21+ Best Pregnancy Snacks: Keep Healthy and Fit

Healthy eating habits are necessary for pregnant women. They need to eat healthily and follow a specific diet which should include all the necessary items. Mothers expecting should balance their nutrition to keep them and the baby inside healthy.

Why should you choose healthy snacks during Pregnancy?

  • You can feel healthy and to control hunger pangs, healthy snacks are best. 
  • They hardly have bad effects.
  • They help in keeping your appetite in control.
  • They are not harmful to your unborn baby in any manner. 

It’s quite common for expectant moms to develop cravings that might seem weird and unhealthy. Sometimes it’s hard to control the cravings but try and balance your taste and health at the same time. Eat all the lip-smacking delicious food you want, but make it healthy for both of you.

It’s important to get all the key nutrients from wholesome food. Too much unhealthy eating can affect your upcoming baby’s future.

FatsProvide Energy
FiberFor Better Digestive
IronTo Protect Against Anemia, fatigue, and weakness.
ProteinGrowth and repair of new and damaged tissues. 
WaterTo Hydrate, And Feel Better
Whole GainsEnergy And Fiber

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks During Trimester

Calcium helps in the build-up of bones and teeth and helps in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

A glass of chocolate milk

Add cocoa powder to low-fat milk so that you can control the intake of sugar.

Plain yogurt with fruits

Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium plus probiotics which help in fighting against pregnancy-related constipation. Fruits have excess mineral nutrients. Adding your favorite fruits like banana, mango, berries, etc in the bowl will make a perfect evening wholesome snack.

Wholegrain cereals with milk

A bowl full of cereals and milk is a perfect wholesome snack to have. Along with it, you can add some nuts and raisins. Nuts are highly nutritious containing protein, fats, and carbohydrates.   

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is filled with calcium and protein.

Fruit smoothies with milk

This is super easy to make and is loaded with calories. You can make a banana smoothie, strawberry smoothie, mango smoothie, etc. or you can even punch all the fruits and add some chia seeds to it. 

Chia seed is loaded with nutrients and minimal calories. It is a good antioxidant, and rich in protein and fiber. 

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks Rich In Protein

Protein helps your baby to develop. It is at the same time beneficial for you as it develops your tissue and keeps you healthy.

“It is Very Important to Eat “Protein” and “Fat” During these Days to keep you Healthy and Energetic.”

Platter of fruits with peanut butter

You can innovate the fruit platter in the way you add it. Fruits are filled with minerals and nutrients whereas peanut butter is rich in protein. 

Fruits dipped in dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is less sugary and has more cocoa content. Dark chocolate imparts the necessary energy to the body. So you can dip finely cut apples, nuts, or berries in hot dark chocolate and enjoy a good movie with it. Happy evening. These are perfect even when you are in the 30th to 31st week of pregnancy

Handful of nuts

You can even nibble some nuts in the evening, walnuts, almond cashews, and raisins. These all are rich in protein.

Boiled eggs

As we already know eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D so you have them as snacks or during breakfast. You can even make some egg sandwiches and have them with brown bread. Brown bread is good for roughage and fiber.

Chicken platter

Chicken is also rich in protein. You can have some boiled chicken with some spices sprinkled on it or sometimes fry the chicken in butter and have them.

Pumpkin seeds

You can enjoy having pumpkin seeds in curry or toss these pumpkin seeds on a light flame along with pepper and salt and have them when hungry. 


You can have a bowl of oats or broken wheat. A bowl of porridge is a great energy booster and it is rich in protein. 

Porridge also contains fiber which prevents constipation, as this is common during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Snack Rich In Iron

  • Soybean contains iron which is necessary for pregnant women.
  • Kidney beans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Dried apricots
  • Eat fish
  • Consume vitamin C-rich foods. 


  • Sprouts are a great nutrient-based snack and are rich in fiber and protein. 
  • Warm milk with cinnamon
  • Baked tortilla chips dipped in salsa sauce.
  • Healthy low-fat muffins. You can have homemade muffins that are made of berries, carrots, and chocolate chips. 
  • Whole-grain pita chips dipped in hummus.
  • Baked tuna fish along with baked veggies. Tuna fish strengthens the bones and provides energy.
  • Chocolate and fruit. Chocolate can lower the risk of preeclampsia, that are quite common in pregnant women. It causes organ damage and high blood pressure. Chocolate pudding made with low-fat milk will boost dairy intake.
  • Protein and energy bars. They are better than granola bars.
  • Have popcorn. Try and avoid cheese or butter popcorn, although you can have the salt one!

Things You Should Avoid Eating During Pregnancy

The best pregnancy snacks should be wholesome. It should be nutrient-dense that will give you energy and deliver much-needed vitamins and minerals to you and your baby.

Junk foods or unhealthy snacks are less nutrient-dense and are high in empty calories. They do not provide the proper nourishment that your body needs at this time. But small cheats are always allowed in diets so having these occasionally won’t cause much harm.

  • Ice cream
  • Potato chips
  • Cold drinks
  • Sugary coffee drinks
  • Brownie and cakes
  • Sugary cookies
  • Candies
  • Sugary juices.
  • Pizza and burgers

Frequently Asked Questions on Healthy Snacks to Eat During Pregnancy

1. Can we eat whatever we want during pregnancy?

The amount of food that you eat matters a lot more during pregnancy. Eating unnecessary portions can lead to gaining weight during pregnancy. If you are hungry try and eat snacks or food that are more nutritious and less fatty. Try and control eating excess sugary items, that are bad for your health.

2. What happens if we do not eat adequate amounts during pregnancy?

If you don’t eat sufficient during pregnancy then you will be undernourished which will cause malnutrition. Eating properly and at the same time eating healthy is a must during your pregnancy days. You need to eat what is beneficial for you as well as the baby inside.

3. What are the fruits we should avoid during pregnancy?

Here are some lists of fruit you should avoid during pregnancy.
-Papaya- raw papayas can lead to miscarriage if consumed during pregnancy.

4. Is it bad to go to bed hungry while pregnant?

Waking up hungry in the morning isn’t a cause for concern. You’ll need to make sure any late-night eating won’t gain too much weight. Eat a healthy dinner and don’t go to bed hungry. Hunger at night while pregnant may be a symptom of gestational diabetes, which is blood sugar elevation during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is beautiful and during this phase certain changes take place in a woman. Mid-night cravings are quite normal. You might all of a sudden develop a craving for brownie or chips or even ice cream, don’t worry have them sometimes. But not every time. So worry less and follow the diet and little cheating is always welcome in between.  

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