Is ovary Size Important to Get Pregnant? Things to Know

The ovary is one of the organs in the female reproductive system whose main purpose is to produce and release the matured egg cell so that fertilization can occur. There are two ovaries in the body of a female and these ovaries secrete many hormones and maintain the menstruation cycle in them.

While planning to conceive, one question that may strike a couple is whether the size of the ovaries is an important factor for conceiving. So, we will now throw light on whether the size of the ovaries matter.

The size of the ovary matters

It is to be noted that the ease of getting pregnant is related to the size of the ovaries. The egg cells that fertilize with the sperm are stored in the ovaries. They are released at regular intervals after maturity. 

The reserve of the egg cells is low when the ovaries are smaller in size. But it is also to be kept in mind that having larger ovaries than normal does not ensure that you are at greater ease to conceive. 

There can be numerous factors that may cause the size of the ovaries to change. In addition to this, the size of the ovaries may change multiple times in the entire lifetime of the woman.

Factors responsible for a change in the size of the ovary

Here are some of the factors listed, which are responsible for the change in the size of the ovary.

Ovarian Disorders

One of the most common reasons for the size of the ovaries to increase is ovarian disorders. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is one such ovarian disorder that causes the size of the ovary to increase. Although the size of the ovary increases, the reserve of egg cells remains the same.

 PCOS also causes internal bleeding and makes the whole process of conceiving extremely difficult. Also, other disorders such as follicular cysts and cysts in corpus luteum pose similar challenges.


One should take note that the size of the ovaries changes with age. Before a woman hits puberty, the size of the ovaries is the smallest. Also, the ovaries reduce in size significantly after menopause. The size of the ovaries increases once the woman enters puberty and also before menopause.

The size of the ovaries before puberty and during the post-menopausal phase is about less than 20mm in diameter. The normal size of the ovary is 3cm in length, 1.5cm in breadth, and 2.5cm in height. The size of the ovaries also increases during ovulation.

Hormonal Stimulation

Many women who are not fertile undergo hormonal treatments and hormones are injected in their bodies. These hormonal injections cause the ovaries to release matured egg cells so that fertilization can occur. These externally injected hormones cause the ovaries to enlarge.

But it is to be remembered that the size of the ovaries once again become normal once the phase of ovulation is over. This change is therefore temporary and not a permanent change.

Normal ovarian size for pregnancy

The normal size of the ovary that eases conceiving is about 3cm long, 1.5cm wide and 2.5cm high. The reserve of the egg cells in such a pair of ovaries is sufficient to ease up the process of fertilization.

Experts can test by making use of ultrasound to check whether the reserve of egg cells is sufficient. They count the number of follicles present in the ovaries. If the number of follicles is sufficient in a smaller ovary, you may not face a problem at all.

The enlargement of ovaries due to tumors or cysts can be brought back to normal via surgeries. So, women with enlarged ovaries must consult a doctor at the earliest so that they can be treated and they can conceive easily.

Most effective ways to improve the health of the ovaries and the egg cells

Having a pair of normal-sized ovaries can also not ensure easy conceiving. The health of the ovaries and the egg cells produced are also important. Here are some of the ways that can help you to keep your ovaries and hence, the egg cells healthy.


Exercising daily is very important if you want to keep your ovaries healthy. Practicing mild yoga for half an hour and doing some cardio like running or jogging is all that is necessary. This is not only beneficial for your ovaries but your whole body.

Maintain a healthy body weight

It is mandatory to maintain a healthy body weight. The body weight needs to be in balance. Extreme weights can make the quality of the egg cells worse and hence conceiving will be tough even with normal-sized ovaries. So, try to maintain a healthy body weight.

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet is of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining the health of your ovaries and the egg cells. You need not reduce the quantity of your food, but just ensure that no there is no deficiency or excess of any nutrient.

Sufficient amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients should be there in your diet and this is all you need to do.

Manage stress

One of the most important things that you need to know is to manage stress. This ameliorates the condition of your body and ensures proper functioning. Engage yourself in activities you like doing the most. This is undoubtedly an amazing stress buster.

Also, maintaining a proper sleeping schedule is of utmost importance to reduce the level of your stress.

Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary. A normal-sized ovary does not ensure that the egg cells are healthy. Thus, a balanced diet and proper food supplements are mandatory for good quality egg cells.


One should also give up on smoking and drinking so that the egg cells produced are healthy. One should also learn to manage stress levels since this is an important factor that causes the production of healthy eggs. So, do not worry and consult with a doctor and conceive easily.

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