25+ Ways For Fathers To Bond With Their Daughters

The relationship between a father and a daughter is very special. Fathers are not only a source of inspiration for their daughters; they can become their best friends. There is nothing that a father would not do for the sake of his daughter’s welfare and vice versa. 

ways fathers can bond with their daughters stronger.

Being a great parent

Parenthood is very difficult. Your approach to your daughter as a parent is what develops her views on being one. Her childhood will determine her attitude towards married life and kids later on. So, how you treat her is very important.

Be attentive and concerning, but don’t be pushy. Let her seek out positive and comforting connections within the family so that she can do the same outside. More than being a guardian, let her find a partner in you.

Ways to become ultimate skillful parent

Unconditional love

Love is the basic pillar of any strong relationship, especially between a parent and a kid. As a responsible father, it is expected that you love her unconditionally. Often, fathers are unable to express their emotions, and this causes problems.

Say it out loud and clear. Say that you will always be there for her when she needs you, and you will always support and encourage her. She must know that no matter what happens, you always get her back.


As a father, you have certain responsibilities towards your daughter that you cannot avoid under any circumstances. Learn to keep your promises. Fulfill your responsibilities, no matter what happens.

Even if she disagrees with you, do it anyway because you are the father, and you know what you are doing. This must not change when she grows up into an adult. Parents are the most genuine well-wishers of a kid, and whatever she does, she must count on your opinions.

Primary responsibilities as parent

Prioritizing her opinions

Yes. You do have a right to decide a matter on behalf of your daughter. But, never try to burden her with your superiority and wisdom. This will eventually crush her self-confidence and trust, and she will drift away from you.

If you want to be trustworthy and dependable for her, you must always prioritize her opinions and thoughts and consider them wisely before making a decision. Your daughter must never think that her opinions have no value to you.

Give her space

If you are a constantly nagging parent, this will damage your relationship with your daughter, especially when she is an adult. Learn to give her some space and understand when she needs time.

Try to be a patient listener, but don’t rush in to fix her problems. Guide her through your experiences and knowledge and let her figure out the solution herself. This shows that you are supportive of her, and at the same time, you know to create boundaries. 

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Be a role model

A father is the first man that a girl comes in contact with. So, try to be the ideal man for her to have a positive image of men. What she sees in you is what she expects from other men in the future.

So, model your behavior and personality in a way that impresses her. Have dignity and respect, and maintain a healthy relationship with your wife. She needs to see that you have respect and reverence for women. 


There is a difference between the ways that a mother and a father communicate with a daughter. Most fathers fail to understand that and are less keen to learn the proper ways of communicating.

If you want to strengthen the bond, you have to communicate with her. Talk to her, and create a relationship where she is comfortable sharing everything with you. This way, she will not seek support from an outsider, who may provoke her in the wrong direction.

Ways to encourage positive communication with kids

Create memories

At the end of everything, we are left with memories. Try creating more wonderful memories with your daughter so that she remembers you with reverence and love even when you are not with her.

Try doing activities together, spend quality time very often, and click pictures whenever you can. Help her with her projects, do some gardening, or attend a music concert together. Let her share her moments with you and make sure she finds a perfect partner in you.

Never underestimate yourself

Often, fathers consider them incapable of parenting their daughters. As a result, they always maintain a distance, and this grows with time. Never think less of yourself and that you are any less important to your kid as her mother.

Try to be in the front line and support your daughter openly with appreciation. Be more of a friend than a parent. This is what will make you different from other fathers and will make your father-daughter bond more special.

Importance of father in daughter’s life

Go on dates

Who said dates are for romantic partners? You can always take your daughter out for a nice dinner on weekends or on specific days that she feels low and depressed. Just take her out for coffee.

This will give you time to connect more easily and develop a stronger bond. Being with family is different, but interacting one-to-one has its specific benefits. You would get the opportunity to know each other better and also understand how you feel about each other.

Never discriminate

One of the biggest mistakes fathers make when they have a son, and a daughter is that they discriminate between them. Parenting by gender is completely an incorrect approach.

Never let your daughter think that she is weaker or less capable than your son. Let her have her ambitions and passions and support her equally as you do to your son. Never try to be overprotective of her or envelop her within strict regulations just because she is a woman.

Importance of gender equality

Be present

This is more important for new parents. Do not feel overwhelmed by the arrival of a new child. Nurture the special bond from the very initial stage. Instead of dumping all the responsibilities on your spouse, be present as a father.

Your efforts in the early days of her life have a huge positive impact on the relationship you will share in the coming years. You are building the foundation of a profound and long-term connection that will last forever.

Create a routine

Along with pampering your daughter, it is also your responsibility to teach her the good habits that she needs to know to grow into a good human being. Teach moral values and discipline, and let her learn through practical examples.

Set a routine for yourself and her, and make sure you follow it rigorously. Kids learn all the good lessons from their parents, and they will just imitate what they say. Try to incorporate good practices into your regular life.

Benefits of being disciplined

Teaching something new

Learning to play the guitar or football can be a huge achievement for your little one. As a father, enthuse her to pick up a new hobby and guide her through the learning process. Tell her that life is full of adventures, and we grow as we learn.

Place yourself in her position and think of all the things you were excited to learn when you were a kid. Fulfill your unfinished dreams through her and be her stronger cheerleader.

Be silly, sometimes

Yes. You are the father, and she is the daughter. This never means that you cannot have a fun relationship. Never let her think that you are strict, and she must always fear you. Build an easy-going, healthy relationship.

Be silly, laugh together, sing or dance your hearts out even if you don’t know how to do it. Show off your relationship in family gatherings so that everyone, as well as both of you, can appreciate the bond you have.

Ways to be silly with your kids

Write a note

Even if you live in the same house and can talk to each other whenever you want, try writing notes to her, especially on particular occasions like her birthday or when she wins an award.

Buy her a gift she would love, and slip in a note that’s encouraging and motivating. Write something like,’ Happy Birthday, Princess. Papa loves you.’, or,’ Congratulations on your win. I know you were meant for bigger things. Keep it up!’. This is very precious.


Do something for your daughter when she isn’t expecting you to. Take a sudden leave from work and come home early to take her out for pizza/ice cream. The smile you see on her face when you do this will give an inexplicable satisfaction to your heart.

Even if she doesn’t express it in words, know that she appreciates your efforts, she loves you like no one else, and you are the best Dad in the world to her.

Ask questions

A good and fulfilling conversation paves the way to creating a strong bond between two people. This is very important in the case of a parent-kid relationship, especially between opposite genders, So, now and then, ask questions.

Ask her about her life, her goals, her dreams, and her problems. Don’t be too intervening, and maintain the space. But asking questions will keep you connected with your daughter well. She will never feel that her parents aren’t interested in her life.

Questions you can ask your kid

Reading together

The more time you spend together, the more easily you connect. So, find newer ways to spend quality time. One such way is reading together. There can be no greater friend than a book.

Develop the practice of reading aloud to your daughter, even if it’s just a page or two before you go to bed. This will bring you closer to each other, and it will also enhance the reading habits that will be useful to her later on.

Break the barrier

As for societal norms, there are plenty of discriminations between the duties of a father and a mother. Regulation dictates a mother is to be more responsible towards the kid than the father. Make a difference by breaking these barriers.

Let your kids learn from your life as a practical example. Do things that are generally meant for their mother to do. Cook dinner or help them with their homework- don’t avoid these duties just because you are a man.

Social values that need to be followed

Motivate constantly

There is no such thing that you can only support and motivate your daughter when she faces failure or is upset. As a parent, you must be able to motivate her constantly. The verbal support will work wonders to boost her self-confidence and dignity.

Say something powerful at the breakfast table or when you go out for a walk. Just say ‘I love you, or ‘You are important to us’. Parental appreciation is very crucial for a child’s proper upbringing.


Yes. There is no meaning to the fact that you cannot apologize to your kid because you’re the parent. An apology is not age-biased, and it must not hurt your ego to accept a mistake you have made and say sorry for it.

Forgiveness comes easily only when you are ready to identify your mistake. You must not be ashamed to say sorry to your wife or kid. This way, your kids will learn to apologize for their mistakes too.

The languages of an apology

Be grateful

Gratitude is an important virtue in a person’s character. If you want your daughter to understand its importance, you have to practice yourself first.

If she helps you with a chore or problem, thank her and express your gratitude openly, maybe by buying her a present or taking her out for dinner.

The concept that she is compelled to do things for you because she’s your daughter is incorrect, she deserves thanks too. This will develop the practice in her.

Hug her

Physical acts of love are also important for bonding. However, you must be very careful regarding this because you and your daughter differ by gender. So, you need to know your limits.

But, there can never be any harm in hugging her or planting a soft kiss on her forehead to express your love and admiration. This is especially helpful for a kid on her rough days. A quality hug or a quick high-five can fix a lot of problems.


Therefore, there are plenty of ways that you can use to strengthen your bond with your daughter and make it special. The borderline is endless love and attention.

Choose the ways that appeal to you as interesting and effective and work your way through them. You will see how your daughter responds to your efforts, and the relationship improves further.

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