17 Awesome Parenting Tips For Single Father

Becoming the perfect single father can be a challenging experience but is very rewarding. One needs to offer significant commitment and time when it comes to raising their child alone. For a single father raising their child comes with a lot of difficulties, but it also helps in strengthening the bond with their little ones. 

According to the research, it has been found that most single fathers were comfortable and competent in parenting their child. So here are some tips that will help you in parenting your child as a single father.

Tips For Parenting Your Child For Single Father

Here are few tips for you to single parent your kid as a single father

Support Network

For a single father raising a child alone can be difficult hence having the perfect support network can reduce a lot of stress. Since it is new for you so you can talk with your family or friends and communicate about the problems that you are facing. 

If things are getting tough for you, then you can visit a therapist who can support and help you to make the process of parenting easier. Do not hesitate when it comes to asking for help. If your close ones are offering to help you by babysitting the child or by helping you with household work, then accept their help. 

Work Schedule

If you are doing a full-time job and raising a child, then balancing them can be challenging. You can discuss it with the boss and tell them about what you are expecting from the company to help you during this time, for example, flexible working hours or work from home. Also, adjust the timing of the office vacation hours with that of the vacation time of the school. 

When you have another person in your life, you will also need more financial stability. Having flexibility in your work schedule can make you more efficient in your duties, and you will also get time with your family. 

Be Strong

It is understandable that for a single father, it’s tough because you don’t have your partner who is going to be the most significant support in your life.

Instead of getting weak at this time, try to be reliable, solid, and strong so that your child is not suffering from any emotional trauma. 

Every Child Is Different

Every child is unique in their own ways, and their needs from the parent will be different. Some will ask for your time, and some will ask for trips and material items to believe that they are valued and loved.

You will have to understand what your child wants and do things that make them happy. Instead of being angry and defensive, you need to understand the mental situation of the child. 

Show Support And Unconditional Love

As a single father, you need to express that you support and love your child unconditionally. Whenever they do something good praise them. When they are talking about what they did in their school, listen to them carefully without considering it to be insignificant. 

Do Not Encourage Sympathy

Do not encourage anyone who is sympathizing with your condition because it will make you feel emotionally weak. As a single father, you are doing your best and trying to keep everything under control. 

Take A Break

As a single father, there will be times when you will feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the unending demands of your child and work. Try to maintain a balance in your work life. 

If there is any tension in your life, it can make it difficult for you to communicate with the child. During this time, you can take a break because it will help in keeping a positive attitude alive. 

You can discuss the problem with your family member or a friend, or sometimes you can also share it with your child. It will also help them to become responsible. 

Participate In Family Activities

In the area where you live you can look for several family activities that will give you the opportunity of knowing all the other single parents and your child will be able to socialize and play with other children. It will also help in breaking you from isolation. 

You can look for upcoming events in local libraries, newspapers, museums, or schools. You and your child will be able to bond with other families who live in your locality. 

Do Not Speak Ill About Their Mother

If you are speaking ill of their mother, then it will upset and confuse your child if they are having contact with their mother. For a single father, the phase of parenting their child is wonderful and raw, but when you criticize your ex or their mother, then it will make it complex.

Not only the mother, but you should not speak anything wrong about women because you have to teach your child to respect women. It is essential to watch what you are saying to a child because they will learn from their elders. 

Go To Vacations With Your Child

Taking your child on vacation can be exhausting, nerve-racking, and expensive when you are a single father. You won’t always get a moment of relaxation, but you will be surprised to see how these things will make your child happy.

Role Models

As you are a single father, you will find it hard to give your child a female role model. You can be their role model, but it is also essential for them to have a female role model because it helps in balancing their views.

Try to have a healthy and good relationship with all the women of the family-like godmothers, grandma, aunts, etc. If the child is having contact with their mother, also encourage their involvement and tell your child to be respectful towards the mother. 

Be Their Father And Not Their Friend

Your child already has a lot of friends, so instead of trying to be their friend, try to be their perfect dad. Try to be present when they have any events in the school. 

If they need anything, go shopping with them, enjoy every moment with them, teach your child good manners and morals. It is alright to behave endearingly hopeless if you are utterly reliable. Always try to be present for them.

Future Planning

Raising your child as a single father can be overwhelming at times. Think and plan about the future because it will help you to make things look more manageable and you be able to have a sense of control over the situation. 

Work on financial goals like schooling of the child or higher education, after planning about the future use proper plans that will help you to reach there. 

You can make plans weekly or daily to keep things organized and to prepare yourself for any future school work, trips, exams, or events. 

Spend Time With Your Child

As you are the center of your child’s universe, so always try to give your attention and spend more time with your child. Keep aside some time when you can play with your child. It is essential for the child to feel valued and loved.

As they don’t have their mother with them so they will depend on you. Use this time to build some beautiful memories which you can cherish later when your child grows up. Also, listen to the things that they have to say daily. 

Value Yourself

Do not behave ignorantly when it comes to taking care of yourself. When you are fulfilling all the responsibilities of becoming the perfect father, you might forget to take care of your well being. 

Even though you have to deal with a lot of responsibilities, still you should take out some time for doing physical activities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthily and try to take enough rest that will prepare you to face the difficulties properly. 

Be Honest

If your child asks anything about their mother, then try to be honest. Try to answer their questions appropriately. The child will also have to deal with some difficult emotions at this time, so support them.

Treat Them As Kids

As a single father sometimes you can be heavily dependent on your child for sympathy, companionship, or comfort. A child will never have the ability to understand your emotional state or a life experience like other adults. 

Do not depend on your child too much. Depending on a child can make you feel more frustrated at times. You need to seek counseling or discuss it with your family or friends when you face any stressful situations. 


Even though you are a single father, still you can build a healthy relationship with your child. Do everything so that your child is not feeling the absence of their mother. As you are a single father so you might have to play multiple roles for your child and hence it is not easy for you. You will make mistakes and learn from them, but you will be happy to see how proud your child is with you.

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