7 Ways To Hide Pregnancy Symptoms

If you find out that you are pregnant, but it is not the right time to share this big news with everyone, you need to consider hiding your pregnancy. Hiding your pregnancy is going to be pretty tricky, especially in the later stage. In the initial phase, you need to be smart when it comes to hiding the symptoms and body changes. 

How To Hide Pregnancy Symptoms 

  • Do not wear clothes that are too tight. Wear comfortable and loose clothes to hide the baby bump.
  • Use the excuse of detox to stop people from pushing you to have certain foods.
  • Avoid having alcohol by stating the reason that you have health issues.
  • Avoid putting your hands on the womb.
  • Blame stress for escalating mood swings.
  • Schedule the bathroom breaks to hide your morning sickness.

Tips On Hiding Pregnancy Symptoms

Most of the pregnant women try to hide their pregnancy till they reach the 12-week milestone. You can have your reason for hiding your pregnancy. If you are working lady or you want to hide it from your neighbors then here are some tips that are going to hide your pregnancy effectively and dodge people’s questions related to morning sickness, body changes, mood swings, frequent visits to the washroom, change of food preference, etc.  Ensure that you are well-versed with the advice for new parents. 

Don’t Put Your Hand On The Womb

You will always tend to touch your belly. When you are frequently touching your belly, people around you who have gone through pregnancy can figure out that you are pregnant.

You will have the urge to touch your stomach because of the kicking and bouncing, but if you want to conceal your pregnancy symptoms, try to refrain from doing that. Decide before-hand from when you want to plan the maternity leaves. 

Peer Pressure On Food 

When you are hiding your pregnancy from everyone around you, it will be difficult for you to cope with peer pressure on food. Some people will offer you coffee, sushi, or other things that you usually like, and you have to reject it as now it makes you feel sick.  

To avoid any peer pressure on the food, you can say that you are trying detoxification. People won’t force you to have dairy, caffeine, alcohol, etc. You can also explain your frequent visits to the bathroom by using the excuse of detox drinks. 

Avoid Drinking 

During the period of pregnancy, you cannot consume alcoholic drinks. If you are going out with friends and do not know about pregnancy, you need to be cautious about alcohol. If you are someone who usually orders wine, people will also expect you to do the same on that day. 

Instead of lying, you should be honest and tell them that you are giving up on alcohol because of some health issues. You can also use other excuses like headaches or any unfinished work that you need to do afterward, but you won’t be able to use the same excuses repeatedly.

When you are giving excuses for health reasons, no one will push you into having alcoholic drinks anymore. 

Disguise The Bump With Clothes 

If you are not ready to reveal the big news, then the first thing that you need to do is hide your bump by using clothes. As the pregnancy will approach, your body will start to show changes. You need to pick your clothes wisely.  

You are going to gain weight rapidly, and many people may question you about it. Old clothes won’t fit you anymore, and you will be more inclined towards wearing comfortable clothes. You can wear clothes that will make you look thin or hide the baby bump. 

Go for oversize handbags, boxy shirts, stockings, and chunky knits. Tops and dresses with empire line will hide your belly with the distracting patterns. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. By the 25th week of your pregnancy, you will need new clothes.

Emotional Rollercoaster

If you are pregnant, then you will experience emotional rollercoaster every day. At one moment you will be happy, and at the moment you will start crying.

You can hardly control all the emotions. So you can say that you are having an emotional roller coaster before periods or you can say that you are quite stressed nowadays. 

Throw Up

If you are at your workplace or near someone who does not know about your pregnancy, it will be hard for you to cover up your throw-ups. You can tell you’re sick in the initial days, but you cannot use the same excuse for nine months.

Since morning sickness is going to happen every day, so you need to schedule the bathroom breaks accordingly if you are outside your home.

Strange Food Cravings 

During the time of pregnancy, some women experience unusual food cravings. A woman’s palate and nose become sensitive in the early pregnancy stage. There will be some food that you have liked previously, and now it might make you will feel nausea. It mostly happens for food, which is pungent and spicy. 

Sometimes you may also crave unusual food items that may not represent near you. If it is hard for you to resist the craving, try to have it without making other people notice your strange food craving.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ways of Hiding Pregnancy Symptoms

1. How to hide pregnancy symptoms related to body changes?

One can hide pregnancy symptoms related to body changes by wearing loose clothes or comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing tight clothes because it will make your belly more visible. 

2. Does pregnancy symptoms appear for all women?

Notall women will show pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, weight gain, fatigue, or heartburn. It will entirely depend on the body type of women. Some women will take more than 30 weeks to look pregnant. 

3. Maternity clothes- when to wear? 

When the pregnancy reaches four to five months, you will have to wear large clothes. Women who are pregnant for more than six months can wear maternity clothes.


Try to apply all the tips mentioned above effectively to hide the pregnancy symptoms. If you are blaming the flu for your morning sickness and failing to conceal your baby bump, it will not work. You need to be careful about the symptoms, food choices, and body changes.

As there are going to be a lot of changes in your behavior, people will be skeptical about it. It will be easy for you to hide the pregnancy symptoms in the initial days compared to the later stage.

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