8 Homemade Cleaners to Use While Pregnant

There are numerous measures that you need to take for the good health of yourself and the baby. The measures may range from physical movements to environmental factors, the number is countless because many unnoticeable things may influence the health of the mother and the baby during pregnancy. One such thing is the different cleaning products that are used to wash and wipe the different objects in the house. 

Homemade Cleaners to Use While Pregnant

Most of the cleaning substances are prepared using chemicals that are highly toxic for living beings and using these products may significantly harm you while you are pregnant. Let’s see some of the products that you can use while pregnant.

Which cleaning products do you need to avoid during pregnancy?

  • Avoid using products (most of the oven cleaners) containing glycol ethers.
  • Products containing phthalates (laundry products in general) must be avoided.
  • Avoid disinfectants and anti-insects sprays containing aerosols.
  • Air cleaners such as air sprays must be avoided.
  • Products containing parabens must be avoided.

Let us now look into the different products that you can use during pregnancy. It is best to use homemade products since using them exposes you to the least number of chemicals and hence ensures better health of the baby. Among all other habits to quit before pregnancy, make sure you give up the habit of using artificial cleaning products also. 

Homemade glass cleaners

Take a spray bottle and put 2 cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar, a quarter cup of rubbing alcohol that is 70% concentrated, and any essential oil of your choice for a beautiful fragrance. Shake the bottle for some time and your glass cleaner is ready.

Using this glass cleaner is extremely beneficial as you are not exposed to any kind of harmful chemicals. At the same time, you will get equally effective cleaning results. Also, adding essential oil of your choice allows you to enjoy a customized fragrance that you love the most.

Natural all-purpose cleaner

Using a natural all-purpose cleaner will reduce the chances of being harmed by inhaling the chemical particles in the air due to the usage of commercially prepared chemical cleaners. To make a natural all-purpose cleaner follow the steps mentioned.

In a spray bottle, put one part of water, one part of white vinegar, lemon rind, and rosemary springs. Keep it undisturbed for a week and let it suffuse properly. After a week, use this to clean smudges, stains, and everything that you would have cleansed using a commercial product.

Homemade anti-insect sprays

Avoiding aerosol is one of the most important things that you must need to ensure. Insect repellent sprays are one of the major sources of aerosols and hence, you need to avoid them. But this does not mean that you cannot use a self-made insect repellent spray.

A self-made insect repellent spray requires you to pour a quarter cup of water and the same amount of witch hazel, half teaspoon of light culinary oil, ten drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil, citronella essential oil and tea tree essential oils in an opaque glass spray bottle.

Also, add five drops of lavender essential oil and five drops of geranium essential oil and shake. You have achieved your natural insect repellent. Make sure that you shake the bottle well before using it every time so that all the ingredients get mixed well.

Natural tile cleaners

There are numerous products available to clean the tiles in your house. But one thing is common in all the products available and that is harmful chemicals. Yes, the commercial products are made using chemicals that can cause multiple damages to the baby and the mother during pregnancy.

So, avoiding such products are necessary during pregnancy. Instead of using the commercially available tile cleaners, use baking soda. This is a very common natural tile cleaner that poses no danger on using it and hence, the mother and the baby remain in good health during pregnancy.

Self-made oven cleaner

Most of the oven cleaners available in the market contain glycol ethers that can cause pulmonary edema, narcosis, and many other diseases when exposed to it. Nobody would want to take this risk for the good fortune of the baby and the mother. But the ovens cannot be left dirty.

Cleaning the ovens can be done by making a paste of baking soda and water. Using this paste will give you equally good results as that of a commercial product. Also, using this will be safer since no glycol ether is now present that can harm you.

Natural scrub

One very effective method of cleaning porcelain objects and sinks and other objects is to use scrubs. But during pregnancy, it is best to use natural substances to clean the different objects. One such natural scrub that you can make is by using lemon and borax.

All you need to do is cut a lemon into two pieces and dip it in borax powder and rub it on the surface you want to clean. The results are going to be amazing and also safer for you. But avoid using this scrub on marble or granite floors. If you are not taking the fact that cleaning products could be harmful, seriously, you may not be ready to be a mother

Furniture polish

This is hard to believe but you can also make furniture polish using completely natural substances. No chemicals will be present in it and the results will be equally good. Using this natural furniture polish will also not be harmful in any way.

To make this furniture polish, a cup of olive oil is to be poured in a spray bottle and half a cup of lemon juice is to be added to it. Then 20-30 drops of lemon essential oil are to be added to the mixture and shake the bottle well.

The furniture polish is ready. Spray a thin layer of the polish on the surface and wipe with a soft cloth. Shaking the polish bottle is mandatory.

Homemade floor cleaner

There are numerous floor cleaners available out there in the market. But needless to say, all the floor cleaners available are chemicals and are extremely dangerous for your health, especially when you are expecting. But there are alternatives available which are completely natural.

You can make a natural floor cleaner by adding a quarter cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water. To this solution, add a few drops of liquid natural soaps and your floor cleaner is ready. In the case of marble floors, do not add vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions on Homemade Cleaners to Use During Pregnancy

1. Are these products going to be effective as the ones available in the market?

They will be equally effective as the ones available in the market.

2. Is it mandatory to use an opaque glass spray bottle?

An opaque glass spray bottle is suggested so that no reaction with sunlight occurs and the efficiency remains intact.

3. Can we change the essential oils if we want a different fragrance?

Yes, you can change the essential oil and use one of your choices so that you can get your desired fragrance.

4. How long can these products be stored?

These can be stored for as long as you want.

5. Should direct contact be avoided?

Yes. It is best if you avoid direct contact with these products too.


So, these were some of the natural cleaning products that you can make at your home to clean the different objects in your house. They will also keep you safe from the dangers of being exposed to harmful chemicals.

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