Top 15 Indoor Activities for Kids- You will Love it

You can’t blame kids to be energetic or too enthusiastic about everything. Kids are bound to be like this, and exercising control over them all the time will make them emotionally unstable.

What are the benefits of indoor activities for kids?

  • Kids are full of adrenaline and by channeling their energy into physical activities, they’ll be highly benefitted 
  • They will have strong muscles and bones
  • They will have a healthy weight
  • They will get much better sleep
  • The outlook that they have towards life will be positive

There are usually two groups of kids- first are those who are very energetic and make you chase them throughout the day and secondly, there are kids who love spending time more in front of the television or playing games on their iPads. 

Indoor Activities for Your Little Ones

While nurturing an energetic kid can be challenging, getting your lazy kid to do some work can pose the same challenge. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your child active at home and channel their energies into something positive and efficient.

Freeze Dance

This is one of the most enjoyable games of everyone’s childhood. Not only can this be fun but is a great physical exercise. It sharpens your child’s listening skills too. The rules are easy: dance till the music is playing and when the DJ stops the music, everyone freezes in whatever position or posture they are.

Sharpen your dance moves

Nowadays learning anything has become easier. Just a click on your smartphone and you can learn anything in the comfort of your home. Just go to YouTube and learn any dance moves. Learn the moonwalk with your kid, maybe!

Balloon Volleyball

Kids love balloons and balls. Add a new touch to the usual kicking balloons around. Create a net with a cloth tied to two chairs or doors and sharpen your serving skills! Let your child impress you with his innovative serving skills or bumping the balloon with his head! Not only will they enjoy it but will stay physically strong.

BookWorm Workout

Your kid will demand you to read them a story before going to bed. Common, it’s their birthright! Do not complain that telling stories to be strenuous, because when you were a kid even you would demand bedtime stories. But, now you can make this storytelling time fun! 

Pick up a book that has a word that is repeated frequently. For example, the word ‘cat’ is repeated frequently. Every time the word comes up in the story, tell your kid to do a summersault.

Hallway Soccer

Want your kid to be the next Messi or Ronaldo? Train your kid to play football inside and sharpen his shooting skills. Place two chairs on each end side of the hallway which will be the goalposts. Set a time limit and whoever scores the most goals wins!

Crab Carry

Practice crab carry if the bad weather makes you dream of a sunny day on the beach. Show your kid how to walk like a crab by placing their palms and feet to the floor while letting their stomach face to the ceiling.

Now, sit back and enjoy the show. You’ll break into laughter seeing them confused about how to keep their balance. Make the show enjoyable by placing a ball or a pillow on their stomach and see how long can they balance it. If you have more than one kid, you can also have a crab race!


Write down yoga moves on each JENGA block and set up the tower. Start playing like usual, but every time you and your kid pulls out a block, the players will have to do the specified yoga move. The fun part is that if the tower falls, the culprit will have to do a 30 seconds plank.

Hula Hoop

Do not break any furniture or your partner’s favorite vase, hula-hooping is a fun indoor activity. Not only is it a fun game but will also strengthen your kid’s core muscles. Make the game a bit challenging by hula-hooping while walking or spinning the hoop around the arm.

Broom Hockey

It is the same as hallway soccer. If you have your kid’s friends have gathered for his/her birthday, divide into two teams, get each one of them a small broomstick and make a plastic ball as the hockey puck. The first team that scores 10 goals will be the winner!

Marble Toe Race

Get hold of two large bowls and fill one of the bowls with water first and then place some marbles inside. Challenge your champ to pick up the marbles one by one from the bowl and transfer them to the other bowl using his/her feet. The first one to transfer all the marbles to the other bowl wins the game. Treat the winner with a candy!

Hurdle challenges

Set up hurdles using chairs and tying yarns in a zig-zag manner and also pillows. Challenge your kids to get across by passing through all the hurdles.

Make Activity Stations

Having small active stations in every corner of your home can be fun as well as a good work out session for your kids. Make sure each area has a particular activity assigned to it, like jumping jacks, planking, skipping, etc.

Cleaning the house

Fix a particular day during the week, preferably the weekends, where you challenge your kids to finish cleaning their rooms and play stations before you clean your rooms. The one who finishes first will be awarded their favorite dessert.

Family game night

Happy quality time is a big move towards growing balanced children who are rooted and productive. To gain, you don’t have to sit down and discuss international and world relations. Get your lazy bum to work and enjoy a game of Twister with your kids!

Treasure Hunt

Draw a rough map of your home and set up clues on the map. Hide a treasure (box of candies or anything) in some corner. Ask your kid to deduce the clues and locate the treasure! 


Keeping kids active indoors especially when they are not allowed to go out because of the weather or any other situation tends to become a challenge. Kids will throw tantrums and will run all over the house leaving you in a helpless situation.

Be smart and set up small games or indulge them in cleaning the house with you, so that they can channel their energies into something productive. Engage your kids in fun physical activities. This will not only make them enjoy their time but will cater to their physical and mental growth too.


How to motivate my kid?

Set up activities that suit your kid’s age or else they will get bored. Give your kid ample of opportunities to be active. Do not let them sit idle without doing anything. Keeping your kid active will make him more physically fit. Set activities that your kid enjoys or else he/she will not do the work.

Why kids should be more active?

Any type of physical activity reduces health problems. Not only that, but it also helps your kid to maintain a healthy weight gain. Your kids turn out to feel confident about their bodies and physical appearance.

How much activity do kids require each day?

– Play with your infant or let him/her play many times a day but for a smaller duration of time.

-Toddlers should participate in structured activities (skills) for at least 30 minutes and unstructured activities for at least 60 minutes to several hours.

– Pre-school pupils are required to participate in organized sports like football, cricket, etc., for 60 minutes a day; it teaches them to work as a team and instill in them, leadership qualities.

-They should also participate in unorganized activities like playing in the park which boosts their immune system and also keeps them happy.

What are the ways to help my child develop physical skills?

Play every day with your child. Playing time allows the kid the opportunity to exercise and develop motor skills. With time your child will gain confidence in his/her physical potential when he masters the art of throwing the ball to the target or learn how to balance a ball on his feet without throwing it. They can assist in the creation of a pleasant setting at home, either a large interior in shifting furniture apart, an expansive garden, or a local area where your child can go and go.

What are the types of fitness activities kids should participate in?

Young children get healthy by taking part in enjoyable and child-friendly athletic exercises and learning motivation abilities, such as running, sliding, and tossing. Everything from having an unexecuted ball party to simple games like “Simon Says” or “Duck, Duck, Goose” provides a way of movement and physical exercise for younger children and older preschoolers. 

We should not forget that adult fitness concepts do not apply to young children. The muscles, bones, and lungs of a child are still not mature so they are inappropriate for adult fitness activities like push-ups, sit-ups, or long journeys.

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