500+ Montgomery Names for your Inspiration

A toponymic surname derived from the French Normandy towns of Saint-Germain-de-Montgommery and Sainte-Foy-de-Montgommery is Montgomery (sometimes spelled Montgomerie).

The first person with that name is Roger de Montgomerie, who was identified in a contemporary source as the father of Roger de Montgomery, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, a Norman lord who controlled the village of Montgomery, which is currently located in the Calvados département. 

In contrast, a Norman chronicler writing in the following generation names Hugh de Montgomery as the earl’s father.

Some have theorized that this is a mistake and that Hugh is the elder Roger’s father.

You will fall in love with the fantastic list of names that we have created!

What Are Some Cool Montgomery Names?

The first family in The Montgomeryshire region of nearby Wales has the name the Counts de Montgomerie, who were major figures in early Anglo-Norman England.

In some cases (the Scottish Montgomerys, for instance), the surname of modern Montgomerys is likely derived from this Welsh place name. 

In addition to districts, neighborhoods, and streets worldwide, seventeen counties in the United States of America bear the name Montgomery. 

Montgomery – “manpower” or “mountain of the hunter”, from the Old English language

Anthony – “priceless one,” from the Latin language

Caroline – “free woman,” from the Germanic language

Benjamin – “son of the right hand,” from the Hebrew language

Alexandra – “defender of mankind,” from the Greek language

William – “strong-willed warrior,” from the Germanic language

Elizabeth – “pledged to God,” from the Hebrew language.

Christopher – “bearer of Christ,” from the Greek language

Victoria – “victory,” from the Latin language

Margaret – “pearl,” from the Greek language

Fernando Alejandro Lee

Faith Elizabeth Grace

Jacqueline Marie Grace

Giovanni Alexander Lee

Felicity Marie Grace

Aaron Michael James

Daniel Alexander Lee

Alyssa Marie Claire

Brian Thomas James

Alfie James William

Barbara Marie Claire

Aidan William Lee

Natalie Anne

Colleen Marie Grace

Alison Elizabeth Lee

Madeline Grace

Kevin James

Aubrey Elizabeth Lee

Avery Elizabeth Grace

Emma Grace

Albert Christopher Lee

Erin Elizabeth Lee

Gerard Christopher Lee

Carmen Elizabeth Anne

Crystal Marie Grace

Gina Marie Grace

Fiona Grace

Heidi Elizabeth Lee

Bonnie Elizabeth Lee

Riley James

John Edward

Alison Marie Claire

Gloria Elizabeth Grace

Eleanor Grace

Laura Grace

Stephanie Anne

Scott Edward

Leah Marie

Bernadette Marie Anne

Taylor Grace

George Edward

Abigail Rose Marie

Allen Michael Thomas

Francesca Marie Lee

Adeline Marie Claire

Colin Christopher Lee

Carey Christopher Lee

Bianca Marie Claire

Aimee Elizabeth Grace

Elaine Elizabeth Lee

Brandon Christopher Lee

Genevieve Marie Grace

Delilah Elizabeth Lee

Megan Marie

Giselle Marie Grace

Dylan Christopher Lee

Barbara Anne Marie

Andrea Marie Grace

Anne Marie Catherine

Carolina Grace Lynn

Emma Catherine Lee

Jasmine Marie

Diana Elizabeth Grace

Amelia Jane Rose

Brady Christopher Lee

Rebecca Anne

Coral Elizabeth Lee

Wyatt James

Axel Michael Thomas

Noah James

Jeremy James

Harrison James

Ivan Alexander Lee

Abigail Rosemary Lee

Annabelle Grace Lynn

Olivia Grace

Hudson Alexander Lee

Bradley James David

Enzo Alexander Lee

Ruby Grace

Hunter Michael Lee

Brian Christopher Lee

Bryan William Lee

London Grace

Beverly Elizabeth Anne

Elias Alexander Lee

Allan Christopher Lee

Vincent James

Julian James

Bridget Marie Catherine

Alyssa Elizabeth Lee

Anton Christopher Lee

Ava James

Carlos Alejandro Lee

Faith Marie

Matthew James

Hannah Rose

Henry William James

Danielle Marie Grace

Paige Elizabeth

Annabelle Rose Lee

Steven James

Ivy Elizabeth Lee

Eleanor Grace Lee

Gael Alejandro Lee

Robert Edward

Cecilia Marie Grace

Annette Elizabeth Anne

Claire Elizabeth

Alice Elizabeth Grace

Charlotte Rose

Diane Marie Grace

Bella Marie

Blair Elizabeth Grace

Ella Rose

Isla Elizabeth Grace

Alexander Edward James

Karen Anne

Arabella Rose Marie

Fun Fact: The family name has occasionally been anglicized as Mac Gumaraid in Scotland and Mac Iomaire in Ireland.

What Are Some Catchy Montgomery Names?

The history of the Montgomery surname spans several centuries. The name Montgomery originates in French and means “rich in protection” or “Gumarich’s mountain.”

Those who resided in or near Sainte-Foy-de-Montgomery in Normandy, France, were the first to adopt it as a surname.

Eventually, the name reached England and Scotland, becoming popular as a first and last name. 

Let’s check out some catchy names:

Alexander – “defender of mankind,” from the Greek language

Catherine – “pure,” from the Greek language

Charles – “free man,” from the Germanic language

Edward – “wealthy guardian,” from the Old English language

Frances – “free,” from the Latin language

George – “farmer,” from the Greek language

Harriet – “ruler of the home,” from the Germanic language

Henry – “ruler of the household,” from the Germanic language

Isabella – “devoted to God,” from the Hebrew language

James – “supplanter,” from the Hebrew language

Penelope Grace

Landon James

Gabrielle Elizabeth Lee

Ingrid Elizabeth Lee

Esther Marie Grace

Elsie Marie Grace

Addison Elizabeth Grace

Jada Elizabeth Lee

Cassidy Elizabeth Anne

Carla Marie Grace

Austin James Thomas

George Edward James

Holly Marie Grace

Howard Edward James

Morgan Lee

Brandon Michael James

Connor William Lee

Ethan Alexander Lee

Sebastian James

Courtney Marie Lee

Alana Rosemarie Lee

Edward James

Carrie Elizabeth Anne

Gregory James Lee

David Christopher Lee

Carla Marie Catherine

Chloe Elizabeth Lee

Daniel James

Blaine Michael James

Betty Marie Catherine

Hugh William James

Hayden Alexander Lee

Bradley Michael Lee

Holden Christopher Lee

Gage Alexander Lee

Allison Elizabeth Jane

Hope Elizabeth Grace

Aiden Christopher Lee

Caroline Grace Lee

Margaret Anne

Courtney Anne

Gerardo Alejandro Lee

Nathan James

Summer Rose

Derek William James

Agnes Catherine Anne

Emily Elizabeth Grace

Joseph James

Grant Alexander Lee

Alexa Catherine Grace

Derrick Michael Lee

Bethany Elizabeth Lee

Chloe Marie

Joanna Grace

Alexa Rosemarie Grace

Caleb James

Savannah Grace

Kimberly Anne

Arthur James Thomas

Elizabeth Grace

Vivian Grace

David William

Devin James

Aleah Marie Isabella

Cameron William James

Ava Elizabeth Grace

Chelsea Marie Lee

Dana Elizabeth Grace

Violet Elizabeth

Emiliano Alejandro Lee

Audrey Rosemary Lee

Arnold Michael James

Dean Alexander James

Francis William Lee

Hannah Catherine Lee

Trinity Marie

Allyson Marie Grace

Angelina Marie Lee

Charles Edward James

Hayden Lee

Georgia Marie Grace

Drew Alexander Lee

Caroline Elizabeth Jane

Ariana Marie Claire

Eduardo Alejandro Lee

Sydney Elizabeth

Daphne Elizabeth Lee

Amanda Rosemary Lee

Michael Edward

Grace Elizabeth Lee

Jackson Lee

Bella Marie Grace

Elijah James

Carl Michael Thomas

Nicholas Edward

Joshua James

Ava Catherine Lee

Grace Elizabeth

Veronica Anne

Anthony James Brian

Alexander James Ryan

Luke Edward

Gemma Elizabeth Lee

Ariel Elizabeth Lee

Garrett Michael Lee

Allison Marie Grace

Piper Marie

Celeste Elizabeth Anne

Hope Elizabeth

Grayson Lee

Alana Rosemarie Grace

Alessandra Maria Grace

Isabel Marie Grace

Carter Lee

Brittany Elizabeth Anne

Fun Fact: Many Montgomery names have Scottish origins and denote virtues like bravery, loyalty, and strength. 

What Are Some Amazing Montgomery Names?

Montgomery’s names also contain English, French, and Irish roots and their Scottish ones.

The word “Forest,” which means “a wooded area,” is one example of how English Montgomery names frequently reflect nature.

Montgomery’s names are more evocative of romance, like “Gabrielle,” which means “God is my strength.”  

As an illustration, the name “Malcolm” means “devotee of Saint Columba,” yet the name “Douglas” means “dark water” and is connected to power and stamina.

Jane – “God is gracious,” from the Hebrew language

John – “God is gracious,” from the Hebrew language

Joseph – “God will increase,” from the Hebrew language.

Katherine – “pure,” from the Greek language

Laura – “laurel,” from the Latin language

Lawrence – “crowned with laurel,” from the Latin language

Lucy – “light,” from the Latin language

Madeleine – “high tower,” from the French language

Mark – “warlike,” from the Latin language

Matthew – “gift of God,” from the Hebrew language

Flora Marie Grace

Anna Grace

Eva Elizabeth Grace

Samuel James

Douglas William Lee

Cooper Alexander Lee

Lucy Elizabeth

Bailey Elizabeth Anne

Ellen Elizabeth Grace

Cassandra Marie Claire

Alexis Rosemarie Anne

Peyton Lee

Bridget Elizabeth Lee

Cynthia Marie Grace

Cole William

Gwendolyn Marie Grace

Arthur William James

Chad Michael Thomas

Ethan James

Victoria Rose

Daisy Elizabeth Grace

Dallas Alexander Lee

Irene Marie Grace

Ashley Elizabeth Anne

Amelia Grace Victoria

Isabella Rose Lee

Andre Christopher Lee

Candace Marie Claire

Bethany Elizabeth Jane

Adrian Alexander James

Evelyn Grace Lee

Ashton Christopher Lee

Bailey Jane

Molly Rose

Mason Lee

Ezekiel William Lee

Erica Marie Grace

Jackson William Lee

Cara Elizabeth Grace

Cameron Lee

Ines Marie Grace

Philip Edward

Lincoln Lee

Benjamin Thomas Lee

Logan James

Alan Michael Thomas

Claire Elizabeth Grace

Janet Marie Grace

Annie Marie Lee

Emilia Rose Lee

Edward William James

Carter James Thomas

Donna Marie Grace

Angelina Rose Marie

Jessica Marie

Stella Marie

Andrew James David

Daisy Grace

Graham William James

Harper Elizabeth Lee

Rachel Grace

Helen Elizabeth Grace

Spencer Lee

Eileen Marie Grace

Zachary Edward

Imogen Elizabeth Grace

Ana Maria Isabella

Campbell James William

Timothy James

Desiree Marie Grace

Ryan Lee

Leo James

Austin Christopher Lee

Ana Maria Lee

Blake Edward James

Brianna Elizabeth Jane

Cole William James

Autumn Marie Grace

Christina Marie Lee

Ismael Alejandro Lee

Charlotte Elizabeth Grace

Callie Elizabeth Anne

Ian Christopher Lee

Demetrius William Lee

Audrey Elizabeth Grace

Isabella Rose

Adam Christopher Lee

Denise Marie Grace

Alexandra Marie Lee

Jordan Lee

Anthony James Lee

Christopher James Lee

Christian Lee

Hank William James

Adrian Edward James

Cameron James David

Cody Alexander Lee

Amanda Elizabeth Anne

Dale William James

Camille Elizabeth Anne

Isaiah Alexander Lee

Cassandra Marie Lee

Elijah William James

Bonnie Elizabeth Anne

Addison Marie Grace

Brayden James Thomas

Marcus James

Deborah Marie Grace

Bruce Christopher Lee

Owen Lee

Lauren Elizabeth

Brooke Elizabeth

Harley Michael Lee

Thomas Edward

Bryan James Thomas

Isaac William Lee

Ariel Elizabeth Jane

Angelo Michael James

Gabriela Marie Grace

Henry James

Cindy Marie Grace

Carol Marie Catherine

Jamie Marie Grace

Eric Christopher Lee

Fun Fact: Irish Montgomery names frequently show a close tie to the land, with names like “Patrick” meaning “nobleman” and “Seamus” meaning “supplanter.”

What Are Some Latest Montgomery Names?

Montgomery’s names are popular among parents because they represent virtues like sturdiness, honor, and loyalty.

Additionally, Montgomery names are favored by individuals seeking names that will last the test of time because they are frequently regarded as elegant and timeless. 

Let’s check out some latest Montgomery names that we have collected just for you:

Michael – “who is like God,” from the Hebrew language

Nathaniel – “gift of God,” from the Hebrew language

Olivia – “olive tree,” from the Latin language

Patrick – “nobleman,” from the Latin language

Peter – “rock,” from the Greek language

Philip – “lover of horses,” from the Greek language

Rebecca – “captivating,” from the Hebrew language

Samuel – “heard by God,” from the Hebrew language

Sarah – “princess,” from the Hebrew language

Thomas – “twin” from the Aramaic language.

Candice Elizabeth Anne

Brenda Marie Grace

Debra Lynn Marie

Brenda Marie Catherine

Jesse James

Mark Edward

Dominic Christopher Lee

Vanessa Grace

Brynn Elizabeth Grace

April Elizabeth Anne

Katherine Grace

Gilbert Edward James

Alec Alexander James

Alex Michael Lee

Alice Victoria Rose

Harold Edward James

Kaitlyn Marie

Allen Christopher Lee

Casey Marie

Brooke Elizabeth Jane

Beau Alexander James

Ben Thomas

Jade Marie Grace

Harrison William Lee

Caleb Alexander Lee

Andrew William Lee

Justin Lee

Wesley James

Hadley Elizabeth Lee

Amy Elizabeth Grace

James Edward

Devin Alexander Lee

Amber Nicole Grace

Halle Elizabeth Grace

Adam Christopher James

Peter James

Eden Elizabeth Grace

Elliot Christopher Lee

Christian William James

Brooke Marie Grace

Allan Thomas James

Hailey Marie Grace

William Lee

Carmen Elizabeth Grace

Archie James William

Brooklyn Rose Marie

Tyler Lee

Ashley Nicole Grace

Carter Christopher Lee

Caroline Grace

Alexandria Grace Lynn

Camila Marie Isabella

Jack Edward James

Alicia Marie Grace

Bella Rosemarie Grace

Catherine Marie Anne

Jane Elizabeth Grace

Craig William James

Barrett Christopher Lee

Colin James

Darius William Lee

Cecilia Elizabeth Lee

Blake Edward

Elizabeth Anne Grace

Maria Grace

Asher Christopher Lee

Benjamin James Ryan

Dylan Thomas

Alec Michael Patrick

Rose Elizabeth

Caleb James Edward

Andrea Elizabeth Anne

Hugo Alexander Lee

Charles Edward

Naomi Grace

Brendan James David

Jaime Alejandro Lee

Avery Rosemarie Anne

Calvin Christopher Lee

Carolyn Marie Anne

Camila Elizabeth Lee

Cheri Lynn Marie

James Edward James

Erin Marie

Jacob James

Alexandra Marie Anne

Clara Marie Lee

Heather Marie Grace

Delilah Rose

Gary William James

Alex Christopher Lee

Alice Rose

Patrick James

Ella Catherine Lee

Lily Rose

Beatrice Elizabeth Anne

Cedric Christopher Lee

Corey Michael James

Harper Grace

Jacob Christopher Lee

Catherine Anne Grace

Fiona Elizabeth Lee

Evan William

Wade Edward

Gabriel James

Madison Rose

Emily Jane

Kendall Lee

Paul Edward

Anne Elizabeth Grace

Curtis William Lee

Alvin James William

Jayden Lee

Jalen Christopher Lee

Jenna Marie

Evan William James

Julia Grace

Darcy Marie Grace

Gerald William Lee

Blake Christopher Lee

Caitlin Marie Grace

Gavin Christopher Lee

Alexis Elizabeth Grace

Alicia Marie Claire

Damian Christopher Lee

Billy Christopher Lee

Felix Alexander Lee

Holly Marie

Sarah Elizabeth

Kyle Edward

Kelly Marie

Fun Fact: Since then, the name Montgomery has come to represent courage, leadership, and military power, making it a popular option for parents wishing to teach these virtues to their kids.

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