Keeping House Clean When Pregnant: Top 14 Tips

During the phase of pregnancy, it is essential to stay in a clean environment. You need to keep your home clean. But when you are pregnant, cleaning the house can bring a lot of questions like is it safe for me to work or will it harm the unborn? 

What are the things to keep in mind while cleaning during pregnancy?

  • Avoid cleaners with toxic substances. 
  • Go for a natural homemade effective cleanser. 
  • Always wear gloves while cleaning the house. 
  • Do not use spraying cleansers. Always pour the cleaner then use it. 
  • Hire help for cleaning molds. 
  • Change the litter box regularly. 
  • Avoid places where you can trip or fall. 
  • Do not exhaust yourself by cleansing the entire house in one day. 
  • Avoid lifting heavyweights like a vacuum cleaner.
  • Do not try to reach high places or overreach places. 
  • Do not stand for more than 15 to 20 minutes. 

Tips On Keeping The House Clean While Pregnant 

You will need to be cautious and take precautions while cleaning the house. Things which you need to follow while cleaning the house during pregnancy are: 

Read The Labels

While shopping for cleaners, avoid the ones that have toxic substances in them. Look at the labels carefully and not purchase any cleanser with high ratings in reactivity, health, or flammability. 

Opt For Natural Cleaners 

Instead of purchasing cleaners, you can make some natural cleansers by using baking soda, borax, or white vinegar. As vinegar has acidic nature, avoid using it on marble, tile, granite, Corian, or any composite surfaces; otherwise, it can make the surfaces dull.

Avoid Spraying 

When you spray the cleaner even if it is eco-friendly, the fine air droplets will linger in the air for several days. You will end up inhaling them while breathing, and it will reach your lungs and even the baby’s system. So pour the cleanser and use it instead of spraying. 

Why should you avoid spraying cleaners?
The fine droplets will float in the air for many day and will enter your body when you woll breath. If it enters your body it will harm your body and baby. 

Wear Gloves 

Always wear gloves while cleaning. Even if you are using an organic cleanser, you should wear gloves. 

During pregnancy, our hands become very sensitive so it can get easily irritated, inflamed, or itchy when exposed to harsh chemicals. Use latex gloves to protect arms and hands from chlorine, fragrances, added dyes, bleach, and detergent found in the cleansers. 

Don’t Clean Molds By Yourself

Molds contain toxic substances which can be harmful when pregnant women are coming in contact with it. It can also cause birth defects found in animals.

If you see any mold in the basement, kitchen, or bathroom, you need to clean it immediately, but avoid doing it yourself. You can hire someone who can easily scrub the molds. If there is severe mold, then hire professional help. 

Avoid Falls and Trips

Move carefully to avoid falling or injury. If you are trying to overreach or put one foot in the front, you can lose balance. Avoid overreaching. Do not jump into rigorous cleaning activities, bed rest while pregnant is important. 

Avoid Cleaning The Entire House At A Time 

Break the cleaning tasks in minor ones to avoid exhausting yourself. You can do dusting in one day and clean the bathroom the other day etc. 

Avoid Heavy Lifting 

Physical exercise helps in strengthening your muscles and stomach and makes the process of delivery smooth. Always avoid lifting heavy weights like a vacuum cleaner while pregnant when it comes to picking anything try to avoid leaning. 

Why should you avoid moving or lifting objects while cleaning during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the tough tissues will start to loosen due to hormonal change. It weakens the tissues near the pelvic and joint region so it becomes more vulnerable if you’re lifting weight. You can strain yourself. The center of gravity changes during pregnancy so you won’t be able to maintain balance while carrying a heavy object. 

Open The Windows

Your house needs to have proper ventilation. Open the windows to improve the indoor air quality. It also helps in removing toxic vapors from the room. 

You can also place some indoor plants to clean the air inside the house. Make sure you are using an exhaust fan while cleaning the bathroom as well. 

Change The Litter Box 

You need to change the litter box frequently. Cat feces contain a parasitic infection known as toxoplasmosis that can cause harm to the fetus. 

Why should you avoid changing the litter box during pregnancy? 

Animal feces contains parasitic infection that can harm the unborn. It increases the chances of catching diseases. 

Doing Laundry 

Avoid doing laundry if your doctor has advised you to avoid heavy lifting. 

Cleansing Ceiling Fans Or Hanging Curtains 

When you perform these tasks, you are required to climb high places, which can be risky. During pregnancy, there will be a change in the gravity center of the body; this is why falls are prominent during pregnancy.

Seek Help 

Cleaning the house when you are pregnant is entirely normal, but doing it every day can cause a lot of problems. You can hire help, who will do the tasks that you won’t like moving furniture, laundry, moping, etc. 

Why hire a house help? 

They will help in doing tedious tasks. You won’t exhaust yourself while working. Your space will be regularly cleaned.

Washing Utensils 

You can wash dishes and utensils but avoid standing for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Try to use only homemade cleaners when pregnant

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Keep House Clean When Pregnant

Can I mop the house while pregnant?

Yes, during the early pregnancy phase, you are allowed to do household work, including moping. Do not do any action that can put stress on your body or baby. 

Can I clean the bathroom?

While cleaning the bathroom if bleach or harsh chemicals are used, avoid cleaning it. 

If your task deals with using a lot of water, then it increases the chances of falling due to the wet ground.

What type of cleanser will I need to avoid? 

Avoid cleansers that contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, terpenes, acrylic polymer, glycol-ethylene, glycol, chlorine, alcohol, and sodium hydroxide. 

Opt for eco-friendly, organic, or homemade cleansers with natural ingredients. 

Is it safe to bend while cleaning?

Yes, it is safe as long as it does not put a lot of pressure on your womb. There is the amniotic fluid that helps to cushion the baby and allow it to move the limbs and body when the mother is bending. 

You won’t hurt the baby if you bend correctly. As the pregnancy will progress, bending will be uncomfortable for you.


Keep all the points in mind while you are cleaning the house during pregnancy. As your belly will keep getting bigger, it is essential to observe your steps while cleaning. Avoid cleaning wet surfaces or any place that is prone to accidents. 

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