A Man’s Guide to Support Partner Going through Infertility

The man’s guide to supporting his partner going through infertility.For a man, it is extremely saddening to learn that his partner is going through infertility. Most of the time in such situations, a person may feel lost and may act in completely unexpected ways which can worsen the whole situation. The man’s partner can become more stressed and thus her mental health will deteriorate. 

Guide to Support Partner Going through Infertility

Moreover, any misbehavior or lack of interest may cause your relationship to degrade over time and this may lead you to distance yourself from your partner. So, it is of paramount importance for a man to support his partner properly going through infertility. We throw light on some of the tips that a man can follow to support his partner. 

How can a man support his partner going through infertility?

  • He must be ready to talk about the matter with his partner.
  • He should be calm while dealing with the situation.
  • He must do some basic researches to learn about possible solutions.
  • He must consult a doctor as soon as possible.
  • He should ask his partner about how he can support her.

Communicate properly with your partner

One of the most important things that you can do to support your partner going through infertility is by talking and communicating with her properly. The more you communicate with your partner, the more you get to express yourself better, and hence, the more comfortable your partner is.

  • Since talking and sorting out issues is one of the most indispensable things that can make a relationship work better, this option is perhaps the best that is available to you to support your partner. 
  • You can also get to know about what your partner is looking forward to.
  • In addition to these, when you communicate more and open up about your feelings in a situation this unpredicted, you can judge the limitations together and it will be easier for you to come up with a solution.

The benefits do not end here. Talking will allow you and your partner to get relief from the stress. This will also restrain your partner from suffering from inferiority complex and will stabilize her. Talking is one of the first things you should do to support your partner.

Be patient 

It is very natural for you to be anxious and restless when you come across the fact that your partner is going through infertility. But this situation is something which cannot be reversed by being impatient! You should deal with the situation as calmly as possible.

Once you become impatient and restless and start losing interest from solving the matter together, no good can occur. Rather, the situation will worsen since the mental condition of your partner may deteriorate. Your anxiety can aggravate this situation in many folds.

  • To support your partner going through infertility, you must always be patient to let her know that you are there to support her. 
  • Once you start being impatient and restless, your partner may stop herself from sharing her feelings with you and no solution can be obtained.
  • Try to stay calm and try to be interested in the whole matter so that your partner can trust you more than anything. Together, you two will overcome this situation by thinking of a possible solution.

Do not ask her to relax

One of the biggest mistakes that a man may commit while trying to support his partner going through infertility is by asking her to relax. No, never do this. Situations are not going to get better on their own and by relaxing. 

  • Once you ask your partner to relax when you get to know that she is going through infertility just to support her, she may find you to be uninterested in the whole matter. This will compel her to deal with the whole situation on her own.
  • Asking your partner just to relax will reduce the importance of the whole situation and it will be difficult for you as a couple to come up with a plausible solution. It will hold your partner back to engage in discussions regarding solutions. 

Thus, ask your partner to be patient and never lose hope for a solution. Just keep in mind that asking her to relax will make her feel inferior and hence, exacerbate the condition.

Do some basic research

A man will be able to support his partner who is going through infertility more once he is well equipped with the different facts regarding infertility in women. This will enable him to make his partner feel not inferior to anyone. Once you know about some facts regarding infertility, you will be able to tell your partner why she should not give up in such a condition.

Researching will also enable you to know more about the possible solutions that you can opt for. You can consider giving her proper food to improve the quality of the egg cells

Also, a woman going through infertility can be supported the most by her partner. So, when you are well aware of the different facts and solutions regarding infertility, it will allow you to keep your partner motivated and hopeful.

Basic research will also let you know about the different expenses that you need to bear. This will enhance your power to make feasible decisions and come out of this sad incident together.

Do not burden her with more responsibilities

You must understand that a woman going through infertility is already under a lot of stress. In a condition like this, she needs to be cheerful and spend some time doing what she enjoys the most. Engaging in other works will not enable her to be happy.

  • A woman may not feel very comfortable sharing the fact of her being infertile with everyone. 
  • She may get loads of work in her office or her house and this will snatch the time she has kept for her recreations. This will worsen the situation by a noticeable amount. 
  • Being her partner, you must try to disburden her from some of the responsibilities. You can ask her if you can help her with her official works. 
  • You can also do some of the household work in her share so that she can use that time for herself. 
  • Dealing with infertility will make her emotions surge. She needs to stabilize herself and this can be done when she is ready to do so. 
  • She needs to contemplate the situation fully and understand that remaining sad or losing hope is not a solution.

Once she engages with the things she loves doing, she will be distracted and will eventually use the time to understand that she needs to come out of the situation with your help. So, try to reduce some of the responsibilities she has so that she can utilize the time.


These are some of the most important things that a man can do to support her partner going through infertility. The list does not end here since supporting your partner can be done in uncountable ways, especially when it is infertility.

Besides following the above steps, you can also take the initiative of taking her to a doctor the very moment you come to know about her infertility and discuss thoroughly the possible solutions that you can opt for. This will motivate her more.

An important thing that you should not miss is that never try to sympathize with her. Try to accept her as she is and support accordingly. Do not let her perceive that you are supporting for her inability to conceive. Express your support in such a manner so that she understands that you are supporting her to get through this situation together and not because of her inability.

Here are Some important Frequently Asked Questions of guide to support partner in Inferility

How often shall I discuss this matter with her?

You should be interested to discuss about her infertility whenever she does so. Also, you can enlighten her about the different solutions that you come across.

Shall I take her to a psychiatrist?

You can take her to a psychiatrist when you feel that the situation is going out of your hands. But before that, you should consult a doctor to help her conceive.

Can I ask her to do some basic researches as well?

You should do it yourself and explain it to her rather than asking her to do it herself.

Should I try to comfort her by saying that she is perfect?

You should emphasize the fact that no human is perfect and her imperfection lies in her infertility and there is no harm in it.

What shall I do when she is not ready to discuss?

You should not force any discussions because this will worsen the situation in many folds. Discuss only when she is ready to discuss.

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