How to Deal with Infertility Stress

Infertility is more mental stress than a physical one. Couples wait to become parents, and in the process, it becomes such an important affair that you start to take stress with every negative result.

Stress leads to negativity which the body reciprocates and releases the hormones accordingly. Women dealing with infertility have the same amount of stress level as people dealing with cancer or HIV. 

What leads to infertility

  • Poor and non-nutritious diet.
  • Too much sports training.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Medications, even when prescribed.
  • Smoking and drinking without any control.

Top ways to deal with this Stress infertility-related stress

Infertility is a difficult condition to overcome but dealing with it is important to build a positive family structure in the future. But how to fulfill parenthood dreams and remain positive about infertility? Can you still remain healthy by balancing both? 

Identify your own feelings.

It is very important to acknowledge and identify the feelings related to infertility. It is a journey of grief and distress for sure, but there are millions of dealing with the same. It is very natural to feel bad about it, but acceptance of this grief is important rather than suppressing your feelings. 

Are you feeling guilty or depressed? Do you have jealousy, financial stress, fear of being judged, or rejection? Identify what you are feeling and speak about it to your trusted person rather than trampling it down.

Understand your options

Couples have their own aspirations, which may be different from each other. You and your partner may be happy to have a child-free life or may opt for adoption.

There is also IVF treatment, which will help you to have your own child or go for expensive surrogacy. There are options available, so you and your partner need to have a good bond to decide on your choice.

Stop waiting for a Miracle and seek Advice.

Infertility is a condition that can be dealt with, with discussion. It is good to take advice from others who may have fought the same battle. You can seek help from a counselor to decide on different options. It is good to be practical here and take the next step rather than wait for a miracle to take place. 

If you are over 35 and have health issues, then you should try to find a solution, as delaying the problem might complicate it further. You should keep trying to conceive, but again don’t avoid a fertility test to find the reason behind the pregnancy delay. 

Positive Reappraisal 

The positive reappraisal may help you to deal with the negative emotions after the diagnosis of infertility. Thinking about positive possibilities and focusing less on problems or difficulties will lessen your burden.

Rest and recuperate each day to sit back and find a possible solution. Try to do something meaningful and focus on the benefits and not just on the difficulties. 

Communicating with your Partner

When one partner has an identified fertility problem, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy and inequality in the relationship. It may also be difficult to have intimate sex if you opt for IVF, as there will be continuous medical intervention going on. Create a balance in your life and don’t treat infertility to be a burden. 

Don’t use blaming statements. Instead, take some time out for each other and speak about your feelings. You and your partner should be the best team to deal with a problem, so be transparent with each other, as infertility is not worth your relationship.

Self-care is the Mantra

Your self-worth should not be decided by your fertility. Don’t stop living your life because you are adamant about having a baby. You are more than your fertility, so move back to your old self and continue positively. It will lead you to a stress-free life with a solution. Visit a doctor to learn about the importance of Ovary Size Importance. 

Ensure your life does not become a machine of conception

Understand that getting intimate with your partner is not about giving birth to a life. It should not become a chore of passion. The same activity, which was an expression of love, becomes a reminder of your infertility. Don’t let that take over your peace; continue to live with a positive attitude, and strive for bonding intimacy.

Seek help from trusted sources

It is undeniable that society is based on stereotypical norms. There will be individuals with myriad ideas on pregnancy and infertility. You need to have someone by your side to share your mental state, but again the person should not negatively influence you. 

Stay away from people who try to force or impose an idea on you whereas you are struggling to achieve happiness. If you don’t have a trusted source, then it is best to take help from a counselor. You should also understand the late Ovulation causes.


Rethink your attitude and stay active

Don’t get distressed about somebody else’s pregnancy and start drawing conclusions that only you are the one to go through this pain. Rethink your attitude of self-pity and make sure that staying active and involving yourself in healthy activities would bring about physical development in your body.  Avoid jealousy and adopt acceptance.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is a proven process of relaxation which reduces stress and helps in better reproductive function. Meditation for half an hour will flush out all negativity in you and make you a refined person. These are age-old techniques to fight infertility. Always think of yourself to be healthy. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) about Coping with Infertility

What are the yoga positions to relax your body from stress?

Child’s Pose, Happy Pose, and legs up the wall with meditation is the best therapy to keep your body stress free and calm.

Can Infertility be prevented?

If Infertility is caused due to genetic conditions then it cannot be avoided but your lifestyle matters a lot. You have to live a healthy life free from smoking and drinking if you are trying to conceive. It applies to both the partners. 

How many infertile couples eventually conceive?

According to the study, fifteen to twenty percent of couples conceive without any medical intervention. With a regular track on ovulation and a healthy lifestyle, hope still remains without any treatment.

How painful is IVF treatment?

A certain part of the procedure may cause discomfort but is definitely not painful. If it caused unbearable pain, then there would be some complications. This treatment itself has variations so it differs from person to person.

Why are so many twins born after infertility treatment?

The number of embryos you decide to transfer results in increasing the chances of having twins.


Stress may definitely not restrain you from having a baby but infertility will lead you to stress. You have to get yourself out from the circle of guilt and infertility and have yourself look for goals to resolve.

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