80 Best Invitation Messages for Sister 

When it is a matter of invitation, the sister needs to be formally invited, and even though she is married, it is all the more formal, be it a birthday, a wedding, a housewarming, or a baby shower.

80 Best Invitation messages for sister 

-Dear Sister, apart from anything, your august presence and your blessings are more than anything on the wedding day, and we earnestly look forward to your presence.

-Please share our joy; you are cordially invited to attend the wedding.

-You are cordially invited and requested to share our happiness and pleasure on the occasion of house warming at our place.

-We wholeheartedly expect the pleasure of your presence on the occasion of the wedding of our son, your nephew.

-Please ensure to be present in advance and grace the occasion of the wedding.

-Please join us with your family and bless us at our wedding.

-We will be having a grand party for the New Year; please be our guest with your full family.

-We are eagerly awaiting your gracious presence at the baby shower ceremony.

-Please grace the occasion, obviously with full family for the housewarming party.

-Your nephew awaits your gracious presence at his wedding reception.

-Without you, the wedding reception will be dull, we know for sure that you will be coming.

-The dinner party will be utterly blank without you; you understand what we mean.

-Your entire family’s presence will mean a hell of a lot thing for us.

-Your presence is required for this august ceremony.

-Please let us have the honor to host you and all in your family for the dinner party.

-The dinner party will be blank, dull, and uninteresting without you.

-Wish you a very happy birthday; please come over for dinner at our place.

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-Save this date on your mobile; nothing doing; you are coming over for lunch this Sunday.

-We cordially invite you to Papa’s sixtieth birthday.

-Invitation from your entire clan, your nephew is getting engaged, must attend without any fail or excuses.

-You are cordially invited to the engagement ceremony of your nephew and to shower them with blessings.

-Your gracious presence, involvement, and blessings are earnestly requested on the grand wedding ceremony of our son.

-No gifts, only flowers and blessings; your presence will be adored by all.

-Come one and all, Grand Xmas party, do not miss this once-in-a-year annual jamboree.

-Please join all of us and the entire clan on the occasion of the engagement ceremony of my son.

-You are most cordially invited to the family get-together at the sea beach and spend the whole day with all of us.

-Your nephew is getting married, and you are cordially invited to the grand reception at the hotel banquets.

-We are getting engaged; please, therefore, make it a point to grace the occasion which we will celebrate only with our nearest ones.

-Join us to celebrate the housewarming party at our new apartments this weekend, along with food and snacks.

-You are cordially invited along with the full family to join us at the grand silver jubilee celebrations of our wedding this weekend.

-Please join us with your family for a celebration lunch on the occasion of the sacred thread ceremony of our only son.

-Do meet us for a sumptuous dinner preceded by cocktails at the hotel banquet on the occasion of the wedding.

-Engagement followed by cocktails and dinner — must attend at any cost.

-At the initial launch of my boutique, dear sister, you are cordially invited since you have put in your brains and efforts behind this launch.

-Please be with us and bless us when we are starting a new life and new innings in both our lives.

-We eagerly look forward to sharing the joy of this wedding of our son; please do ensure to be present.

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-The joy of our son’s wedding will be incomplete if you are not there; please, therefore, do not let us down.

-My son, your nephew expects your blessings and best wishes more than anything else on his wedding; therefore, please do not fail us.

-My wedding will be incomplete without your presence, dear sister.

-Dear sister, your presence will greatly enhance the ambiance of the reception ceremony for our only child.

-We, the proud parents, are happy to announce the engagement ceremony of our grandson, and as the grand aunty, you must be present.

-We bring you the glad tidings, your nephew is getting married, and he wants his aunty not to miss a moment of this grand event.

-You have been an integral part of the family always, and therefore your presence is most important in this housewarming party.

-I want to start a new business venture very soon and plan to have a great launch party in which you must be present as the partner and hostess.

-It is with a glowing beam we announce the engagement of our only daughter, and we know that as the aunt, your presence is more than required.

-Since birth, we have almost shared the same journey, and therefore your presence is most required in this housewarming party.

-As the elder sister, you have always guided me through thick and thin, and therefore I just can’t dream of my wedding reception without you.

-Both your sister-in-law and I will be waiting for you with a broad smile to have you as the chief guest at our housewarming party.

-My wedding and the reception will be incomplete without you.

-As my elder sister, your suggestions and guidance have helped me throughout my life, and your presence at my wedding is very much required.

-After Papa and Mom, you are the most important person in my life and, as expected, will be the most important person at my wedding.

-As your younger brother, you have been more of a guardian than a sister, and your presence is most certainly needed at the wedding.

-As the most important day of my life, i.e., my wedding, although you are a part of the family still, it is my duty to invite you cordially.

-Your blessings will be the most important gift for us; you are a sister, guide, friend, and philosopher, and special arrangements are being readied for you.

-We await your arrival on this delightful day; please be a part of our day-long celebrations on the occasion of the wedding.

-We will be delighted and elated to visualize your presence at this reception and the grand wedding ceremony.

-Very, very happy wedding wishes, congrats, sister, on you getting married today; all my best wishes will be with you always.

-Dear sister, I cordially invite you to my engagement reception along with the full family, please do not miss it otherwise I will feel very bad.

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-I will not be able to express in suitable words how happy I will be if you can come back from overseas to attend my housewarming party.

-The love and bond we both siblings shared from childhood will come full circle if you come home for my reception, even if that would mean leaving your projects.

-The first day after our wedding reception will be a very close affair with only family members invited and of course, you will be the main guest.

-Today, as I am inviting you to my wedding, I recollect how we used to fight and mock each other as to who is going to be married first.

– I just cannot think that it is my birthday party and you will not be there, nothing doing, you have to be there come what may.

-My life is always full of happiness, but if you do not come to my wedding, it will be full of tears.

-The best gifts do not come from the malls but the love of a sister.

– I will be overjoyed, thrilled, and elated to invite you to my birthday party; stay blessed, stay safe, and I look forward to meeting you on my birthday.

-Dear sister, I am launching a new business to which you and the entire family, including the kids, must attend.

-The Xmas party will be a truly gala affair this time and one request, you must attend the party.

-This is Christmas month, and the full family is invited for the Xmas parties throughout the month.

-I am dressing up as Santa; it will be hilarious; make it a point to attend.

-You are most cordially invited; please be right there at the annual Xmas fete.

-This is the season of cakes; please be right there for the dinner and drinks party on Christmas Eve.

-Please join us at the banquet hall, all of you in the family, for the gala Christmas ball.

-Join us for the special Kitty party followed by the drinks and dinner 

-I can visualize, as you will come inside the party venue, the old people will rise to the occasion together and raise a toast in your honor.

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