60+ Beautiful Emotional Messages for Daughter

Daughters always retain the very soft corner of their parents’ hearts, and parents often get very much sensitive and emotional when the thing comes in terms of their daughters. They often fail to express their emotions and tell their daughters through messages. Here are some wonderful and nostalgic emotional messages for your daughter.

Here are Emotional messages for daughter

-I still can remember the day when you first called me dad and tears were rolling down my eyes, and I now barely can believe that you are getting married in the next month, my little princess

-I can surely say that I have spent the best days of my life with you, my little girl, even at my old age, you have given me back my childhood days, and I want to die in your laps, my beloved daughter

-You are still the little baby girl for me, and giving your hands in someone else’s is the toughest thing for me on this earth; I love you so much, my dear little child

-The day you have graduated, I could not control the tears to come out of my eyes, and my heart became twice its size with utmost pride and happiness; you have really made me emotional, my girl

-Dear daughter, after your mother’s death, you have never let me feel the absence of your mother and have always taken care of me like you being my mother; my heart fills with joy seeing this now

-My eyes had immediately become wet when my little bird exchanged vows for her marriage, and I had realized that she was not going to live with me, her father anymore; I will miss you, my girl

-I always have in my life have wanted and have aimed for a single thing, and that was to see you settled in life, today tour job has made my wish true, and I can’t hold back my tears now, my beloved daughter

-You are just not my daughter, but you are the key to my every happiness, which I had lost before your birth, but your entry into my life made me regain it, and I am more than happy now, my girl

-I am still praying to God to delay the date of your departure so that I can spend some more quality time with my little girl and can capture some good memories in my mind before you leave

-You are leaving us for higher studies to go abroad tomorrow, my little baby girl, and I wish I could have got some more time so that I could tell you how much I love you, my daughter, and we are going to miss you

-I am eagerly waiting for the holidays right now as you will be coming home after very long years, and we will get spend some fun time with our baby daughter and get to exchange our stories of life

-I just want to convey to you this fact that there is no other person in this entire world who can handle my mood so accurately and can understand my feelings so deeply; I miss you very much, my lovely daughter

-Nothing for me, in this entire world is as precious as you are for me, and I cannot in any way stay from you, all alone in this home, please come back soon; your father is waiting for you

-Though I know that you are very much away from home for your work schedule still a father’s heart is becoming impatient and is waiting for his little daughter to come back home and join him in Christmas

-You do not have any clue, baby girl, how much struggle we had to face to bring you up and give you a good education, so whenever you do something good out heart fills with joy and happiness, my girl

-Dear daughter, I know that you are married now, and you have to stay with your husband now, but your dad still misses having the morning walk and coffee with you; I love you so much, my child

-After you have left home for your higher studies, there was not a single day when we have not missed you, the whole house is eager for your return in this holidays, and we are ready to have fun with you

-I have always felt in my life that I am actually a very good father, but today, your humanity and your dedication to your parents made me realize that you are a far better daughter, my dear girl

-Whenever I start talking about you, I get very much emotional, and this is because you are my only daughter, and you stay very much away from us, and we miss you more than anything else in the world

-My beloved daughter, I would want you to know that I love you so much that I can sacrifice anything and can deal with my every happiness in order to see you happy and cheerful in life forever

-My baby girl, you are the most sensitive spot in my heart, and I can literally do anything for you and the saddest thing for me in life would be to see you really sad and gloomy, my girl

-My heart cries every night worrying about your health as you are so much away from us, and we are also not there to take care of you; we really miss you, our girl, and love you a lot

-I want that you stay happy forever in your life and do something really good in life as I have seen my dreams through your eyes and want you to make up to it in life, my dear girl

-You have no idea, my baby girl, with how much dedication and effort we gave got you in our lives, and now we just want you to stay with us forever and never leave us alone as you are the biggest support for us

-My girl, I am very much proud of you, and I promise you that I will never let society make you feel belittled and compare you with a boy; you are the strongest daughter in the entire world for us

-My beloved daughter, never feel lonely in life as we will always be there for you as you are our only child, and we, your parents, would rather die than leave you alone in this world

-I can even give up my life for giving you proper protection as you are my biggest treasure, and I have promised your mom in her death bed that come what may, I will save you from every trouble in life

-I have always kept one thing in my mind that whatever happens, I will save the smile on the face of my little princess at any cost and never let that smile fade away due to any kind of adversity, my baby girl

-Dear daughter, you have every right to stay angry in me but let me explain it to you that I have not hurt you intentionally, as you are my life, and I can even take my own life for the sake of your joy, my child

-I have in my life have expected a single thing from God, and that is he must bestow his best blessings upon you, as you are my piece of heart, and I can’t lose you in any way in life, my dear

-Dear child, please do not be angry and have faith in me that whatever I will do, it will be the best for you as I am your father, and I cannot think of anything that will not be good for you, my little angel 

-Without you, Christmas is just a random festival, and our home does not feel like a home, but instead, it feels like a lifeless building of bricks and cement; come home soon, sweetie, we are dying to see you, girl

-I know, my beloved girl, that you have a very tight schedule, but can you please come for a few hours to visit us because you mean the world for us, and our whole year will be awesome if we get to see you

-My daughter, I would really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being any stereotypical daughter and being a friend I needed the most, loads of love to my little sweetie

-I know this is not the time to get emotional, but the day is literally in front of my eyes when you came into our lives and made me a happy mother, and today you are a mother yourself, so much happy for you

-I wish I could turn the rewind button and rectify all the mistakes I have made that have hurt you, I love you so much, my daughter, and I will miss you the most when you are away from home, my sweetie

-You are actually the oy one on whose support I am surviving this hard world; once you are away from me, I might die; promise me, dear daughter, that you will never leave me alone.

-That very one person I have loved the most in my entire life is you, my daughter, and I still love you very much and just want you to stay cheerful and ecstatic, my love

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