6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Sperm Count

Most of the time when a couple plans to become parents, the main focus always remains on the mother’s fertility condition in the first place. Often, the fertility conditions of men are ignored and it is emphasized only when the doctor asks them to. Researches have shown that when a couple faces problem in conceiving then 50% of the times the infertility is in the male partner. 

Cleary, fertility in males are not to be ignored and proper care of fertility conditions in males must be done. Here are some of the tips for maintaining a healthy sperm count.

How can a healthy sperm count be maintained?

  • Proper body weight must be maintained.
  • Consuming alcohol must be kept in a limit.
  • Smoking needs to be forgotten.
  • The intake of caffeine must be reduced as much as possible.
  • Working out daily is a good idea. 

Tips to maintain a proper sperm count

Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is often suggested for having a very good functioning of the different body organs. Clearly, maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways that a person can opt for to maintain a healthy sperm count.

  • A person trying to maintain a healthy sperm count is needed to maintain a diet that provides vitamins sufficiently because vitamins such a vitamin C, D, and E are of utmost importance to maintain a healthy sperm count.
  • Researches have shown that a man taking 1000mg of vitamin C every day tends to have a higher sperm concentration and sperm motility. Although the count does not increase by a significant amount but increased concentration and increased mobility of the sperm helps to conceive easily.
  • Researches have also shown that the shape and health of the sperm cells so produced when a man was given 1000mg of vitamin C daily improved by as much as 55%. It was also found that couples unable to conceive had the male partner with low vitamin D concentration.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to maintain a proper diet that provides sufficient vitamins to a man. This will ensure the good health of the sperm cells and increased fertility.

Maintain a proper body weight

Researches have shown that one of the most significant factors that control the sperm count and the overall health of the sperms is the weight of the person. People with higher body weights or rather higher body mass indices tend to face more problems regarding sperm count and sperm health.

  • One of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy sperm count is by maintaining proper body weight. It was found in studies that losing weight significantly increased the volume of semen, the concentration of sperm, and the mobility of the sperm cells and also improved their overall health.
  • Maintaining a proper body mass index is necessary for having a good and healthy sperm count. It was found that people with higher body mass indices got noticeable results when they reduced their body mass index even slightly. To maintain a proper body mass index, one must talk to a doctor or a nutritionist to change the eating habits. 
  • Exercising is also extremely beneficial since a reduced weight will reduce the body mass index. Do not wait and start looking into the matter as soon as possible.

Exercise regularly

As we mentioned previously that maintaining a proper weight is of utmost importance to maintain healthy sperm, exercise is one of the ways to do so. 

  • It will significantly help you reduce your weight and maintain proper body mass index and thereby help you improve sperm count.
  • Exercising also helps to stimulate the functioning of the different organs of the body and reproductive organs are no exception. Exercising regularly improves the different muscles involved in producing sperms and consequently, the sperm count and the health of the sperm cells improve significantly.
  • Additionally, when a person exercises regularly then the circulation of blood improves significantly and more oxygenated blood reaches the reproductive organs of the body. This ameliorates the functioning of the organs and improves the sperm count. Also, the health of the sperm cells improves by exercising. 
  • Light cardio exercises and different yoga asanas are suggested. But it is to be kept in mind that performing the yoga asanas must be done under the supervision of a trainer. Besides, the overall health of the body also improves if exercise is done regularly.

Try to reduce stress

It is extremely important to keep in mind that stress can adversely affect fertility in both men and women. Increased stress can significantly affect the fertility conditions in men with great severity. Thus, it is important to stay relaxed to maintain a proper sperm count. Researches have shown that stress causes the secretion of the hormone named cortisol that has negative effects on testosterone.

When the level of cortisol in the body increases, the level of testosterone reduces significantly. Thus, fertility is significantly hindered.

It is therefore suggested that it is best to keep stress levels low so that testosterone level is maintained. Once the testosterone level is normal, the sperm counts also tend to be normal. Anxiety may also have similar effects on testosterone as that of stress.

Try to do things that relieve you so that you do not suffer from excessive stress. Do not ignore this point since stress can cause severe damages to your fertility conditions.

Reduce drinking and quit smoking

Smoking is perhaps the most significant cause of low sperm count in men. Not only it reduces the count of the sperm cells but the extent is also quite high. Thus, smoking must be stopped immediately so that sperm count rises. Not only smoking, but consumption of alcohol is also a contributory factor to this problem. People with high alcohol consumption tend to have reduced sperm count. Although quitting to drink is not necessary for increasing the sperm count but it must be limited.

So, a person finding it difficult to quit smoking and reduce drinking must consult a doctor as soon as possible so that the doctor can tell suggest him of the different ways available to solve this problem of the man.

Reduce the intake of caffeine

This is one of the causes of low sperm count. It has been found in studies that high intake of caffeine for a prolonged period can severely reduce the count of the sperm cells and cause infertility in men. Thus, reducing the intake of caffeine is a necessary step.

A study has shown that three servings of 6 ounces of food containing caffeine are satisfactory to maintain a healthy sperm count and healthier sperm cells. Reducing the consumption of caffeine can be done by reducing the intake of coffee and chocolate as much as one can.


So, these were 6 tips that all men must follow to maintaining a healthy sperm count. This can significantly help them with reversing their infertility. In addition to these points, few more things are to be kept in mind. Exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, metals, and paints etcetera are substantial factors that can reduce sperm count.

Prolonged exposure to warm environments also reduces the sperm count by a noticeable margin. Besides following the above tips, follow these steps as well.

But it is to be kept in mind that consulting a doctor is always important since the extent of infertility is not known. Also, the tips mentioned here is no guarantee that the conditions of infertility will be reversed if followed. Thus, a piece of proper medical advice is always necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about to maintain Healthy Sperm Count

1. What shall I do to avoid exposure to chemicals since I work in a chemical factory?

Wear masks and gloves and protective suits to avoid exposure. Wash hands properly before eating anything.

2. How often shall we exercise for the best results?

Exercising for about 30 minutes daily for five days a week can give you optimum results.

3. What is the proper body mass index that we need to maintain?

It is best to consult a doctor to know about the range of the body mass index that is optimal.

4. Can we reduce smoking and not completely quit it?

To obtain the best results, you must quit smoking.

5. How many servings of alcohol can we consume?

Studies have shown that two normal servings of alcohol can be consumed daily and not more than that.

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