7 Common Languages of love for Children

All the children that we come across are unique. They might all be having the same childishness but their behavior may be completely different from each other. We may find a kid to be very expressive and at the same time, we may find another kid who is not expressive at all! So, the attitude and personalities of children are different.

We cannot be sure of the nature of one child based on the nature of any other child we have in mind. Their way of perceiving love and care is also different. We will look into the different ways by which children may want their parents to express love.

How do children want others to express love for them?

  • They may ask you to cuddle them and hug them to express your love for them.
  • The children may want to talk to you and listen to stories from you.
  • The kids could ask for gifts from you to understand that you love them.
  • They may want to share things with you.
  • The kids may ask you to play with them or may simple ask for your company.

There are innumerable ways in which a kid may want you to express love for them. There are many negligible acts that we often fail to notice but are major ways for kids to understand your love. Here are some of the most common love languages for children.

Languages of love for Children

Physical touches

One of the most common and prominent ways in which a kid may want you to express love is by requesting you to make any kind of physical touch. The kid may want you to cuddle him or may ask you to hug him tight to understand your love.

You may see that your kid would like to hold your hand or just climb all over you the moment he or she sees you. Or you may find that your kid wants you to kiss him or her on the cheeks multiple times!

So, forms of physical touch are important ways for kids to understand your love for them. Never ignore any kid if he or she wants to hug you or want to hold your hand. It is just a mere way of asking for love. This can help to control negative emotions in kids

Show you his or her activities

We often come across kids who would always become excited just after completing any activity and would run to others to show what he has made. He may hold your hand and ask you to go to the place where he was doing something to show what he made.

It is not necessary that children would want to make physical contacts always. He may just want you to be a part of what he loves doing the most. He may ask you to draw something with his crayons or may ask you to build a doll-house with the pillows.

Asking you to join him or her in the task he loves the most is also one of the most important ways of children to see how much you love them. So, be prepared to join your child in his activities to make him feel loved.

The child may want you to tell stories

It is very likely that kids love to listen to stories. Most of the kids that we meet are eager to listen to stories. But is it not true that we have met children who are also not willing to listen to any story that you want them to listen to?

It is nothing abnormal. On the other hand, you may also notice that in a room full of people, the kid only wants you to tell him stories. This is because, among everyone, he finds you to be the most loving one.

Ask you to give the kid his or her favorite food

One very prominent way in which a kid may want you to express your love for him is by asking you to give him his favorite food. It is quite natural for us to come across a child who asks us to give him a particular food item after he does something good.

This is a very important way to express your love for that kid. Never be rude to your kid if he does this all the time. We need to remember that by doing this, he is not asking for food but is asking you to love him for what he has done.

So, try to make him happy by giving the kid the food he asks for. This will make him sure of the fact that you love him and will trust you even more. Moreover, you will ensure that you are bringing up a well-behaved kid

The kid may ask you to play with him

A very common language of love that children understand easily is playing. They will easily ask you to play with him whenever he would want you to show that you love him. You may get irritated if he asks you to play all the time.

But we need to remember that it is a language of love that children understand. So, try to be patient and show your child that you love him. The more you fulfill this desire of the kid, the more he understands your love.

Never be rude or ask him to do anything which he doesn’t like. This will only send to him a bad impression of your love for him. So, try to send the impression of being a loving parent to your child.

The child may want to talk to you

Children often find it easier to talk to the people they love the most. They may also want you to talk to them so that they know that you love them. It is not unnatural to find children who aren’t talkative but speak a lot with a particular person.

It is nothing wrong with this behavior. This is just the kid’s way to express his love for that person and to understand that person’s love for him. Never force your kid to interact with anyone he doesn’t want to. He just does not find that person loving enough!

Exchanging gifts

This behavior of children needs no explanation since a child asks for presents or presents you a gift only when he loves you and finds you loving enough. This is one of the most common languages of the love of children.

So, when a child comes to you asking for gifts, he is certainly finding you to be very loving. In such cases, you are special to that kid and try to present him with a gift that he would love the most!


These were some of the most common languages of the love of children. As mentioned earlier, there are innumerable ways in which children may want you to express your love for them. We often fail to understand the method which they understand the most. But we shall not be worried about ourselves not understanding their ways. Ensure that in the process of showering love, you are not raising your kid to be strong-willed.

As they grow up, they will also start understanding the language of love of the adults. They will understand that love can exist even when not expressed always. But it is suggested that being an adult, we must also try to understand and find out how they want us to make them feel loved. So, never stop or never give up. You will certainly find out their ways. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions on the Language of Love for Children

1. What if we fail to understand their language of love?

Even if you fail to understand what they are looking for, you shall never be irritated with their activities. Once you become rude, it sends a very bad impression to them about your love for them.

2. Is it a good idea to always present them with gifts?

It is certainly not a very good idea to present them with gifts. Presenting them with gifts is just to encourage them. So, try to appreciate them for every small thing they achieve.

3. What shall we do if our child is not expressive enough?

It is not very uncommon behavior among children. In such cases, try to behave normally but never stop expressing the love for your child in your way.

4. What to do if we do not get enough time to play with our child?

You can at least manage some spare time in the whole week, if not always, to play with your child when he wants you to do it.

5. Shall we tolerate the unpleasant and ruinous activities of our child just to show him that we love him?

You can keep such objects away from his reach so that he does not make anything unpleasant. This will also not hinder the exchange of love between you and your child.

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