10 Tips To Get Rid Of Itchy Breasts During Pregnancy

Being pregnant or the entire process of pregnancy is quite overwhelming, and it brings about a lot of physical and emotional changes.

If you have been thinking that it’s just about having sleepless nights and feeling nauseated, then alas, you are yet to experience itchy breasts! Sounds gross? But you can’t help it. But these tips will help you combat this phase!

Tips to get rid of itchy breasts during pregnancy

Breast Oil

Use breast oil, manufactured from naturally occurring components such as moringa oil, almond oil, argan oil, jojoba oil – these are renowned for their humidifying qualities. It also helps rebuild and cure skin cells.

A good breast oil will not only help you reduce the itchiness but will also regulate blood circulation and keep your breasts healthy. Some specific breast oils also help reduce lump formations.

Nipple Butter

Butter is wonderful for painful nipples and itching. They come especially as saviors when you breastfeed. It relieves pain and cracked nipples and facilitates feeding. Choose one devoid of toxins, dangerous substances, paraben, and sulfate.

Nipple butter composed of organic components can give you and your immediate infant comfort. Always use a prescribed nipple butter as some products might be sensitive to your skin.

Cotton Bras

A brassiere is your nearest piece of cloth and so needs extra attention. Choose only bras of cotton that are both cozy and respiratory. Choose maternity bras that can conveniently feed your baby and keep you comfortable after birth.

A good anti-bacterial cotton bra will also help in preventing any type of infection or rashes. Cotton bras are suitable for all skin types, which makes them even more convenient during pregnancy and also during the post-pregnancy recovery stage.

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How to select perfect bra during pregnancy

Loose and comfortable clothing

The increase in blood flow in the breast will result in swelling of the breasts, and that will also make the nipples sensitive to touch. During this period, it is preferable to wear loose, breathable clothes than body-hugging clothes.

Loose clothing will also help you move freely, and it won’t irritate your breasts either. Comfortable clothing is very much necessary during pregnancy, especially when you have sore and sensitive nipples. 

Do not scratch

The first thing that you will feel tempted to do to ease your irritation is to scratch. But that is the one thing that you have to avoid at any cost. The relief from the itchiness is temporary, and after some time, it will start itching again. 

During pregnancy, the nipples get sore, which makes them too sensitive to touch. So, do not scratch much, instead apply some lotion to provide some relief.

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Why excessive scratching not good for skin

Petroleum Gel

Petroleum gel is a great way to ease irritation and itchiness. The chemical composition of the gel cools down the irritation. The petroleum gel also moisturizes the skin; there are tendencies of skin drying up during pregnancy.

Petroleum Gel is suitable for all skin types and has no side effects. Use the petroleum gel how many times you want. But, if you want to sleep peacefully at night, apply a generous amount of the gel on your breasts before dozing off.

Oatmeal Bath

In hot water, taking a bath worsens the dryness and makes it worse for yourself. Hot water removes the natural oil from your skin. Take an oatmeal bath with tender water to calm your irritated skin. 

You may just add oatmeal or make a paste out of it and apply it to the region and wash it with tidy water after some time. This will also help calm down the body temperature and keep your body away from any sort of dryness or soreness.

Aloe Vera

Scoop the gel out of Aloe Vera’s leaf. Rub on the dry, irritated skin thoroughly. Storing this gel in the refrigerator for some hours before the application can soothe your irritation.

Some of us use powder beneath the breasts and between the cleavages before putting on a bra. This complicates the itching problem as the powder absorbs the oil from the skin and so leads to further dry-up.

Mild Soap

The use of mild skin-friendly soap further reduces the risks of your breasts drying as it does not interfere with the creation of oil. They, therefore, contribute to reducing itchiness. 

It is advised to wash clothing using a gentle, perfuming detergent since the usage of garments cleaned with a tough detergent increases irritation due to chemicals.

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How to select a good soap during pregnancy

Coconut oil

Another alternative for hydrating is coconut oil. It penetrates the skin and reaches the dry regions, and offers a moisture layer to increase the skin moisture content. The anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil are also useful for treating inflammations or skin irritation.

Take a handful of coconut oil and massage to soothe your irritated skin!


Itchy breasts are one of the most common issues during pregnancy. The above-mentioned tips will be of some help to ease the itchiness. But if the itchiness persists, recommend your doctor immediately. 

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reasons why aloe vera gel soothes itchiness

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