4 Unique Parenting Styles You Should Know Today

How you are raising your child will determine how they are going to be in the future. Parenting style impacts the growth of a child. Parenting style is prepared by comparing several strategies that parents can use for raising their children. 

Every child is different, and hence they need to be raised differently. Every parent’s approach towards the child is unique, and it comes naturally. 

Here are four types of parenting styles. One can create their parenting style by being flexible, bringing adjustment, and adopting practices that can be healthy for the child’s upbringing. 

Types Of Parenting Styles and how its Affects

Authoritative Parenting Style

authoritative parenting style tips

The authoritative parenting style is one of the most effective ones and is more widely followed. In this parenting style, the structure is discussed correctly. It will help the parents to analyze the behavior of the child. Here the parents will provide their child with the physical or emotional support that they need for performing any task. The way the child performs any task will be entirely the child’s choice. 

The parents will treat a child in a manner that the child will know the boundary of their independence and how to express themselves. They will also know to differentiate between good and evil. Parents who follow this style prepare some disciplinary rules to keep their child in check. 

For example, you can ask your child to complete a project within a stipulated time. The child will have complete freedom of preparing the project the way they want. After completing the project, you can also reward your child. 

Here the parents can maintain an optimal balance between being supportive and firm. Discipline is used to guide or coach the child. Parents who follow the authoritative style will have rules that are non-negotiable when it comes to safety and health. 

How It Affects The Kid

Authoritative parenting has a lot of positive sides and is most followed by parents. Children who grow under the authoritative parenting style become cooperative, cheerful, friendly, goal-oriented, self-reliant, and curious. 

The child will have their own disciplinary rules, and they will be more self-confident. The parents provide the flexibility to complete the task the way the child wants, so it fuels the creativity in them.

Authoritarian Parenting Style:

authoritarian parenting style tips

Authoritarian parenting style is quite synonymous with the authoritative parenting style. The difference lies in the way the parents commands to control their child. 

In this style, the parents have complete control over their children. Here the parents can assign the child a task, and they have to do it the way their parents want. This type of parenting is mostly fear-driven, and the child fails to express themselves or be independent when it comes to making their own decisions or analyze their actions. 

In this style, the child will not get any support or encouragement from their parents. The parents will be unresponsive to the needs and want of the child. 

Even though the parents have good intentions, still, they will adopt various methods for disciplining their child, which can lead to long term damage to the development process of the child.

How It Affects The Kid

Parents who follow the authoritarian parenting style will fail to build a strong relationship with their child. Apart from that, the child can become dependent on their parents as they grow up. They will be able to accomplish the task which does not have any creativity or does not require any problem-solving skills. 

Their academic performance will start to deteriorate, and they will fail to express themselves and have low self-esteem. The parents will punish the child for not completing the task or for behaving in a particular manner that the parents don’t like, so the child will feel that they lack many things and will remain confused. 

It can affect not only their self-confidence but they will be blaming themselves for everything which can lead to bad mental health. Children will fail to express themselves and hence won’t be able to have a proper relationship with anyone. Some children may show aggressive behavior towards their parents in the later stages. 

Indulgent Or Permissive Parenting Style 

indulgent or permissive parenting style

With Indulgent Parenting Style, the parents are easy going and will put the child’s needs as their priority. It does sound good but whether it is going to help the child or not is the real question here. 

Indulgent parenting style focuses more on pampering their kid and allowing them to do anything. The prime motive of the parents here is to ensure that their child is happy. In this style, no structure or disciplinary rules are imposed, and sometimes the parents might feel disappointed when they are unable to fulfill their child’s demands. 

In this style, the child can quickly get anything by commanding or crying as it is their only way of getting their demands fulfilled. The unfortunate part is, it becomes an infinite cycle that brings harm to both child and parent. 

This parenting style looks like it will work effectively on teenagers or older kids, but it can be applied to anyone be it, toddlers or babies. Here the parents won’t interrupt their child when they are playing in the backyard without any supervision. 

How It Affects The Kid

According to the research, it has been found that parents who follow the indulgent parenting style allow their child to have better resilience. The child will be able to cope up with setbacks and challenges properly. In Indulgent parenting, the parents encourage their child’s creativity and problem-solving abilities. 

It does have some downside as well. If you allow the child to go to the school unsupervised, then it can be dangerous to them. Apart from that, there are specific rules related to the place where you live. In certain countries, you cannot allow the child to perform certain things if they are below a particular age. 

Neglectful, Uninvolved Or Non-indulgent Parenting Style

Parents who follow the uninvolved parenting style will not be able to cater to the physical and emotional needs of their kids. In this parenting style, no structure or expectation is communicated with the kid. Here the parents won’t decide or talk about the type of parenting style that they are going to adopt or they feel will go well with their child.

Both parents follow a different parenting style for raising their children. It makes a child adapt differently and behave according to the situation. The child will not be able to differentiate between good or bad as no one will explain it to them. The child will get a lot of freedom, and the parents won’t interfere. 

It is essential for the child to feel that their parents are involved in their life, their development and is concerned about the situations they are facing. Parents who believe that a child can easily manage themselves usually follows this type of parenting style. 

How It Affects The Kid

Most experts will agree that if parents follow uninvolved parenting, then it can bring a lot of severe problems in their child’s life. 

Children always look for an emotional connection with their parents, and when they fail to get it from them, then their nervous system won’t regulate optimally. 

Parents who follow an uninvolved parenting style raise kids with lower self-esteem, and they will find it hard to form trusting and healthy relationships with their friends. 


Both parents need to discuss the parenting style that they are going to follow. Instead of developing a single style, you can also combine the positive part of each of the techniques. 

Depending on the child’s age, the parents can adopt a different parenting style. One needs to analyze the personality of the parent and the child to find out the right parenting approach for them. 

Unique Parenting Styles You Should Know Today

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