60+ Farewell Messages For Mother

Someday or the other, all of us have to leave our mother’s comfort and let dreams come true. No matter who leaves, it always feels miserable at that moment, but it will surely make us proud one day. Have a look below; the following farewell messages are for your mother, which will easily express your feelings while separating from her: 

Here are Farewell Messages For Mother

-I’m blessed that you are the closest person to me. I understand the reason behind you leaving me for some time. Farewell to you, my dear mother.

-You have left no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling my dreams. Now it’s your time to go and turn your dreams into reality. See you soon, Mumma.

-It was so hard for me to bid you adieu when I left home a few months back. Even now, it’s quite difficult for me to let you go back home after meeting me here. With a heavy heart, I am bidding you goodbye, mummy.

-I know you are leaving for such an important job, but I want to tell you that I am going to miss you badly. Take care of yourself and come back home soon, mom.

-My dearest mother, you are my life, and I feel lifeless when you are not around. I know living without you will be tough, but we both have to manage. Bye-bye for now. Come home soon.

-Momma dear, we have not spent a single moment feeling bad thinking about our separation. However, the time has finally come, and I want to bid you a happy farewell. Bye.

-Oh! my Mumma bear, before you leave home, I want to strictly tell you that you can’t compromise on your health and so you need to take proper care of your health. I know you become lazy when it comes to your health, but please do not do that. Anyway, I will miss you.

-Mother, you have prepared me for everything but didn’t teach me how to live without you. It is going to be very hard for me. Bidding you a happy farewell with a heavy heart. Please come back soon.

-Mom, it’s time for you to leave, but my heart wants you to stay. Distance from you makes me scream aloud, but you have your own dreams, and you must fulfill them. In that case, take care of yourself and bye-bye.

-My mama bear, your dreams are mine, and because of that, I have to let you stay away from me to fulfill all your dreams. I hope to see you soon. Take care.

-Though you are leaving, please do not be heartbroken. Accomplish your goals. I want to see you achieve each and every aim of yours. Here I am, leaving my heart with you. Goodbye, Mumma.

-I am leaving home to assure everyone that your efforts and upbringing have not been wasted. You have given me the courage to dream boldly, which I will turn into reality soon. Bye-Bye, mother.

-Leaving home might not be the best decision of my life, but still, I want to give myself a chance to stand on my own feet. I know you will be so proud of me. Bye, mom. I miss you.

-I made a plan that whenever I will miss you, I will start recalling those happy moments that we have spent together. You can try the same whenever you will miss me. Goodbye, my lovely mother.

-Mom, you have made me so strong. This is the only reason I dared to leave home with big dreams and a promise to turn them into reality. I am going to miss you badly.

-My rockstar mother, as I am leaving behind nervousness and a shadow of a doubt, there lies strong confidence in me that no matter how far you will be from me, your love and blessings will always encourage me to not give up on my dreams and fulfill them anyhow. Goodbye.

-My favorite woman, my mother, you are my light in the darkness and strength in the misery. No matter how far or close we are, we will always be connected. Bye-Bye.

-The only best part about leaving home is that you will get to meet new people every day. Enjoy the change. Goodbye, mom. See you soon.

-Life has given you a chance to spread your wings and fly high. So, please cherish each and every moment of this phase. I will miss you, Mumma.

-You have given me wings, and now it’s time for me to utilize them and fly high in the sky. However, I can’t go happily, leaving you crying back at home. Therefore, wish me luck with a smile. Goodbye, mom.

-I know leaving home would be challenging for you but believe me, you are going to meet that part of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. A bright future is awaiting you. Bye for now, mom.

-Mumma, I know my pain and suffering will make you miserable, but I want to leave home with a smile so that back at home, you will remain calm and be happy. Goodbye. See you soon.

-Though I am going away from you and will not be able to hug you tightly for months, I know your blessings and love will always keep me strong. Bye-Bye.

-My cute mom, living without you will not be an easy task for me, but you are the one who has made me an independent and responsible boy. Therefore, I will make you proud one day. Take it easy. Bye-bye.

-I know there will be moments when I will feel alone and homesick, but I know whenever I will hear your voice over the phone, I will regain my energy. Bidding farewell to you, mother.

-After spending over a month with you, now it’s time for me to return to my work, and for that, I have to leave my home again, mom. See you again. Bye for now.

-No matter how near or far we are, whenever you will need me, I will be there for you, but for now, I have to go because of my professional promises. Goodbye, Mumma.

-My supportive mom, you bolstered me throughout my life. This is what helped me gather the courage to go out and achieve something in life. I will miss you. Goodbye.

-My best friend, my mother, leaving home to fulfill your dream will definitely be a blessing for you because you will be aware of the power of your individuality. Bye. Be back soon.

-Mumma bear, it is said that change is the only constant in life. Therefore, we should accept it with confidence. Come what may, we will face it like a pro. See you soon.  

-Mother, you know that it’s not a fun trip where I can roam around. I am going on an urgent business trip. I will soon be back to sleep with my head on your lap. Catch you soon. Bye-bye.

-The boss of our home, my mom, I am grateful for the time we have spent together. Looking back, life gives me satisfaction and hope. Thank you for making me optimistic. Goodbye.

-My boss lady, I can’t tell you how much I am going to miss your scolding and delicious food. I can manage other things, but nothing can give me the taste of the food that is made by you. I am going to miss you so badly. Bye-bye.

-I would rather smile than cry whenever I miss you. Please try to do the same because I can’t stand tears in your eyes, mamma. Be strong and take care of yourself. Goodbye.

-My strong mother, you have a great influence on me, and this is what will make me think about you often there. Take care of yourself and everyone else here. Bye.

-I know you don’t want to say goodbye to me, but you have to let me leave with your blessings. I promise to turn your pain into pride someday. See you soon. Bye-bye, mom.

-My dear mother, I am not going to say goodbye to you because, to some extent, it means forgetting, and no person ever forgets his/her mother. We will meet soon. Till then, I will miss you, my love.

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