10 Myths Associated With Perfect Parenting ( Explained)

The journey of parenting is filled with doubts. If it is your first time, then it will be daunting for you because your thoughts, your decisions, your interactions, and your behavior with the child can leave a lifelong impact on them. This is the prime reason why parents always seek advice from different people who have prior knowledge of parenting. 

When you are turning into a parent, then you will find yourself buried under piles of information. Your neighbors, friends, the internet, and parents will give you tons of divergent advice which might make you feel more lost. 

Just because people are following a particular way of parenting for a long time that doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is true. As a parent, it is your task to separate fiction from the facts. So here in this article, we are going to bust some popular myths.

10 Popular Parenting Myths

I have to be a perfect parent

There is no protocol that one has to follow when it comes to good parenting. No one can become a perfect parent, and if someone says so, then they are delusional. 

As a human, we all fail and learn from it. It is not about being the best but more about the consistent effort to help your child. 

Put your child’s needs first

If you believe that putting your child’s needs first must be your priority, then it is a fallacy. If you keep putting your child’s needs first, then you won’t have the energy to remain thoughtful and calm when your child starts to misbehave. It will make you more obsessed with the child, and you will ignore your personal needs. 

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Avoid fighting in front of the child

It is quite unnatural to shield your child from any disagreement every time you have. While fighting if you feel that it can lead to more shouting, then you should avoid fighting. 

Fighting happens when people have a different opinion or perspective, and it is very important for the child to understand that as they grow old. 

If you are fighting in front of a child, then make sure you are making up for it in front of the child as well. Making up after fight will provide them with an important life lesson. 

Be a friend to your child

The child needs you as their parents and not friends. If you try to become their friends then in the future they will naturally try to push the boundaries to get more freedom. 

Do not treat them as your friends in the initial stage of their life. If you want to treat them equally, then, it must happen after they have passed their teenage phase. 

We need the right strategies for good parenting

It is complicated to create specific processes and strategies for good parenting. Instead of following any parenting strategies, it is essential to look into the mindset of the parents like how they are interacting, feeling, and thinking about the world. 

It is said that if the parents are self-confident, then they will be able to make their child grow self-confident. During the pregnancy time, how the mother is feeling, her expectations from the relationship, her trusting abilities, and how she is relating her feelings can have an impact on the attachment style of the child during the 12th month. 

The way parents think can have a lot of impact on the child’s future. If the parents always look into the darker side of the situation, then they will encourage self-doubt and worry in their child. 

Instead of finding out strategies, every parent should use their instinct and do some experiments that will be best for their child. Healthy parenting is more about being responsive and attuned to the needs of the child. 

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Never say no to your child

In earlier days, people were more strict, which made their child feel suffocated and sometimes overly criticized. Nowadays, the time has changed as people started believing that if they say no to the child, then it can be potentially damaging and harsh. 

It is essential to set a limit that will teach your kid different skills and allow them to stay safe. Until and unless you are using any hostile or aggressive tone while saying no, then it won’t hurt the child. 

Something is wrong if the child is not happy

Parents have the habit of worrying if their child is not happy during certain situations or times. People nowadays put a lot of emphasis on being happy. 

It is healthy and reasonable for the child to feel lows and highs of life. It helps them to get out of their monochromatic life. 

We are born with different types of emotional range. Some people may have more negative thoughts or emotions. It is essential to feel them if you want to deal with them. 

If you find that a child is going through persistent unhappiness, then it can be problematic and might indicate depression. Other signs of depression can be disrupted sleep, low energy, and frequent crying. 

Parent’s mistakes can scar the life of their child

Ordinary mistakes will not cause any scar on the child’s life. Neglect and abuse can cause long term damage. Making mistakes and being imperfect are the signs of being human. 

It is bad to pick up the child when he is crying

If the newborn is crying, then it indicates that they are calling for help or seeking security. 

During the initial month, it is essential to build a strong bond with your baby. When you are answering or picking them up when they are crying, then it provides them with the assurance that they are cared for and loved. 

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Talk and explain to the child to make them learn and understand

If you are explaining everything in detail to your child whose age is between 1 to 6, then you are just wasting your time. At the age of 1-6, they are concrete learners, so they do not understand reasoning and logic the way we do. 

It is essential to keep it simple when you are communicating with your child as it will help them to understand. The sentence that you speak must express empathy if you want to maintain a healthy connection with your child. 


Parenting is full of surprises. Before following any parenting strategies, it is essential to listen, try, analyze, and think about whether it will work for your child or not. There is plenty of information available, so it can be overwhelming to find a proper approach to parenting. 

Parenting is more about following the route of trial and error and finding out the right way to bond with your child. 

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