56+ Sweet Emotional Messages for Son

The relationship between a mother and a son is very much precious, and no one can ever replace it on this earth. A mother goes through a lot of struggles and mental turmoil while growing her son up. Here are some emotional messages penned down to some sons which a mother could never express ever

Here are Emotional messages for son

-Dearie, I really do not care about the distance that is going to prevail between us when you are far away from me; just keep in mind that I am still going to love you the same way as I have done before, boy.

-Maybe I could not have proved myself to be the best parent in this entire world, but you have always given your best effort to prove yourself as the best son of all the times; I love you so much for that lad

-I admit it to you that I might very often scold you very much worse, but you must know this fact I am the only one who would forgive you for the very serious mistakes of your life, as I love you the most, my boy

-My son, I would always love to see that enchanting smile on your pretty face because it is your smile that helps me keep going even in this tough phase of my life; I love you to the moon and back, baby

-Today, I really want to thank God for gifting me with a beautiful son like you; I hope that you get all the happiness in your life which I have tried hard to give to you all my life, my dear child

-Any treasure or any kind of luxury is invalid for me as long as you are sad; if you are happy, then I feel like I am the richest woman n this planet because you mean the whole world to me, my baby boy

-I really feel lucky that I have got a golden boy as my son to walk with me for the rest of my life; the day you were born has really gifted me a bit of good luck and a lot of happiness in my bag, love to you my boy

-Whenever I look at you, I really feel happy for the struggle I had to put up to make you grow up, and seeing that you are successful now fills my heart with immense joy and laughter; you are my pride son

-I cannot explain in words how much happy I am to see you crack all the exams with full zeal; my eyes literally get wet with tears to witness that I could be a successful mother, in the end, my little child

-Today, I want to let you know that you are the sole reason for me being alive, I had to put with a lot of things to give you comfort and fulfill your dreams, and I will continue that till my last breath, my lad

-Son, my love for you is so immense that whenever you will feel lost or lonely, just give yourself a second and recall my name; you will find me by your side very soon as you are my heart, my dear boy

-Dear son, I have full faith over my love that one of all the hardships I have gone through will show me the colors of joy as you will one day prove to this world to be the best son of all the times, love you, son

-My son, maybe you are angry with me today as I have shown my anger to you, but I just could not let you know that it was actually my love and care for you hidden by my anger; I care for you too much, boy

-Champ, you might not understand the emotion behind my actions, but there are a lot of emotions that get stamped under my actions which I chose not to show right now, but trust me, I love you a lot

-Baby boy, it is absolutely alright if you find me wrong for grounding you the whole month, but I believe there will be a day when you will realize that all that I did was for your goodness, as I am your mom

-You might compare the amount of the gifts which I have given to you with the gifts of other moms, but dear son, just let yourself know there is no one on this earth who knows about your needs better than mine

-I know no one is as strict to you as I am but keep this in your head that no one will support you except me whenever you are committing any kind of serious and big mistakes in your life, my baby tiger

-Maybe life would have given you a richer and better mother than me, but I am pretty sure that I could not have got a better son than you; I am so much happy to have you in my life, love you loads, son

-I wish I could afford half the things for you which other mothers can gift their son very much easier, but son, I deep down inside of my heart know that you will be giving all the things I need in life after you grow up

-Son, will it be too much to ask for if I ask for an evening of yours to spend with me as I feel very much lonely after you have left me to stay alone for your work and you are the only one I have in my life

-I know, son I am unable to give you a lot of time to you for helping you in your studies but trust me, son I am working day and night just to afford all the things necessary to give you a better life in the future, champ

-I know the whole world will be judging me for staying out at night but son, I hope you will be able to understand the hardship and challenges your mom is going through to provide you the comfort in life

-I sometimes feel pity upon myself for being your mom as most of the time I fail to give you the present for Christmas, but at the same time, I feel very much lucky to have an understanding son like you in life

-Son, just let yourself know that today, my happiness knows no limits, as today you have finally made my face bright and have given value to all my struggles for the past 25 years; I have fought for you

-If anyone ever asks me what is the biggest treasure you have? My answer would be you my son, and it is true that you are that much worthy for me for whom I can even die with peace, love you so much, boy

-I have a total belief that comes what may son you will never betray me in any kind of situations of my life because I have full faith in my principles which I have given to you for making you grow

-I am not sure whether I have done my best as your mother for you, but I am pretty much sure that you will even give up your life to make me happy once you grow up in life, my little boy

-You are the only person of my life for whom I have cried in sorrow and also in joy; you are not just my son, boy, you are the piece of my heart which if ever gets broken, I will probably die for sure in life

-For the long, 30 years I have waited with my heart out to see this day, today is the day my son when you have managed to grab the most attractive job of the town, and my motherhood is successful today

-Son, you are that person in my life whose arrival has taught me to sacrifice the most favorite things of our lives, and I did not ever feel bad for that, as you have become a part of mine, my dear boy

-Son, I just want to let you know that whatever strikes in life, be it storm, be it flood, or any kind of misery, your mom would give up her life but would protect you till the last breath of her life; I love you a lot dear

-Son, I had to face a lot of trouble when you were wrong to provide you with all your necessities, but your lovely smile made me forget all my pain and miseries of the day, and I am really grateful to you for that

-I have always prayed to God to send me an angel to accompany me all my life and see you have come into my life as a package full of surprises; I cannot even tell how much happy I am to get you by my side

-It is no less than a thrill to me that you have come after a lot of time to visit me this Christmas; my life had been emotional upside down since you have left me, and today I have again got my happy days back

-You do not even know how much you mean to me, so I would request you, my son, not to judge me by seeing only my tough side; my love for you is way more than that, my dear champ

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