70+ Sweet Friendship Messages for Son

A good friend is a person who will always rescue you from your problem/s. One of the best friends that one can have in their life is their son. Maybe a daughter is always an apple of the eye, yet the best friend is the son. They are the ones who can keep your secrets safe and help you climb the ladder of life.

Here are some friendship messages for son

-Remember, son, that you are a friend to me as no person would have been my best pal other than you. To my best friend, have a great day.

-I always adore the endearing tenderness between us. I believe that it is the only reason why I, being your father, can share all my thoughts with you.

-My best friend, my beloved son, my love for you directly transcends from a great part of my heart where it is filled with affection for you.

-Friends are not made from money, power, fame, or prestige but are solely bonded with the power of love, trust, wisdom, and the soul. 

-A true friend will always have the faith that someday in the near future, both of them will be successful and will pray for each other’s good health. You are the best son.

-I believe that you are the only anchor in my life. I have so many expectations from you, dear friend. Be safe and keep us safe, pal.

-A good friend will always be by your side both in the brightest and the darkest of times. That is what I am for. Will stick by you till the end of the time.

-Dear son, I will be your guiding light from the past and the success hand towards your bright future. I am always there for you. Be safe, pal, always.

-Some say that “he is my son” or “she is my daughter.” To me, dear friend, you are a treasure that can not be stolen from me ever as our bond is one of a kind.

-Friends of my age are self-observers which is not at all like me. Therefore there is always someone called a son with whom I love to hang out and share everything. I love you, son.

-I always relish the moments that are close to me, especially the ones that have been spent with you, dear son. Thank you for being my best friend.

-They say that a person is always alone if he has no friends. However, I defy that as you were born to me, and I call you my son, my most treasured friend.

-Dear son, I hope for you to be the best friend like you have been to me for all these years, and I will still love you like always I have. Love you, pal.

-You have been a godlike blessing from the very beginning of my life, and now we are the best of friends. Love you, dear son, and be sure to be happy and make others happy as well.

-Dear friend, I will always love you from the bottom of my heart and also pray to the Almighty for your success. Your health and safety come first on my priority list.

-My life was a fresh canvas before you came into my life, son. After that, the beauty of your painting changed my life. You are my best friend, son.

-Dear best friend, you have given meaning to my life. It makes me more lively when I think that I have a good person as my friend till the end of my life.

-To my best friend, my son, I know that you will be friends with me till the end of my life, and I want you to know that I too will be by your side till my last breath.

-Every challenge that you face in life comes with difficulties, and to face those difficulties, you will have me by your side always, my son, as we are the best of friends.

-You had taught me things which I had never seen before or heard off. Thank you, son, for being my best friend and teaching me so much.

-May the days flow by and the months’ end, may the years pass away, and let us still be friends. Thank you, dear son, for being such a precious friend.

-Always remember, son, that even when we die, we pray that we will be born in the same family again in our next life as we are the best of friends.

-From dusk till dawn, in heaven or hell, we will stay friends for eternity wherever fate takes us both. Thank you, son, for this fabulous friendship.

-Dear best friend, whenever you have a problem or go through a rough time, always share with us. We will immediately stand by your side and help you overcome the phase, son.

-With every secret that I share with you and each thought that I give you every time, I give you with my trust that it will be safe with you as you are a friend to me.

-They say in friendship everything should be perfect and transparent. I say in friendship, all you need is trust, and then everything will start and end on a good note. That is the motto of my life when it comes to you, my son.

-Dear best friend, I trust you so much that I can blindly tell you anything and everything at any point in time as I know that you are the only person, my son, who can give the best replies.

-They say that the best pictures are the best clicks. I say count the bad ones in as they make the best memories. Thank you, son, for being such a good friend.

-Let us enjoy this moment and make the most beautiful memory of our lives, for we won’t meet each other for a long time. Thank you, best friend, dear son.

-You are not just my son; you are something beyond that; you are my best friend whom I can trust blindly with anything.

-At the end of the day, maybe we are just father and son, but deep down in our heart, we are the best of friends for eternity. Thank you, son, for being this kind to me.

-A kind friend looks after you, but a caring friend will always liberate you from any problem and heal your heart. That is what you are to me, my son, one good caring friend.

-It is very easy to make hundreds of friends, but it is very hard to find one true best friend. You, my son, are my best friend, gifted to me by God. Love you, dear son.

-They say that it is very easy to make seven friends in one year and very hard to keep one friendship for seven years. Good going, son, as we have crossed so many years together. More to come.

-Cheers to this great friendship and the years that we have lived and fought together and, despite everything, understood each other. Thanks to you, dear son, for giving me this fortunate opportunity as a friend.

-Maybe it is because of the good deeds that I have been blessed with a perfect combination of a son and a good friend in one person. What more can I ask for! 

-When I will grow old, maybe I will forget many memories that we have made together but always try to have the same relationship with your son, just like we had, and just enjoy the magic together.

-With our great friendship, let us set an example for others. Let parents and children be like friends to each other. Thank you so much, son, for always being there for me.

-As you are my best friend, I want you to know that you can share any problems with me as I will try to give you the best possible solution.

-As sweet as honey and as tasty as salt is our friendship as we need each other all the time and we can solve any problem if we think and act together.

-I take pride in calling you, my son. You’re my best friend as I know that we will always be there for each other.

-Dear God, let my son, my best friend, succeed in his life in a great and diligent way. Let him achieve everything and keep him healthy, wealthy, and wise.

-The only part of life that I enjoy the most is the time that I spend with you. They may be filled with different matters and discussions, but they are the greatest memories that I can ever make.

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