15 Natural Foods for Conceiving Twins (A Real Mother)

A baby is responsible for bringing cheer to the family. The happiness in the family increases by many folds when twins are born.

Throughout my journey of motherhood, I’ve delved into the incredible world of natural foods that can potentially increase the chances of conceiving twins. As a mother of two beautiful children, (During the Pregnancy of my second baby) I’ve explored various dietary choices and witnessed firsthand the impact they can have on fertility.

Embracing a diet rich in certain nutrients, such as folic acid, iron, and dairy, among others, played a crucial role in my efforts to conceive twins.

Identical twins are the ones who develop from the same egg cell and fraternal twins are the ones who develop from two different egg cells. Let us now look into some of the foods that a mother should have in her diet to increase the chances of conceiving twins.

Natural Foods to Guarantee of Conceiving Twins

Dairy products

dairy food for conceiving twin

It has been found in research that mothers of twins had more dairy products in their diets than the rest. It has been attributed to a particular type of protein known as insulin-like growth factor found in dairy products.

So, mothers must increase dairy products in their diets.

Consumption of milk and other dairy products increases the chance of conceiving a twin by a woman by five times than the ones whose diet contains insufficient dairy products.


tapioca food for conceiving twin

Tapioca can assist women in releasing more than just a single egg. Fertilization of more than one egg will lead to the birth of fraternal twins.

So, mothers who wish to have twins must keep tapioca in their diets for the desired results.

Maca roots

maca roots food for conceiving twin

Maca roots have been proved beneficial for both men and women with fertility problems but it is supposed that consuming them increases the chances in women to conceive twins. No evidence to prove this statement correct has been found but it is suggested to consume them for desired results.

Besides, maca roots are also known to reduce the hormonal imbalances in women. Moreover, postmenopausal symptoms are also reduced by consuming maca roots.


yams food for conceiving twin

Yams are known to increase the levels of progesterone and dietary estrogens. This may lead to the secretion of multiple egg cells during ovulation and hence the chances of conceiving twins increase.

So, the women who wish to have twins should consume yams for having favorable results.

According to experts, yams are known to stimulate the ovaries of a woman because of the presence of a specific dietary estrogen and thus multiple eggs are released during ovulation.

Fruits and Vegetables

fruits and vegetable food for conceiving twin

The chances of welcoming two new members at once increase when the diet of the mother consists of ample vitamins.

So, the women who are wishing to conceive twins must have fruits and vegetables such as carrots, kiwis, broccoli, eggs, and other food items that are rich in vitamins.

In addition to the above-mentioned vegetables, the diet must also contain vegetables that are rich in iron since they are important for ovulation and secretion of healthy egg cells.


meat food for conceiving twin

It has been observed that women who do not eat meat are less likely to have conceived a twin. Women whose diet comprises meat regularly undergo certain hormonal changes favorable in conceiving a twin.

So, the women who wish for a twin must have meat in their diets regularly.

It must also be noted that the consumption of meat increases the proteins and other nutrients in your diets. Also, it helps to gain weight which has been proven beneficial for conceiving twins. So, keeping meat in the diet is important for the delivery of healthy babies and for conceiving twins.

Pineapple core

pineapple core food for conceiving twin

Pineapples are one of the fruits that are likely to increase your chances of conceiving a twin. In addition to this, the core of the pineapple is known to contain a protein named bromelain that ameliorates ovulation and the process of fertilization, thereby increasing the chance of conceiving twins.

Pineapple is also known to increase the secretion of eggs in women and thus increase fertility. Additionally, the fruit is rich in nutrients and mainly vitamins which is beneficial for the mother as well as the babies.

Grains- Beans like Complex carbohydrates

grains, beans food for conceiving twin

Complex carbohydrates must be present in the diet of the women who are looking forward to conceiving twins. Complex carbohydrates can be found in grains, beans, and vegetables.

The presence of complex carbohydrates also reduces the chances of any kind of neural anomalies in the babies.

In addition to the above facts, complex carbohydrates are healthier than simple carbohydrates since they are more fibrous and are less sugary.

Okra Leaves

okra leaves food for conceiving twin

People from the ‘twin capital of the world’, Igbo-Ora, disclosed that one of the reasons that contribute to the high number of twin births is Okra leaves.

The natives of that place prepare a soup out of those leaves and keep them in their diet to conceive twins.

It was found after surveying the locals of the town that the women have okra soup just like a staple in their diet and everybody knows how to cook it!


cassava food for conceiving twin

Cassava is another food item that increases the chances of conceiving a twin by increasing the number of eggs released during ovulation.

It has been studied by experts and they confirmed that the presence of a particular chemical in the peelings of this tuber is the contributing factor.

The women in the Yoruba tribe have cassava in their diet and the number of twin births is also high among them. Hence, the correlation is high and it is suggested that cassava can raise the chances of conceiving twins.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes food for conceiving twin

Consumption of sweet potatoes is likely to increase the chances of a woman to conceive twins. It has been observed by experts that most of the women who consumed sweet potatoes regularly have given birth to twins.

This is because the consumption of sweet potatoes increases the secretion of egg cells.

As the number of egg cells produced increases, the chance of fertilization of more than one egg also rises and hence the chance of conceiving twins. So, women who desire to have twins must include sweet potatoes in their diets.

Folic Acid rich foods

folic acid food for conceiving twin

Folic acid is one of the main chemicals needed for the growth of your baby. It is prescribed by doctors to increase the chances of conceiving.

Likely, consuming foods such as spinach, avocado, and asparagus which are rich in folic acid increases the chance of conceiving twins.

Folic acid is not only beneficial in conceiving twins but is also known to reduce many neural and spinal anomalies in the babies. An expecting woman must have 0.4mg of folic acid in her diet.


Consumption of fats increases the secretion of estrogen in women. This will eventually lead to the secretion of multiple egg cells and thus, the chances of fertilization of more than once eggs also rise.

Thus, women planning for twins must have more fats in their diets than the rest.

The body mass index of the women more than thirty are more likely to conceive twins. But at the same time, it is mandatory to keep in mind that this does not guarantee anyone that twins will be conceived if body mass index is this high.

Moreover, excess fat in the body also leads to certain complications during the delivery of the child. Hence, the consumption of foods rich in fats to conceive twins is highly risky.

However, it’s important to approach this with caution and consultation with a healthcare professional. Each body is unique, and what worked for me might not be universally applicable. While incorporating specific foods can be beneficial, it’s essential to maintain a balanced and healthy diet tailored to individual needs.

Always prioritize your health and consult with a medical expert to ensure the best path toward conceiving a healthy baby or twins.

Natural Foods For Conceiving Twins

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