70+ Emotional Messages For Grandma

The bond shared between a child, and his grandmother is deeper than what words can relay. To him, she is more than just a grandmother; she is a friend, teacher, mentor, adviser, and playmate. No other love can compare to what has existed between those two.

Here are a few Emotional Messages For Grandmother

-Your presence in it has made this house a home, and that would not be like this if not for you. You are the ties that bind our entire family as one, and now I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

-Being around you makes me feel like I, too, matter to someone; you make me feel like I am someone important. And I am thankful that you make me feel like that; it makes me feel like I will always have a to belong to.

-You are the person that I want to see at the end of the day; you make all of my worries go away. All the stress and worries that I have got, these all just fly away when I am with you, and I love that feeling.

-You have always been full of love, bearing no hate or contempt for those who are around you. This is what I respect you the most for; you are a lovable and kind person deep down to your very bones.

-I have grown up learning from you, and that has made me into a dependable person. I am thankful for all the efforts that you have put together for my sake, and I will never forget that about you.

-Our relationship had never been complicated; it had been as simple as it came. We love and respect each other and bear only goodwill for the other; there is nothing to complicate it with.

-You have always been a kind and soft person, but that is not all that you are. That kindness of yours can not deny the steel of your backbone, your strength, and courage; these are comparable to none.

-You make me feel like I have finally returned home, and now I can let go of all my worries. Your presence soothes me and lets me acknowledge the peace around me, and it is calming.

-It is you who has brought me to the realization of who I am. I have no idea what I would be doing if not for you; you have helped me acknowledge my very existence; I can’t thank you enough for that.

-Your heart has always been full of love for those around you, and that is your greatest kindness. I have never seen you bear any negative emotions towards others, and that is something to look up to.

-I feel the most secure when I am around you, for I know that if it is you, then you will always protect me. Besides, your wisdom is always by my side, supporting me in every step that I take forward in my life.

-I have grown up into an adult, and yet your love for me has not run out. Your heart harbors immeasurable love for those who you hold dear in your heart, and I am happy to be one of those.

-You have always been a remarkable woman, someone that I can always look up to. Someday I would love to become someone who you can be proud of, and I am working hard to make that into reality.

-I feel free-spirited around you; I don’t have to keep up appearances; I can be myself around you. It is because of the bond of friendship that has been strengthened between us for years now. 

-You have always given your very best for my sake, and there is no way I am ever going to doubt that. I have seen you work hard and struggle for my sake; you are a model woman that can always be looked up to.

-I have shared a lot of grand moments in my life with you, or you have made every moment that I have shared with you grand. You have brought an abundance of love and laughter into my life.

-You have always been a young woman at heart; you have still kept up with your rebelliousness. But that too is something that can’t be looked at in a negative light; even your flaws are charming.

-Only with your blessing have I been able to become what I am today. That is my assurance that no matter how bad things might get, you would never turn your back on me; I will always have you.

-It is a delight in itself to have a person as wonderful as you as my grandmother. You have taught me the way I should lead my life, and that is not something any school could have taught me.

-You are the person that helps me look past my mistakes; you are not making me irresponsible; you want me to keep moving forward in my life. If not for you, I would have given up on myself a long time ago.

-I have been able to make so many accomplishments in my life only because of your support. I am thankful for all the guidance that you have provided me with till now, and I appreciate all of that.

-Everything related to this family, you have handled all of this very skillfully. You have completed all of your duties to this family in a much better way than one could have expected.

-You always make time for those who matter to you, and I am happy to be one of those. When I talk with you, I can feel the burden that is weighing down on my heart lessen, and that is why I love our time together.

-You have always encouraged me to pursue the future that I have always desired for myself. You never told me to back down or quit; you helped me in achieving my dreams, you have always been supportive.

-I can always turn to you when nothing is going well, and you end up making me feel better. You had nurtured me when I was a child, and you still keep on protecting me now that I have grown up.

-Truth be told, you have been nothing but a perfect grandmother to me, and there is nothing about you that I would ever want to change. You have always been just like that to everyone.

-You are my first teacher, and yet you are the one who has taught me more than anyone else. You have the strictness of a teacher and familiarity of a friend; all my childhood has been enjoyable.

-I never knew that having a grandmother could be this wonderful. All the time that I have spent with you till now has been the best time of my entire life; I will never forget that.

-You never turned down any request that I have ever made to you. You had encouraged me to work harder, supported me when I was struggling, and celebrated with me when I succeeded.

-You have made my entire life more enjoyable than it could originally have been. You have done everything that you had the power to do for my sake, and I am grateful for your support to me.

-Your smile is as beautiful as always, driving all of my worst fears away and making me feel calm. That makes you dear to me in every way possible; you are the person that I love the most.

-You are the sweetest person that I have encountered in my life, and I hold a strong belief that no one can replace you. You are kind, gentle, caring, dependable, and strong, and that is all that you need to be.

-All your education has made me into a fine man now, and I am proud of what I have become today. I want you to feel the same way, too, seeing as this is the result of all your efforts.

-The bond that I share with you is meant to last forever, and the strength of this bond is limitless. My love for you is never-ending as you are the person that I loved for the first time and the most.

-Past can’t be redone, but being with you makes me relive all the good moments that we have shared. All those moments have been wonderful and worth dying for; I am thankful that I got to spend time with you.

-You once held my hand and never let go of me ever since, and I truly am thankful for that. I can’t even envision what my life would be like if not with you in it; what I know is that it would be meaningless.

-You are no less than a gift sent to me by God; that is just how awesome of a person you are. Your presence holds the strength to protect me from all the demons, even those who lie within me.

-Being with you has introduced me to a whole new world, bigger and wider than what anyone my age should be acquainted with. You provided me with an initial boost in my life, and I am getting ready to use it to my fill.

-This world still seems to be too strange for people like me; it is just too unfamiliar. Changes and challenges, amid all this, you are the only person that is anchoring me to my sanity.

-You are like an angel with the power to heal, for being around you makes me feel like I am not even hurt. Hurt and pain seem to be a vision of distant dreams; that is just how safe I feel when I am with you.

-You must never doubt your importance in my life; it is you who has made this world tolerable for me. Or I would have lost myself a long time ago; you are the one who has kept me together even now.

-I love you from the bottom of my heart, I always have, and nothing can ever change that. Our love is not so weak as to weaken just by some problems; it is going to last forever.

-When I want to vent myself out, you always listen to me and help me get rid of all those worries. It is good to have someone who can truly listen to everything that I have got to say.

-All that I have ever needed from you is love, care, and guidance, and you have given that to me in abundance. I can never be grateful enough for all that you have done for me.

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