A Guide on How Can Fathers Help with Newborn

It is a wonderful feeling to welcome your little bundle of joy into this world. However, it may not always be an easy task.

This is as true for mothers as it is for fathers but with patience and practice parenting could and will probably become a very rewarding journey. One that most people would not give up on for anything in the world.  

Here are Tips how fathers can help with newborns

First and foremost new fathers should spend as much time as possible with their partners and babies. It is extremely important to make your partner feel loved and cared for in order to have a happy and healthy environment for the baby to grow up in.

Studies show a healthy bond between the parents goes a long way in the overall emotional and physical well-being of a person.

Father can get involved with a newborn

Now coming to the more mundane, day-to-day tasks that you must absolutely do to bond with the little one.

Spend time with your just born

Spend a lot of time with your baby time changing their diaper, washing them, and soothing them, and also help the mother in any way she needs if she is breastfeeding the baby.

Be a good partner first

Try to understand your partner if you feel she is being overprotective about the baby or is trying to get everything done “her” way.

Her world has taken a drastic 360-degree turn and she is just trying to restore the balance in her life. Also, a lot of the time she might actually be right. Just be patient.

Be a good husband

Alone time

Spend some alone time with your baby when the baby is well-fed and happy. It can be as little as ten or fifteen minutes a day but this little exercise will go a long way to help you bond with that little human.

Hard Days

Prepare yourself beforehand for days that will be demanding but you got this. Like millions of other people who have raised happy and bright children, you too will. Especially, if you have a partner to share the highs and lows of this journey, you hit a jackpot. You really did.

Play with your baby

Remember to play with your baby. Talk to him, sing to him and carry him around in a sling or a baby carrier. Physical body contact is a part of bonding with your child.

You should play with your baby

Family time

Remember to have family time with your partner and older siblings of the baby(if any). It is extremely important for you all to bond with your newborn as a family.  Moreover, these days in the sun will become some of those stories you will tell your child about their childhood when they grow up.

Do not forget to take care of yourself

Try to get enough sleep whenever you can. Do little things that make you and your wife happy. Staying positive during this new and difficult phase of your life is very important.

Reassure your partner

Keep reassuring your partner that she is doing a good job. Tell her again and again that you are here for her and the baby no matter what. That reassurance will give her strength at support at a time her whole world has changed. Also, do not shy away to ask for that same reassurance from her.

Keep the romance alive

Being a new parent is not just challenging but also time-consuming. It is very easy for the romance between the two of you to die during this time. Make an extra effort to keep the romance alive. 

Remember little gestures go a long way. However, do not be disheartened if your wife doesn’t always reciprocate the same eagerness towards physical intimacy or even date nights. She is probably just exhausted. Patience and understanding are the keys.

How to keep the romance alive

Say yes to help

There is an old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. This is as true as it gets. Learn to say yes to help offered by family and friends and even neighbors for that matter.

Most of them have probably raised children of their own and understand your situation very well; especially if their kids aren’t toddlers anymore. 

They have been through these years and survived; they understand what you need. Let them help you. You could do with all the help you get. However, don’t forget to discuss with your partner what the acceptable boundaries are.

Read your baby

You might feel that since your wife quite literally made that baby she instinctively knows what the baby needs. While it is true to a certain extent; learning to read your baby’s body language is a skill that is acquired with practice. 

You get better as you spend more time around the baby and as you have hands-on experience with the baby. Being able to read the cues your baby gives is something both the father and the mother can master.

 Share domestic chores

Share the load of other domestic chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry as well as taking care of older children or pets if you have any. This will make your household run smoothly and also give some rest to the new mother who is anyway exhausted.

You should share domestic chores

Take the baby out

Once the baby is well fed take him out for a stroll so that your partner can use that time to take a long shower, do some personal chores, or just be for a while without having to rush to pick up a crying baby.

Show interest in the activities related to pregnancy and post-pregnancy

It will help you to appreciate the changes your wife is undergoing and maintain the channels of contact and confidence even after childbirth. Ensure your partner is supported in prenatal visits and courses and communicates frankly right after your child is born.

Look for support

Without help, new parenthood may be alone. Have an attempt to stay in contact with family and friends who will lead you and assist you when you have your child.

Talk about the changes with your partner

To say the least, having a newborn changes life. Consider and plan how your daily life will impact and brace for the transition. Talk to your partner about marriage, investments and the way you adapt after your birth so that you can adjust without feelings of illness.

Get the ideal Pediatrician for your newborn

In addition to normal concerns such as fever and colic, babies have very stringent healthcare schedules during the first months of birth – from growth screening to vaccinations.

A good physician is going to need you. Before your child’s birth, please ask friends and relatives for advice from trustworthy children so you don’t scratch on a doctor.

Always be there to help your partner

Whilst it can seem to be a purely mum company, you should still be able to assist with areas like feeding (if not breastfeeding), burping, and changing the clothes of the infant.

Baby berthing is indeed an excellent way to spend time with your infant when taking away a mother’s pressure.

Take good care of your wife

You should look after your wife in several ways to make it easy for her to live. Run a restful bath to her.  Massage their shoulders. Cook her favorite food during breastfeeding and carry her all snacks and beverages. 

The majority of new mothers are swollen, exhausted, and hormonal. To help her deal, she wants you. She will support your sacrifices so that in the long run your friendship will be a big help and you will be stronger than ever before.

You should take good care of your wife

Control who comes to visit during the first few weeks

During the first few days, your partner and baby would be in high demand. Friends, relatives, and even your barely-known neighbors will come up and glimpse your new member. 

It’s always good to be famous, but how many people come and go can be overwhelming. Be happy to put away people, if you think it is too much for you, the mother, and her baby.

Be in charge of receiving calls

As friends and family call your telephone is likely to get wild to congratulate you and find out more about your baby. If you begin to receive the endless ring, record the message with all the latest baby news on your response phone or voicemail. 

If you feel up to this, you should then call back the desired ones.

Be a patient lister

You and your partner cannot do this very enough. Give your kid and wife fair love and be frank as to how you feel about being a dad. The last thing you want to do is flash how you are changed by such a life-altering moment. 

You must still listen to her in return. Understand, what she wants from you is affection, comfort, though she can feel weepy and exhilarated at the same time.

Talk with your baby whenever you can

Talk while you hold your newborn, or changing the diaper. ‘Let’s change this nappy, for now. Doesn’t it feel better? A new nappy is cool here. 

Don’t cry – soon we’re going to be complete.’ Each word hears helps to build and deepen your connection with his language and learning. The same influence is to tell stories, read books, or sing songs.

Help your wife with breastfeeding

The best thing for your infant is breastmilk. As your wife learns, your breastfeeding help will be important. You may have logistical assistance – a bottle of water, a cushion, or something. Or you can persuade her to seek support if she has problems. 

If your wife finds that she cannot breastfeed, you could tell her that the bottle feeding and formulation are ok and consider practicing.

Take care of your relationship too

Your bond with your wife will be stressed more by a new baby. Try to be constructive while you know how to parent together and love one another. How your partner works let your partner know that you take care of yourself. 

The discussion and sharing of goals for later parenting is good practice. This can vary from choosing who prepares dinner to pay job arrangements.

Take care of your relationship

Stay calm and composed

Maybe you haven’t been able to adequately help your kid’s head or use a better burp technique. If your partner, healthcare practitioners, or good-meaning people correct it, do not be discouraged or offended. 

Recall it takes longer for a child to look after and you’ll soon be hung up.

Important things to know

In what ways can a father provide support during and post-birth?

During labor and childbirth, fathers are more than welcome to be at the bedside. They also serve as a major source of moral reinforcement for mothers and can help lobby or express their needs to the medical group to achieve the ideal birth schedule. 

They will provide reminders or coordinate elderly treatment with other family members. Fathers also need assistance and should be free to ask questions if they have them so that during the delivery process, they feel as relaxed as possible.

What are the essential roles of a father in a newborn’s life?

A newborn baby could be a primary caregiver for parents. Because babies start to hear when in the womb, the voice of a father at birth is well known to the infant. 

Fathers should read and talk to their babies throughout their infancy to improve this relationship and promote language production. Fathers can change the diapers too, feed the bottles, rock, and hold, snooze, hold the baby and play along.


Parenting is a difficult task. There will be days on which your baby will cry for no reason apparently or you will have to wake up at 4:00 a.m in the morning to change her nappies.

Remember you signed up for this when you chose to bring a life into this world but at the same time, you should know that while the days seem long and endless; the years will pass in a jiffy. 

Two decades later when your child has flown out of your nest to make a place for herself in the world, you will find yourself longing to relive these days once again. These chaotic, tedious, messy days. So don’t forget to enjoy them while they last.

You should get involved with a newborn

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