10 Negative Effects of Single Parenting on your Kid

Single Parenting is a highly debatable issue. There are wonderful kids who are raised as impactful individuals by a single parent. But again, it is undeniable that a child is emotionally drained to see one of the parents dying or even getting separated. The dejected part is that kids have no fault in it and still they have to be involved in a great emotional hurricane at such a young age. 

How can single parenting cause negative effects on your child?

  • Lack of Finances
  • Lack of Discipline
  • Poor academic performance
  • Weak self-esteem
  •  Health issues 
  • Cognitive and social problems

The Negative Effects of single parenting on your kid 

Single parenting is a boon to children who have attentive parents but again there are parents who just impose a decision on their children and expect them to respect it. Such parents create a negative impact on the parenting technique. 

Loss of parental support and supervision

Parents in intact families will work as a team to supervise the activities of children when they need the utmost attention. Single parents cannot monitor their children always due to a busy schedule between home and work. An overall well being of a child needs attention from both parents otherwise it leads to unwanted circumstances.

Developmental effects of having a single parent

Kids living with a single parent tend to get lower grades than those who live with both their parents. The increased anxiety and aggression debunks them from fulfilling greater goals. Children are not at ease in their minds, especially if they have witnessed a bitter divorce or realizing to be one of the reasons for the dispute without any fault. This will result in a faulty relationship with peer groups as well. 

Financial difficulties

Most single parents work out of their way to have the best for their children. It is difficult to manage finances when a single person has to take the responsibility of a child.

Adjustments due to financial difficulties, sacrificing some likable materials due to limited economy and feeling obligations to drop out of school due to poor finances are common problems faced by children living with a single parent. Because of limited income, children from these families participate very less in extra co-curricular activities which can hinder their chances of growing better. 

Parenting mistakes

As a single parent, we will be burdened with uncountable responsibilities. Commitment to work might make you miss the most important school function or a parent-teacher appointment. You may also disclose your personal and financial difficulties in front of a little one, which may have a negative impact on a young mind.

It also gets natural to be temperamental when you have to handle everything on your own. Make sure you understand all signs of bad parenting so that you can avoid them. 

Emotional Problems

A single child is more likely to face emotional turmoil if his parents have just divorced. He would have known both his parents and their sudden separation might not be acceptable emotionally. He has to face self-esteem problems and might crave for affection from both his parents.

It depends on the role of a single parent to manage this emotional disturbance in a child, and balance acceptance and happiness in yourself and the kid.

Health Problems

A single parent handles everything on their own and will definitely have issues related to health. Sleepless nights, no rest at home, emotional and financial trouble, responsibility, etc makes a direct effect on the overall well being.

The same applies for the child who stays with a single parent, he may face health issues due to stress at home and school, lack of attention and adherence to adjustment might make him physically unwell.

Impact on academic achievement

Your child would have excelled in academics but he fails to do so due to sudden separation between you and your partner.

He won’t be able to get away from stress and may result in poor performance in the classroom and submission of incomplete homework, none participation in the school activities, and hampering of overall growth due to lower grades. As a single parent, remain in contact with the teachers and try to help him out to her over it.

You have to be the bad one always

It is important to instill discipline in children no matter they live with dual parents or a single parent. Children misbehave at a certain point so parents have to be harsh and kind to bring them under control.

When you, as a single parent try to correct and discipline your child every other day, then you become the bad guy in their eyes. They will find no one else who stops them but you. This creates a feeling of detest and distaste in the relationship.

Moving on in life becomes challenging

Your child may be equally attached to you and your partner. He may have adjusted to your separation but might not accept a replacement. If you find new love, it is mandatory to convince your child to accept him or her because this leads to emotional distress.

Your child might not be comfortable seeing you with another person. He may blame you for all that happened and dislike you forever. If you are a single mother, understand the best parenting tips.

Jealousy and Envy

Your child may be jealous of other kids who have both their parents. Friends at school and peer groups, parental functions at school might have the presence of both parents. Festivities like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day might leave a deep impact on your child. They will be missing the other parent but cannot discuss it openly with fear of hurting your emotions.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Single parenting

What is the strategy to control bad behavior in a child living with a single parent?

Your child’s bad behavior might be caused due to various reasons related to your separation or his loneliness. Appreciate your kid’s understanding and respect his emotions. Be a friend with whom he can share his feelings rather than reprimanding.

What is the worst feeling that a child may feel if you have separated?

Never let him feel that he was a mistake, no matter what worse situation you face. Always cherish his presence and thank him for being with you.

Is it wrong to restrict your child from meeting his other parent?

Yes, absolutely wrong to interfere in your child’s integrity. You have already hindered his existence with the separation and now if you control every aspect of his life, then you would be a bad parent. Both parents have to come together while raising the child despite being physically apart.


Single Parenting is not synonymous with a broken family. Parents single-handedly raise excellent kids, so it depends on an individual parent to positively or negatively implicate emotions in a young heart. Love and understanding can always replace pessimism and doubt.

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