10 Positive Effects of Single Parenting on your Kid

Children raised by a single parent are as responsible as ones raised by two biological parents.

A happy home is the best place to raise well-behaved children and it does not matter if there are two irresponsible parents rather than a single parent who is nurturing, warm, responsible, and flexible.

Easy to define single parenting but challenges are greater due to undue pressure and responsibilities juggling between work and home. 

How can Single Parenting be beneficial?

  • Growing confidence in yourself
  • Stronger Bond with the Children
  • Weeding out unsuitable Partners
  • Balancing priorities
  • Maturity
  • Lack of Parental conflicts

All the positive effects of single parenting

Despite challenges and oddities, How does a single parent raise a well-formed successful individual? Single parenting may be challenging and may be a threat to instill discipline in your child bit the positive energy that comes with it is undeniable. 

Develop stronger bonds

As a single mom, your child would depend on you for emotional support. Your partner won’t be there to share this need so the bond between you and your kid obviously gets stronger. You will have a greater role to play as the emotional rise and fall of your kid has to be balanced by you. 

Strong sense of responsibility 

A child who is raised by a single parent will understand the difficulties and challenges faced by his parent to bring him up. The balance between home and work leaves no time for rest.

The child will try to extend his help in household chores and take responsibility for a few things in the house. They do it with the intention of supporting their parent. However, it should correspond with appreciation. Understand all parenting styles perfectly. 

Sense of Discipline

Children of single parents are more disciplined and responsible. They will see the difficulties faced by their respective parents to give a comfortable and fulfilling life. ‘Sacrifice’ is the most important trait that needs to be pursued while raising a kid, especially as a single parent. Ensure you are helping your little one with your divorce.

When the child sees the struggle and success, he understands the value of discipline and may not get involved in any unacceptable act. Such children follow guidelines as decided by their parents. This will, later on, be helpful as a disciplined child is a successful adult.

Financial understanding

Most of the children who live with a single parent understand the burden of moving in a particular budget. There is a single member who earns so it is natural to save rather than be extravagant.

Children understand the value of money, hard-earned money, and the reasons to save it. This will prepare them for greater goals in the future while they achieve financial independence. 

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Enlightened views on Gender role

Children who grow up with a single parent, especially a single mom, will break away from the stereotyping of patriarchal roles. They will see their mother as a wholesome breadwinner as well as a homemaker. They will not see the importance of the necessity of ‘Men’ as the caregiver in a family. 

Daughters become more self-reliant when they grow up to see such independent mothers. Sons raised by a single mom have a great sense of respect for women as they see the love-standing example of strength and independence in their own mothers.

Strong sense of community

Single Parents have a network of friends, family, community groups, single-parent clubs, or activities for help which will create a greater sense of inclusion in the community. You can make friends and share your thoughts, give and take opinions.

Unlike being raised by two biological parents, single-parent kids are more attached to their extended family members and friends as they come to help while raising your kid.

Lack of parental conflicts

A single child does not have to witness the day go day discussions and ugly conflicts of their parents. It is better to realize as a child that both his parents are awesome individuals but not good when they come together. They will accept peace rather than stay inside a home filled with conflicts and abuses. 


A single child will not cry over a small toy and will understand the importance of sharing and helping. If there is a younger sibling, then the older one will take full responsibility in a parent’s absence. He will understand the value of money and materials, relationship difficulties, and collaboration with parents.

Time and Love

Single parents try to exhibit more time on their children. In the process of filling the void for both parents, they go out of their way in their achievements and will be focused to give a better future to their kids. They try to spend more time with the kids and try to compensate for everything with lots of love. Children see this in-depth and give it back in return as they grow up. 

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Children choose relationships wisely

A single child will see the good and bitter in their parents. Apart from cases where one of the parents dies, there are more cases of divorce. When two people decide to part their ways, they must have been through a rollercoaster ride in their relationship. 

The child witnesses everything and will be able to understand the key points of relationship difficulties. They will grow up to be caring adults who would speculate before making a mistake in a relationship. They will be careful observers and won’t be in a hurry to make commitments that wouldn’t last long.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Single parenting

How can a single parent raise a Happy Child?

Love and routine life can always make a child happy irrespective of living with a single parent or with two biological parents. You need to maintain transparency with your child minus all elderly troubles like finance or conflict.

Can remarriage be considered to get away from single parenting troubles?

The answer is No, as you cannot base a relationship on different motives. You are not doing justice to your partner as he would just be a mode to help you grow your child. You need to decide on remarriage with a keen thought so that it doesn’t result in a bad marriage and your child should be comfortable with your decision.

Does a child feel bad when realizes that his friends have happy parents and he is living with just one parent?

It depends on how you deal with your child. If you give him all the required love and give him the importance and give valid reasons for not loving together with your partner, then he will understand that he is much happier with a single parent.


Single Parenting does not mean broken home or illegitimate children. It just means living with respect and dignity rather than bringing out the worst conflicts each day. A dutiful single parent who is fulfilling financially and morally will definitely raise a gem.

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