22 Tips to Prepare your Body for Pregnancy

You will definitely come across those women who become pregnant after years of meticulous planning. Most of us fall somewhere in between. While some of us might have quit smoking but have not been able to avoid coffee, others might perform regular yoga workouts only to get 5 hours of slumber every single day.

One can easily get confused. However, the burning question is how to prepare your body for pregnancy. In the following paragraphs, we have given several guidelines on that.

How to Prepare your Body for Pregnancy

See your physician

The first thing to do while preparing for pregnancy will be to arrange a meeting with the physician for you as well as your partner. The doctor will be the person to analyze the medical history of your family and he can negate any possibility of complications. He will also offer remedies in case of complications.

He will likewise verify whether you have been immunized against the major ailments. You have to be vaccinated against rubella and chickenpox, and you need to take all these shots at least 3 months before conceiving. 

The physician will also verify whether you are suffering from STDs and recommend the necessary treatments and precautions if needed. 

On the contrary, in case you have any medical condition that needs you to take medications on a regular basis such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, or high blood pressure, you need to visit a physician for making the required alterations to your medicine before conceiving.

Stay away from birth control

It is essential for you to discontinue any type of birth control measures that you might be using so long. In case you do have an IUD, you can take the help of a gynecologist to remove it. Although some ladies tend to conceive only a couple weeks after stopping using birth control measures, others might require more time. 

Get your diet fixed

Refrain from consuming unhealthy foodstuff, consume an adequate quantity of water, and eat organic and healthy food items while preparing for pregnancy. Consume fruits and nuts instead of unhealthy carbs and junk food items since they can help to minimize your exposure to toxic materials. 

Moreover, do not consume undercooked meat and raw eggs for ruling out the threat of salmonella. If your BMI is more than 30 and you happen to be overweight, then it is important for you to consume a healthy diet. It is also problematic in case you are underweight since you tend to have missed periods. 

Make it a point to achieve a BMI range of 20 to 25 if you are making an effort for a healthy pregnancy.

Stop alcohol, smoking, and drugs

In case you have the habit of drinking, smoking, and using drugs, make it a point to stop them before conceiving. These will make it difficult for you to become pregnant and will also enhance the possibility of miscarriage. Take the help of your physician or midwife in case you find it tough to quit the habits.

Alcohol has the ability to cause harm to a developing fetus. Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can lead to long-term issues for your infant like behavioral issues, intellectual issues, learning disabilities, as well as facial plus heart defects.

Smoking can put your kid to a greater risk later in his or her life. Ladies who are in the habit of smoking usually have babies of lower birth weight. It can also make it difficult for the mother to recover after the delivery of her child. 

Drugs that have not been recommended by your physician can prove to be dangerous for you at any stage of your life. 

The intake of caffeinated drinks must also be curtailed by you while becoming pregnant. Women consuming in excess of 2 cups of coffee on a regular basis or more than 5 cans of soda containing caffeine will have a greater possibility of miscarriage.

Limit your intake of unnecessary medications or supplements. Talk to your doctor regarding prescribed as well as over-the-counter supplements and medications taken by you before trying to conceive. Most of the medications come with certain risks and you should not take them without knowing. 

Perform workouts

Working out before becoming pregnant will aid your body in coping with all the modifications which you will be experiencing during pregnancy as well as labor. Most of the ladies who are in the habit of exercising will be able to do so before conceiving as well. 

On the other hand, ladies who do not work out should also start exercising for about 30 minutes on a regular basis so as to get the best results. However, how much you are going to exercise will depend on your overall health and also how much active you happen to be prior to getting pregnant. 

Discuss with your physician or midwife regarding the type of workout you should be doing and also for how much duration.

Take multivitamins

Most of the women lack certain vitamins in their bodies, and they should take multivitamins so as to make up for the deficit. These vitamins will aid in bridging any nutritional deficiency which you might be having before becoming pregnant. Moreover, you ought to enhance your consumption of calcium and iron-rich food items too.

Folic acid

Apart from taking vitamin supplements, you might need to consume folic acid which aids in preventing the possibility of neural tube defects at the time of pregnancy. Even though you will find them over the counter, it is advisable to check with your physician regarding these types of supplements. 

During preconceptions, 500 to 900 micrograms of folic acid will be recommended on a regular basis. However, this dosage can be altered by the doctor once you become pregnant.

Get acupuncture on a regular basis

Acupuncture will be a fantastic way to make your body prepared for pregnancy. In fact, many women across the globe are taking the help of acupuncture at present. 

It will aid in increasing the flow to blood to the uterus and will also enhance the function of the ovaries for producing eggs of good quality. Moreover, acupuncture will likewise improve IVF’s success rate in the long run. Apart from this, it will help you to get rid of stress.

Practice proper posture

It is a fact that poor posture can affect every part of the body adversely particularly while you happen to be pregnant. An experienced physical therapist will be able to assess your posture and he can likewise recommend lifestyle education plus exercise for strengthening your muscles. 

Setting up healthy posture habits will prepare your body for the pregnancy in a better way and you will have fewer chances of suffering from the low back as well as pelvic discomfort. 

Minimize stress

According to research, there is a link between infertility and stress. Therefore, the most effective way to take care of you will be to avoid stress. Every week make it a point to get some “me” time and find some effectual ways to manage those situations which can increase your blood pressure in the long run.

Monitor your cycle

In case you want to have sex for becoming pregnant, the best time will be the long days before ovulation. In most cases, it happens on approximately the 14th day of the cycle although the cycle of every woman differs from one another.

It will be a prudent idea to start mapping the menstrual cycle such that you will be able to know precisely when your fertile window is taking place. You will find some fantastic apps for getting the job done or you might also purchase a kit for testing ovulation from the local pharmacy.

Make sure to have your MMR vaccination

In case you contract German measles or rubella during pregnancy, you might lose your infant or it is possible for him or her to be born with defects. Make it a point to get an MMR vaccination a minimum of stress month before becoming pregnant since it will make you immune against the ailment. Get your blood examined by a physician if required.

Moreover, ask the health provider regarding any other vaccinations which you might need to have before becoming pregnant.

Control your weight

In case you are overweight, you will find it difficult to become pregnant. This will enhance the risk of being affected with gestational diabetes and it can likewise increase the strain on the body. On the other hand, you might find it difficult to conceive being underweight since it can lead to miscarriage.

In case you require assistance in regulating or adding weight, it will be a sensible idea to talk to your dietician or physician regarding the most effective way to do this.

Get lots of slumbers

Every day you should have a good night’s rest since it will help your body to work the way it should be doing. A deficiency of sleep might result in a lot of stress, make you more exhausted, and can also lower your libido. Make it a point to sleep for at least 8 hours on a daily basis.

Go for a dental check-up

Gum ailments are related to reduced birth weight for babies as well as preterm labor. Make sure to visit your dental practitioner and get the problems solved before it is too late.

Get all the required info

Comprehend how conception is going to work. Consult with your doctor and get all the required info before becoming pregnant. It is essential to go through as much as possible on what lies in store for you for the subsequent months. Do not forget to track your cycle as well. 

Get your partner involved

Your partner is likewise responsible for your pregnancy just like you. Make it a point to request him to take folic acid given that it will help to increase his sperm count. Your mate should likewise make an effort to remain healthy and fit and he should quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs. 

Both of you should lead a healthy lifestyle for facilitating a healthy pregnancy. 


For any woman pregnancy as well as birth are the 2 most significant experiences in her life. It will be feasible to maintain the health of you as well as the baby by planning adequately beforehand and looking after yourself in the best possible way. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will allow you to do just that.

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