be several reasons why your husband is not ready to have a baby, and you need to discuss it with them to reduce conflict. You and your husband can be on different pages, but it is essential to discuss to reduce the gap in the relationship. 

Biological Clock

If you and your partner want to have a child in your life, it is essential to keep track of your biological clock. As we start to age, the chances of conceiving start to reduce.

If you’re already in your thirties, then you need to remind your husband about the biological clock so that you both can start preparing to have a baby before it is too late. However, ensure that you are ready to be a mom

Saving Money

Having a baby is indeed pretty expensive because you need to spend thousands of dollars on it. Starting from conceiving to planning the future of the baby, you need to have your finances prepared. 

It is essential to discuss whether your current financial status is enough to raise a baby. Your partner may want to have a baby but is not financially prepared for it. By talking about it, you will be able to start planning your finances with your partner about having a baby. 

Be Patient

You need to have a lot of patience when it comes to convincing your partner to have a baby. Your partner may not be ready to have a child now but is ready to have it after a few years. Do not hesitate to wait. 

Talk To Your Close Friends

You can ask your close friend who recently had babies to talk with your partner. Your partner may not be ready to have a baby because of financial issues or space issues. By talking to someone who is already enjoying parenthood, it will help your partner reduce the fear of having a child. 


If you have already made up your mind to have a child and your partner is not ready, he might feel that he’s been pushed into having a child. It would be best if you have a conversation with them about the compromises that you will make along with him. 

When you welcome a new member into your life, both partners need to make compromises to keep the family together. Make him understand that he is not the only one who is compromising. 

Have A Pet

Before having a child, you can adopt a puppy. Taking care of a puppy will demand the same amount of attention as that of a human baby. It will also point out whether you are ready to have a child as a couple. 

If your husband is not ready to have a child, then you can have a pet and let them grow affection towards it. It can also reduce the fear of having a baby or making a huge commitment like parenthood. 

Work On The Relationship

If you are trying to have a baby to fix your relationship with your partner, then you need to rethink it. Having a child can be draining and exhausting. You can never work on your relationship after you have the baby, so you need to do it before you have them. 

Instead of forcing him to have a baby, you should take your partner on dates and spend quality time with them to strengthen your bond. 

Reason You Want A Baby

Explain to your partner why you want to have a baby. If you are just in love with the idea of welcoming a newborn into your life, then you need to do something thinking here.

By discussing with your partner the reasons to have a baby, you will also get the clarity whether you want to have them or not. Make sure he has the signs of being ready to be a dad. 


You need to listen to the reasons why your partner does not want to have a baby. Instead of arguing, try to listen to his reasons and do not interrupt him. Be as gallant as you can and decipher their emotions as well. 

Be respectful about their opinion, and do not judge them. Welcoming a baby into your life will change the dynamics of the family and finances. It will bring a massive change in your relationship. Try to recall the conversation that you had regarding having children before getting married. 

Emotions And Logic

The majority of the time, it is seen that the decision to have a baby is always the emotional one. It is normal to be emotional about parenthood but try to use your logic. If you already have a baby, then you need to discuss it with them as well. It can happen that your partner does not want to have a child now because he has some logical reasons behind it. 

Do Not Use Emotional Blackmail

One cannot be ready for parenthood if they are forced into it. It is essential to talk with your partner about their view on parenting and whether they are prepared for it. 

Never use emotional blackmail to convince your partner to have a baby because it can have negative consequences in the future. It is natural for anyone to hate the fact that they are being threatened to have a baby. Babies are born out of love, so never use any violence or force. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about to Convince Partner for Kids

1. Can someone’s body crave to have a baby? 

Yes, it is entirely natural for the body to crave to have a baby as it can happen due to the biological clock. 

2. Which hormones are responsible for making you want to have a baby? 

Oxytocin is the hormone of love related to contraction during the time of labor, fertility, lovemaking, releasing the milk during breastfeeding, and birth. This hormone makes women feel good and triggers the behavior and feeling of nurturing.

3. Do men get baby fever? 

It has been found that when men start to grow old, they develop the need to raise children. Whereas women, when they start to age, are less likely to be interested in raising children.

Final Thoughts

These are the few ways to convincing your partner to have a child. Most of the time, it is seen that your partner is not ready because of some logical reasons, so you need to discuss with them to understand their reason for not wanting to have a baby now. 

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