Empowering kids by Teaching Them to Say NO: 8 Tips to Follow

Being the parent of a child or children, it is generally amazing when the children listen to you and are not stubborn enough to not follow you. For a parent, this characteristic of the kid is something that every parent would want in their kids. But the point that people often forget is whether this characteristic of the child is prevalent for every person they face or is it specific to the parents only.

Being a parent, is it important for you to teach your child to say NO? Let us throw light on this matter.

Why should you teach kids to say no?

  • This will help build the decision making power of the kid.
  • The child will get to understand more about his happiness.
  • The child will be able to protest against wrongs.
  • The kid will also be able to understand the value of his words and decisions.
  • The personality of the child will be strengthened when he will know where to deny.

Empowering kids by Teaching Them to Say NO

Enhance decision making power

Have you ever realized that if your kid always accepts what you say then will he ever be able to take a decision on his own? Perhaps that happiness of your child being so obliged has made you overlook some of the possible flaws of this characteristic.

After growing up, he will be needed to make his own decisions and parents cannot do it on his behalf. Once you teach your child to say NO when it is appropriate, this will ameliorate his decision-making abilities and will make him more independent.

The child will know what makes him happy

One very important ground of teaching your child to say a NO is to let him decide what makes him happy. Accepting what the parents decide is beneficial and no one can deny this fact. But is it always true that things that are beneficial also make your child happy?

There is no guarantee that anything that is beneficial for your child will make him happy. So, when your child denies your decision and walks through the path of his desire, he will be happier with that result of his decision than that of yours. This will also make him extremely mentally strong

He will be able to raise his voice

One very important trait in any human being is his ability to raise his voice against what is wrong. Irrespective of the situation or the person your child is facing, he must always be aware that he must protest against anything that is incorrect on humanitarian grounds.

This will only be possible when you will teach your child to say no. This will not only make a better human of him but also a responsible citizen and a supportive friend to others. Additionally, he will be able to stand against any injustice that he might face.

The child will understand the value of his decisions

Once your child learns to say NO to things that he does not like or says a NO to make his own decisions and not accept what others decide for him, successes and failures following that decision will make him understand the value of his decisions.

Deciding on behalf of your child will restrain him from being prudent. So, once he knows how to say NO to things, he will be more prudent. His wisdom regarding decision making will now be greater than any other possible scenario. 

The enhanced personality of the child

The personality of a human being is one of the first things that may impress or disappoint another person. So, a very strong personality will always impress others. Strong personality comes with the ability of the person to control his words and acts.

Saying NO to things that your child feels is incorrect will only develop his personality and strengthen it. A man always on the path of rightness is bound to have a personality better than others and everyone will be impressed with his acts. In fact, you are also working on raising well-behaved children

Others will not impose their choices

Your child will not be the victim of peer pressure if he has the ability to raise his voice against his dislikes. It is not very uncommon to know that children and even grown-ups face peer pressure and act against their true desire or against their moral ethics.

The child’s ability to say NO to others will allow him to not be pressured by his peers. This will have multiple benefits for him because what the majority is always doing might not be the right thing and saying no to them will keep him on the right track.

More self-confidence

A person who says no to things that are incorrect or against his will is extremely confident. Saying no requires one to believe himself and be vocal enough to put forward his view. Teaching your child to say NO will raise his self-confidence by many folds.

He will also start believing himself when he will start saying NO to things which he believes are incorrect or are against his humanitarian thinking. Thus, teaching your child to say NO is more important than we could even imagine. In this process, do not forget to raise kind children

No choice of his own

It is always the best to stand out of the mob and choose our own paths. But, are you sure that your child will grow up and follow this strategy? There is no certainty that he will follow this strategy unless you teach him to say NO.

Accepting what others say or following the majority will only lead your child to follow the majoritarian views and no individualism will grow. Consequently, he will lack making independent choices. Thus, it is extremely important to teach your kid how to say NO if need be.


So, these were some of the most important reasons for which you need to teach your child to say NO. This will help your kid in every turning of his life. This will also ensure that he is more independent and can fend for his own.

Additionally, it will lead others to respect your kid. A person with firm decisions and choices will always have a say and will eventually be a respected figure in his circle. He will not be bullied and cannot be pressurised by his peers.

So, being the parent of a child, it is mandatory for you to give your child the understanding of the path of rightness and to teach him to say NO when it is needed. Do not delay and start training your child!

Frequently Asked Questions on Teaching Kids to Say No

1. What if my child says no to my decisions?

If the decision is regarding something that is not life-changing, accept your kid’s NO. If it is bad for him, your kid will understand it after the consequence.

2. What to do if my child always denies what is right?

You need to explain to your child what is right and what is wrong. Teaching your kid ONLY to say NO is insufficient and can have major consequences.

3. Shall we respect all of my child’s decisions?

You must respect your child’s decisions. If you feel it is wrong, talk to your child. Discuss with him and explain to him what and why you feel his decision is not correct.

4. Will teaching my kid to say NO make him more independent?

Teaching your child to say no is not the ultimate thing to make him independent. 

5. What if our child becomes stubborn and keeps on rejecting our decisions?

The only way is to explain to your child that your decisions are for his or her benefit. Surely your child will understand.

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