5 Skills Your Baby can Develop through Storytime

Reading is a good habit. Parents should read often to their kids which will develop their learning habits. Good reading that starts early will develop your kid’s mental health.

An infant won’t understand everything you do but reading aloud will do wonders to your them. Hearing words will develop a rich network of words in a baby’s brain.

A child when reads gain a lot of information along with vocabulary skills. 

Why is it important to read to your baby?

  • Develops communication skills
  • Gain literacy skills
  • Helps to identify numbers, words
  • Builds listening and reading capability

Top skills kids can learn

Kids whose parents talk to them often learn words more by age 2 than kids who have not been read to. If you start reading to your kids from a very tender age, they will get to know the world around you better.

They will develop a good speaking ability along with good communication skills. This, later on, will add confidence to your kids and help them to face the world better. In fact, you are working on raising a compassionate kid

Sit still

Skills like how to sit still for an extended period is practiced during storytime. When you read to your child, he has to sit still and listen to your story. This habit is a long-term benefit for your child.

Pictures and Colours

You will notice one thing; kids’ books have more pictures than words. This is because while you read out the story you make them familiar with the animals and the characters you come across in the story.

This way they get to know different flowers, animals, and even colors.

Verbal skills

Storytime enhances kid’s verbal skills. Listening to stories can increase the chance of learning new words every day. Make a practice of reading to your kids every day. Likewise, they will also pick up this habit of reading.

Children will listen to the story, learn new words, and process them in their heads. Reading the same story multiple times will help them to connect words and make proper sentences.

Know the world better

Storybooks teach many life lessons. As kids, we get to learn about different shapes, numbers, colors, animals, and birds.

Slowly when your kids grow up they take up books that teach them morality.

They learn how to build up things, they learn which animals are harmful and whom to pet. You will be successful in raising mentally strong kids

Listening skills

When you sit and read to your kids, they will try and listen to you patiently. While you readout, you use different tones and emotions to express the story.

This way, your child gets familiar with words, how important each word is, and how to express them. 

Different stages, Different books

Young babies do not know what books are, but they are fascinated by bright colors. They focus on objects which are colorful and different. 

Between 4-6 months-

Your baby may grab a book but will tear up the pages, chew them, and throw them away. Keep colorful books around them.

Let them do whatever they want. This might seem a tough job but after some days they will flip the pages.

Between 6-12 months-

Your baby may grab the book and flip a page or two. Identify the animals, colors in the pictures. Start slow, don’t pressurize them else they will start crying.

Between 12-16 months-

Your baby will start flipping the pages of the books and may even identify elephants and cows in the books. They will respond when you read to them.

Make them fascinated by using your hands and fingers, point up the sky, make sounds of animals and birds. This way your baby will be familiar with sounds, colors, and objects. 

How to read to your baby?

Reading to your baby doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. All you need is just you, your baby, and a good book. Try and read every day to your kids. You don’t need to worry about finishing the book. Read aloud.  

Reading before bed is a good habit. It allows you and your baby to connect. Reading before bed is good because you don’t have any work pressure, you both can cuddle and discuss the book.

You can even read at other times in a day. Read to your kid when they are fed, alert, and calm.

Here are some tips to read:

  • Read with expression. Don’t just read like a boring book. Be expressive, change your voice tone at places to grab their attention. Use the fingers often for acting out.
  • Cuddle while you read. It helps your baby feel connected and warm.
  • Sing rhymes and songs in between, this makes reading fun.
  • Repeat the words more than once. Read the same story over and over again, don’t worry kids love to hear the same story as long as they are interesting.
  • Hugs and kiss your child in between the story.
  • If your kids are old enough, indulge them in conversations. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Skills that Babies can Learn Through Storytime

1. At what age must you start reading to your baby?

In the early months, start reading to your baby. Hold them close and cuddle while you talk and sing to them.

Slowly your baby will start to enjoy drawing pictures, identifying shapes, and coloring objects.

2. Why is it important to read to your baby?

The more you read aloud, the higher they’re going to develop their verbal and listening skills. they’re going to be ready to talk better.

Repeat the identical words and also the same story over time. Likewise, they’ll connect words and learn the way to talk.

3. How does one read a baby that doesn’t sit still?

Often most kids don’t prefer to sit still for an extended period. They become impatient and keep fooling around. This might take it slow but don’t become impatient.

Every day try to sit with a book for some minutes, read it aloud, and make your child listen. Grab their attention by changing your tones and singing songs in between. This way, they’re going to start enjoying to read.

4. Is it normal for a child to be hyperactive?

It is quite normal for teenagers to stay hyperactive throughout the day. After all, they’re kids and crammed with energy. .

They’re going to move swiftly from one place to a different in seconds. Most preschoolers are more active than older kids and teenagers.


Books for babies should be simple and have creative arts and images. Kids love colors. During the first few months, babies love to hear your voice.

Hearing you, they will develop their verbal skills. Likewise, they will know how to speak and form sentences. 

On completion of a year, they will start reading books on their own. They will question you about the sky and stars, and keep answering them.

This will develop their confidence and encourage them too read more books. 

Baby Can Develop Through Storytime

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