13 Top Signs You Are NOT Ready To Be A Mom

Motherhood will bring tons of responsibility in your life. You have to deal with a lot of life-changing responsibilities starting from pregnancy. Motherhood can alter a woman’s life forever, which is why it needs to think carefully whether they are ready to be a mother or not.

What are the signs that you are not ready for motherhood? 

  • You don’t have patience.
  • If you do not have a full-time job or financial stability, it is not right to have a child.
  • Do not think of fixing your relationship by having a child.
  • Your partner needs to be equally ready to have a child.
  • Do not decide to have a child under the pressure of parents or society. 
  • Try to quit bad habits before having a child.
  • If you don’t want to sacrifice your career for motherhood, then you are not ready.  
  • If you cannot take care of your pet, you are not ready to have a child. 

Many people have the notion that women are always ready to be a mother because biologically women are capable of bearing a child. 

Signs That You Are Not Ready To Become A Mother

Millennials find it difficult to maintain an optimal balance between family and career, which is why stepping into parenthood at the wrong time can lead to a lot of difficulties. Even though you are ready to become a mother, several factors determine whether you are prepared or not.

Here are some signs that will help you understand whether you are prepared to take this responsibility. If these signs are there, you will know that you still have the time to be ready to be a mom

No Stable Job

If you and your partner do not have a stable job and are working part-time, you should postpone having a baby. With an unstable job, you will also have an unstable financial condition. Until and unless you are financially prepared and have a stable job, you should not plan your pregnancy. 

Still Immature

Different people will mature at different ages. Many women are mentally mature at a young age in comparison to other women. Someone in their twenties can be more mentally prepared for having a child than someone in the thirties. 

Women who spend a lot of money on unnecessary items or have difficulty in saving money or keeping a job then you are not mature enough to conceive. If you are immature, you need to understand that a kid cannot raise another kid, so you need to behave like an adult. 

Fix The Relationship

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. If you and your partner are going through a bumpy ride in your relationship, then having a child is not a way to fix it. 

Build a strong relationship with your partner. Your family should not be unstable as it will affect the child’s development. Deal with the issues before having a baby. 

Having a baby can bring a lot of challenges in your life, and fixing a relationship during that time will mess things up. 

Party Mode

Many women prefer to enjoy late evenings, alone time, late morning, and partying with friends. If you’re happy with your perfect life and don’t want to compromise, you are not ready to become a parent. When you are welcoming a newborn into your life, you will have to compromise on many things, including alone time and party with friends. 

Bringing babies into your life can welcome many undesirable changes that will be too much for you to handle if you are not ready for it. Some women can also undergo distress in their life due to lifestyle changes. Later on, you might regret or feel resentment towards the decision to have a child. 

Cannot Take Care Of Your Pet 

One of the best things that will help you determine whether you are ready to have a child is to adopt a pet. Do not start to pet a fish because they will only require a little attention. Get a cat or dog because it will determine whether you and your partner are prepared for having a baby. 

Dogs and cats will demand the same amount of attention as a baby when they are young. If you and your partner fail to take care of your pet, then you are not ready to have a baby. 

Personal Void

As a woman, if you feel that there is a void in your life, then do not try to fill it by having a baby. It will lead to potentially rotten motherhood and pregnancy. Try to find the reason for experiencing a personal void instead of filling it by having a baby. 

Having a baby will not reduce your stress but will increase them because you will have to make a lot of commitments and adjustments which you are not ready for if you are dealing with personal struggle. Pregnancy is about mood swings as well. If you are unable to get pas these feelings, you will find it hard to cope with pregnancy mood swings

Your Partner Is Not Ready

Before deciding on having a baby, it is essential to discuss whether they are ready or not openly. Becoming a parent is a big deal, so do not push your partner into it. Both of you will need to share the responsibility. Nobody would want their partner to get into parenthood half-heartedly.

Financially Unstable 

One needs to be financially stable when it comes to having a baby because it brings a lot of expenses. If you are economically unstable, then it would be a mistake to have a child right now. 

When it comes to having a child, you will also have to think about the expenses you need to spend on the child’s food, clothes, and education. Financial destitution will not create an optimal environment for the baby. 

Constantly Moving

If you are leading a lifestyle where you are continually moving from one place to another, think twice about having a baby. The baby will demand stability, especially in the initial days. 

No Patience

You need to have a lot of patience for parenting your child. Your child will wake up at 3 am crying, and you have to get up irrespective of whether you had enough sleep or not. 

If you want to become a good mother, then patience is the key. The child may poop 40 times, and you will have to take care of it without losing your calmness. If you don’t have patience, then motherhood is not for you. If you are thinking of adopting, and you are going to be a single mother, make sure you know about the negative effects of single parenting right from the beginning. 

Giving Up On Your Career 

If you have recently got a promotion and want to only focus on your career, this is not the right time to have a baby. If having a baby indicates that you need to give up on your dream job, you should rethink it. 

Parenthood can bring a lot of responsibilities to the mother, and even if you are working, you might have to give up on working for a few months. Excelling in your dream job is what you want at this point in your life then go for it.

Feeling Pressured

If your family is pressurizing you to have a baby, then it is one of the worst reasons to have a baby. Until and unless you are mentally and physically prepared for it, you should not think of parenting. 

When you are married, many people will ask you when you want to have a child or say that you are getting old, which is reducing your chances of conceiving. A woman who does not want to have kids is seen as someone who is letting down the family’s expectations. Try to avoid this kind of pressure in your life.

Do not allow this kind of pressure to determine whether you want to have kids or not. If you are making this type of decision depending on what other people think, you will regret it later. 

Bad Habits

Before having a newborn in your life, you need to give up on your bad habits like smoking, drinking, bad lifestyle choices, etc. If you have bad habits, then it will affect the well-being and happiness of your child. 

All these bad habits are toxic if you are trying to conceive. You need to get rid of these bad habits ten months before you think of having a baby. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Not Being Ready to be a Mother

1. Is it normal to not be ready or scared to be a mother? 

Yes, it is entirely normal to have fears related to motherhood. Motherhood brings a lot of changes into your life, and hence many women go through extreme fear. If the fear is related to changes in the body, then you can talk to a doctor.

2. What is the perfect age to have a baby? 

For women, the perfect age to have a baby is 35, and for men, it is before 40. 

3 What is the intensity of pain during childbirth? 

Childbirth is considered to be very painful, but one can manage it. It depends on the method of delivery.

4. What motherhood feels like? 

Motherhood is not just about the birth of your child but also the rebirth of your self. You will turn into a woman from being a girl, and within a few months, you will quickly grow up. Motherhood may not start with many warm fuzzies, but it is worth it.


These are the few signs that you have to look into before deciding stepping into motherhood. Motherhood brings a lot of transition into women’s lives; hence, one should not take the decision hastily. 

To make this emotional journey more fulfilling, one should be emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially ready for parenthood. 

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