10 Pros and Cons Of Exercise to Improve Fertility

A healthy Lifestyle is a huge part of preconception care. Women who follow mild exercise have greater chances to conceive than the ones who don’t. Obesity can also lead to a lower fertility rate and the addition of a good diet to exercise will lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

Why should you exercise?

  • Exercise helps in giving the necessary fitness to the body.
  • Exercise helps to reduce the unwanted weight that can cause hindrance while conceiving. 
  • For men, exercise can help in enhancing the count of sperm.
  • Symptoms of ovarian cysts can be tackled with proper exercise. 

Exercise to Improve Fertility

There is no medical proof to show the advantage of exercise on infertility but it has remained beneficial for many.  But again, people who exercise a lot impede fertility. How much exercise is required to boost fertility? Does exercise really do wonders or is it just a myth?

Reduction of unhealthy weight

Obesity is a problem for both men and women. It results in lowering sperm count in men and women face various other health issues while trying to conceive and also throughout the pregnancy. Cardio exercises and weight lifting could be beneficial to get back to shape, hence increasing the chances of fertility.

Reduction of extra fat will help you to get rid of other minor diseases and would be a boon to your fertility. Exercise is a must when you are thinking of having a Baby. 

Women with Polycystic Ovarian symptoms benefit from exercises

PCOS shows various signs and symptoms like the irregular menstrual cycle, high levels of male hormones resulting in acne, excessive hair growth, insulin resistance, difficulty losing weight, and infertility.

Regular exercise with or without weight loss improves hormonal profile, regulates the menstrual cycle, and is associated with higher chances of conception in PCOS patients. Obese PCOS patients need to lose some weight before planning to conceive. 

Sperm count is Men

Exercise is good for men’s fertility too. Regular cardiovascular exercises showed improvement in counts and motility in sperm. However, strenuous exercises should be avoided. 

Exercise is the stress buster

Exercising during ovulation is absolutely fine. It releases stress busters like endorphins which contract the effects of stress hormones such as cortisol. It helps you get rid of unnecessary stress that will create a hurdle in your process of conception.

Hindrances that can be caused

Though Exercise is beneficial for fertility, excessive and vigorous training would lead to opposite results. Let’s look into the various reasons that hinder fertility.

Energy Deficiency

It is good to stay healthy but for some women, the problem arises due to energy deficit which means burning more calories than you consume. The reproductive system needs to function systematically with energy levels in a good balance.

Irregular cycle

60% of women who are into vigorous exercise routines have irregular menstrual cycles. An irregular cycle leads to a lack of ovulation and keeping a track of it gets difficult. This becomes a major issue causing infertility.

Disrupts hormonal balance

Women who undergo vigorous exercise regimens result in changes in the biological balance of hormones. Thyroid hormones in the body are severely reduced which causes disruption in the reproductive process. Reduced thyroid level marks a severe rise in the levels of cortisol. There is stress and reduced fertility due to a misbalance in the hormones. Sometimes it can affect the Possibility of Pregnancy. 

Causes sperm defects

Sperm production is optimal only when the sperm-producing area is cooler as compared to the body. Exercise and rigorous exercise pushes up the temperature resulting in excess heat which reduces the sperm count instead of elevating it.

Best tips for Fertility Exercises

  • Talk to your doctor before beginning with any form of exercise.
  • Don’t overdo any of the exercises.
  • Walking and Basic Yoga
  • Lifting weights within your comfort
  • Cardio Exercises
  • Intense training and running should be avoided

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Exercise for Fertility

How helpful is exercise when women are taking fertility treatment?

Fertility treatment like IVF and IUI demands complete rest. Exercises might affect the implantation of the embryo or retrieval of the eggs. With minimal effort, exercises like morning or evening walks and light Yoga could be helpful.

What is the natural way to boost fertility apart from mild exercises?

Eating the right components of vitamins and minerals is significant while trying to conceive. Your diet should include more fiber and fewer carbs.

Is banana good for fertility?

Banana is rich in potassium and vitamin B6. It improves sperm and egg quality. IT can work on regulating hormones associated with reproduction. 


Staying active is always helpful while trying to conceive but again there are limitations to draining your energy. You should practice exercise in mild form to get results for fertility. 

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