15 Top Pros and Cons of Having a Baby

Like everything in life, the decision to become pregnant and raise a child together has its benefits as well as its pitfalls. As cute as babies are, they are also very difficult to raise. They demand not only a lot of time, effort, and attention but also require financial stability.

Why should parents consider the pros and cons of having a baby?

  • Parents should consider how bringing a child into their family is going to impact their lives. 
  • Parenting is not an easy task and it requires a lot of sacrifices and lifestyle changes. A lot of parents find it difficult to adjust these sudden changes. 
  • Considering the pros and cons will help couples to ensure that they are ready to face the difficulties of raising a child before they start trying to get pregnant.
  •  It will help them have a better understanding of what they can expect from the upcoming parenthood.
  • Considering the pros and cons will also help parents to weigh down their options before they make any decision.

Babies also tend to throw tantrums and they can also be quite unruly and indisciplined at times. Your baby will test your patience and will push you to your edge.

All the pros of having a baby 

Having a baby will dramatically and drastically change the new parents’ life

The addition of a baby into your family will be the beginning of a new chapter in your life. A baby is going to change suddenly and quite dramatically the life of not only you and your partner but also of the other people in your lives such as your friends and family.

You will no longer just think about you or your partner’s future but you will also consider what is good for your baby. 

Having a baby means living a legacy

Historically children are considered as a way to leave behind a legacy. Babies are nature’s way of influencing and shaping future generations. The parenting of your kids will largely influence the way they will grow up as an adult. They can become the next president or internationally renowned artist or an athlete or largely influential figures in the future. 

A lot of parents feel more secure about their present because having a child ensures them that the child will bear their name and eventually carry on the legacy and the fruits of their hard work. 

Your baby will help to strengthen the relationships in your family

A baby is also considered as an embodiment and confirmation of a couple’s love for each other. It cements and further strengthens the bond of a husband and wife. The husband and wife continue to aim their efforts and focus together towards the goal of responsible parenting and providing a healthy ambiance for their child. A baby helps to deepen the relationships within a family and helps to bring everyone else closer and more together. 

The elder members of a family feel needed and validated because they get to share their experience and advice to the new parents. The friends and loved ones suddenly become sources of unconditional support for the new parents.

All the members of the family and the friends start to help the new parents with baby by volunteering to look after the child and thus makes the bond even stronger. 

A baby will bring even more meaning into your life 

Having a baby will give a new meaning to your life. Your responsibility as a parent will begin the day you get to know that you are expecting a child and it will never end. 

  • You will start to become more responsible and mature. 
  • Having a child will teach you to become positive about life. 
  • You will also want to be a better person now that you know that you are responsible for another life. Your actions will influence your child’s action and behavior. 
  • A child teaches the parents to be more nurturing, loving, patient, generous, and selfless. 

As your baby will bear not only your good traits but will also likely have some of your negative traits, you will even start to love those negative traits unconditionally. 

You will start to fit in better in your peer group 

Almost everyone in your peer group has become a parent already. Being the only couple without a kid can be at times lonely and alienating because all your friends will be getting together for play dates and other activities with their children.

Even when your friends are not with their children they will most likely continue to talk about the children and that can make you feel left out. Having a kid will ensure that you are no longer a misfit in your peer group.

You will never be bored 

Having a child will change your life dramatically. Not a single day will be the same. Every day will be like an adventure and you simply can’t get bored. Chances are your cute little one will always keep you on your toes and you will always either be irritated or entertained. 

You will have  someone to look after you when you will be in your old age 

When your baby grows up to become a responsible adult, you will gradually start to age and approach old age. However, just like you are going to take care of your baby now, in your old age your baby will always be there to take care of you and look after you. 

A lifetime bond 

Forming a bond with your child will be one of the most important parts of your baby’s development. Your relationship with your child will be its first intimate relationship and it will have an impact on his adult relationships.

When you will see your baby smile you will feel that your life is complete. The bond that you will form with your baby will transcend a lifetime. 

All the cons of having a baby 

Lots of lifestyle changes

You will have to introduce a lot of lifestyle changes such as giving up late-night parties or alcohol or drinking too much coffee even before your baby arrives because you will have to stay healthy during your pregnancy. 

  • You will also have to give up some of your indulgences and desires after the baby is born. 
  • You will no longer have the free time to hang out with your friends or go around shopping as before. 
  • Your life will completely revolve around your baby. 
  • Your house will completely turn into in nursery and you will even have to baby proof your house.

You will always be on the lookout for your baby’s safety. 

A baby requires lots of financial stability

You probably can’t even begin to imagine how costly your baby is going to be. If you dream of providing your baby with the best of the facilities then it is going to cost you a lot.

Along with that, you will also have to start saving for your little one’s future and college. The strollers, cribs, medical supplies, and baby supplies are very costly these days. You will also fall prey to myths of perfect parenting

Your baby will require a lot of your attention and effort

Be prepared to deal with hours and hours of your baby crying. Your baby will continue to cry its lungs out to get your attention. You will not have a moment’s peace and you probably won’t get any time for your self-care.

When your baby will start to talk or walk, they will become even more demanding. They will pester you with questions, will run out of the house, and will become more unruly. 

You will also have to deal with disciplining your kid along with guiding your kid through different emotional challenges. Everything tends to get even worse when your baby reaches the teenage years. Parenting will just never end for you. 

Deciding to have a baby can have health complications 

Some mothers experience a complicated pregnancy. Until the baby is born, the baby and the mother remain at risk. A lot of expecting mothers have to deal with physical as well as mental challenges during the prenatal and postpartum periods. 

Sometimes babies are born prematurely and it can also happen that a couple may have to go through a miscarriage. Sometimes the expecting mother loses her life because of complications in pregnancy. 

Your baby may disrupt the current relationships that you have 

As a parent, you will have to juggle a lot of things at the same time. You will have your full-time job, parenting as well as meeting familial responsibilities. New parents tend to feel lost in their new life and they hardly get any time to socialize and hang out with their friends.

Some couples even become estranged when their child starts to demand too much of their attention. 

Sometimes bringing a baby in the family can be a source of distress and confusion to the parents who are not sure and unready for such responsibility. You will also have to give up, sleeping and you will not have much time for exercise. Sometimes after the baby is born, marriages get so neglected that they even end up in divorce. Couples often don’t even get time to maintain their hobbies let alone having time for traveling or writing. 

You will always have to worry about your child

As your child will be dependent on you, you will always be worried about your child’s safety and life. You will put your child’s needs above yours. You will put your selfish desires and needs behind and will only care about what’s good for your child.

Often couples give up their dream jobs for which they may have to relocate and sometimes couples even stay in bad marriages just for the sake of their babies.


For most couples, the pros of having a baby often outweigh the cons of having a child. A baby will feel a couple’s life with newfound meaning and lots of unconditional love and positivity. We will have to become a more mature and more understanding and nurturing version of yourself. However, having a baby is inherently difficult and fraught with unforeseen challenges.

It is almost like you will start to have shorter days and longer nights after your baby is born. 

Couples have to give up their old lifestyle and sacrifice their sleep, career opportunities, exercise, hobbies, old relationships, and a lot of other things just to take care of the baby. Most couples find it easier to raise a child when they are ready to take on such responsibilities and when they are sure about their decision.

Here are some Important FAQs about having a Baby

What are the health benefits of having a child?

Some of the health benefits of motherhood are easier periods, lower risk of breast cancer, lower risk of heart diseases, and better sex.

What is the best age to have a child?

Women are at their fertility peak at around twenty. It will be the best time to have a kid because the good quality eggs are mostly available during your 20s. However, a couple should only decide to get pregnant when they feel ready for it.

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