431+ Exploring Szabo Surname: Origins and Legacy

The Szabo surname comes from Hungary and originally meant “tailor” in Hungarian. It was likely used to identify people who worked in the tailoring or textile trade. Over time, the name stuck and became a family name.

Just like other surnames, Szabo might have different spellings in various regions. Today, it represents a connection to Hungary’s history and culture, specifically to those skilled in tailoring.

The Szabo surname has evolved from its occupational roots to become a lasting family name passed down through generations.

Top Szabo Names Meaning

“Top Szabo is a unique name with Hungarian origins. ‘Top’ suggests prominence or excellence, while ‘Szabo’ is a common Hungarian surname meaning ‘tailor.’ Together, Top Szabo conveys a sense of distinctive craftsmanship and individuality, making it a name that stands out with a blend of style and tradition.”

TopProminence or excellence
SzaboTailor (Hungarian surname)
AidenLittle fire
AvaLife or bird
LiamStrong-willed warrior
OliviaOlive tree
NoahRest or comfort
JacksonSon of Jack
EmmaWhole or universal
LucasLight or illumination
MiaMine or bitter
LoganSmall hollow
IsabellaGod is my oath
EthanStrong or firm
HarperHarp player
ElijahYahweh is my God
AmeliaWork of the Lord
OliverOlive tree
AbigailFather’s joy

Popular Szabo Surname

The name Szabo is of Hungarian origin, meaning “tailor” or “seamstress.” It reflects a heritage tied to craftsmanship and skill in traditional textile work. The Szabo name carries a legacy of precision and artistry, symbolizing a family history rooted in the proud tradition of creating finely tailored garments.

  • István Szabo
  • Katalin Szabo
  • János Szabo
  • Éva Szabo
  • Gábor Szabo
  • Andrea Szabo
  • László Szabo
  • Anikó Szabo
  • Zoltán Szabo
  • Edit Szabo
  • Tamás Szabo
  • Mária Szabo
  • Péter Szabo
  • Judit Szabo
  • Attila Szabo
  • Eszter Szabo
  • Balázs Szabo
  • Emese Szabo
  • Csaba Szabo
  • Orsolya Szabo
  • Krisztina Szabo
  • György Szabo
  • Dorottya Szabo
  • Viktor Szabo
  • Gabriella Szabo
  • Richárd Szabo
  • Nikolett Szabo
  • Zsolt Szabo
  • Beáta Szabo
  • Levente Szabo
  • Adrienn Szabo
  • Norbert Szabo
  • Vivien Szabo
  • Sándor Szabo
  • Renáta Szabo
  • Imre Szabo
  • Ildikó Szabo
  • Dávid Szabo
  • Veronika Szabo
  • Ferenc Szabo
  • Kinga Szabo
  • Tibor Szabo
  • Laura Szabo
  • József Szabo
  • Dóra Szabo
  • Roland Szabo
  • Lilla Szabo
  • Istvánné Szabo
  • Gergő Szabo
  • Boglárka Szabo
  • Norina Szabo
  • Máté Szabo
  • Enikő Szabo
  • Istvánné Szabo
  • Krisztián Szabo
  • Éva Szabo
  • Dominik Szabo
  • Andrea Szabo
  • Lászlóné Szabo
  • Noémi Szabo

Szabo Surname Origin

The Szabo surname has Hungarian roots, derived from the word “szabó,” meaning “tailor” in English. It likely originated as an occupational surname for those involved in tailoring or textile work. The name reflects a historical connection to the skilled craft of tailoring within Hungarian communities.

  • Adam Szabo
  • Nora Szabo
  • Viktor Szabo
  • Eszter Szabo
  • Balazs Szabo
  • Zsofia Szabo
  • Gabor Szabo
  • Lilla Szabo
  • Matyas Szabo
  • Csilla Szabo
  • Attila Szabo
  • Aniko Szabo
  • Istvan Szabo
  • Krisztina Szabo
  • Zoltan Szabo
  • Reka Szabo
  • Peter Szabo
  • Judit Szabo
  • Sandor Szabo
  • Orsolya Szabo
  • Tamas Szabo
  • Emese Szabo
  • Gergo Szabo
  • Renata Szabo
  • Laszlo Szabo
  • Adrienn Szabo
  • Miklos Szabo
  • Viktoria Szabo
  • Aron Szabo
  • Agnes Szabo
  • Benedek Szabo
  • Gabriella Szabo
  • Levente Szabo
  • Edit Szabo
  • Roland Szabo
  • Timea Szabo
  • Marton Szabo
  • Livia Szabo
  • Richard Szabo
  • Brigitta Szabo
  • Lorand Szabo
  • Timea Szabo
  • Pal Szabo
  • Henrietta Szabo
  • Gergely Szabo
  • Annamaria Szabo
  • Ferencne Szabo
  • Oliver Szabo
  • Rozsa Szabo
  • Attilane Szabo
  • Karoly Szabo
  • Rozalia Szabo
  • Vilmos Szabo
  • Borbala Szabo
  • Laszlone Szabo
  • Tamasne Szabo
  • Jozsef Szabo
  • Erzsebet Szabo
  • Csabane Szabo
  • Sandorne Szabo

Unique Szabo Surname

The Szabo surname, originating from Hungary, is distinctive and rich in history. Meaning “tailor” in Hungarian, it reflects the family’s ancestral occupation. With a unique linguistic and cultural heritage, bearers of the Szabo name often share a proud lineage, embodying a legacy woven with craftsmanship and tradition.

  • 1 István Szabo
  • 2 Katalin Szabo
  • 3 Gábor Szabo
  • 4 Emese Szabo
  • 5 Zoltán Szabo
  • 6 Eszter Szabo
  • 7 László Szabo
  • 8 Judit Szabo
  • 9 Attila Szabo
  • 10 Anikó Szabo
  • 11 Balázs Szabo
  • 12 Viktória Szabo
  • 13 Péter Szabo
  • 14 Orsolya Szabo
  • 15 Ferenc Szabo
  • 16 Erzsébet Szabo
  • 17 Tamás Szabo
  • 18 Mária Szabo
  • 19 Norbert Szabo
  • 20 Gabriella Szabo
  • 21 Levente Szabo
  • 22 Edit Szabo
  • 23 János Szabo
  • 24 Krisztina Szabo
  • 25 Csaba Szabo
  • 26 Éva Szabo
  • 27 Dávid Szabo
  • 28 Nikolett Szabo
  • 29 Sándor Szabo
  • 30 Renáta Szabo
  • 31 György Szabo
  • 32 Erika Szabo
  • 33 Tibor Szabo
  • 34 Szilvia Szabo
  • 35 András Szabo
  • 36 Henrietta Szabo
  • 37 Roland Szabo
  • 38 Adrienn Szabo
  • 39 Gergő Szabo
  • 40 Bea Szabo
  • 41 József Szabo
  • 42 Laura Szabo
  • 43 Richárd Szabo
  • 44 Melinda Szabo
  • 45 Máté Szabo
  • 46 Ilona Szabo
  • 47 Dániel Szabo
  • 48 Edit Szabo
  • 49 Zsolt Szabo
  • 50 Ágnes Szabo
  • 51 Istvánné Szabo
  • 52 Benedek Szabo
  • 53 Beatrix Szabo
  • 54 Imre Szabo
  • 55 Anett Szabo
  • 56 Gergely Szabo
  • 57 Szabolcs Szabo
  • 58 Ildikó Szabo
  • 59 Csenge Szabo
  • 60 Vilmos Szabo

Szabo Surname Hebrew

The Szabo surname has Hungarian roots, but its origin can be traced back to Hebrew. Derived from the biblical name “Ze’ev,” meaning wolf, it reflects strength and courage. Over time, the Szabo family name has evolved, embodying a rich history and cultural significance, blending Hungarian and Hebrew influences.

  • Boaz (In strength)
  • Abner (Father of light)
  • Zephaniah (Hidden by God)
  • Bezalel (In the shadow of God)
  • Seth (Appointed one)
  • Hiram (Exalted brother)
  • Ephron (Fawn-like)
  • Oren (Pine tree)
  • Elisha (God is salvation)
  • Mordecai (Little man)
  • Jethro (Overflowing)
  • Uriah (God is my light)
  • Elimelech (My God is king)
  • Ishmael (God hears)
  • Meshach (Who is like God?)
  • Hillel (Praise)
  • Uri (My light)
  • Yair (He will light up)
  • Simeon (Hearing, listening)
  • Eitan (Strong)
  • Zohar (Light, brilliance)
  • Eliyahu (My God is the Lord)
  • Boaz (Swiftness)
  • Yonatan (God has given)
  • Asher (Happy, blessed)
  • Yoel (God is willing)
  • Ovadia (Servant of God)
  • Aharon (Exalted)
  • Yitzhak (He will laugh)
  • Ariel (Lion of God)
  • Zev (Wolf)
  • Gideon (Feller of trees, warrior)
  • Baruch (Blessed)
  • Rafael (God has healed)
  • Eitan (Strong)
  • Amos (Carried by God)
  • Uriel (God is my light)
  • Asher (Happy, fortunate)
  • Avner (Father of light)
  • Eli (Ascend, go up)
  • Ezra (Help)
  • Yael (Mountain goat)
  • Jonah (Dove)
  • Judah (Praise)
  • Caleb (Faithful, devoted)
  • Micah (Who is like God?)
  • Zvi (Deer)
  • Nathan (He gave)
  • Ephraim (Fruitful)
  • Malachi (Messenger of God)
  • Yosef (God will add)
  • Aaron (Exalted, high mountain)
  • Zechariah (Remembered by God)
  • Solomon (Peaceful)
  • Ariel (Lion of God)
  • Shalom (Peace)
  • Reuben (Behold, a son)
  • Daniel (God is my judge)
  • Josiah (Fire of the Lord)
  • Eliezer (God is my help)

Famous People with The Surname Szabo

The surname Szabo is notably associated with Hungarian origins. One famous figure with this surname is Marton Szabo, a renowned chess grandmaster known for his strategic prowess. His contributions to the chess world have solidified the Szabo name in the realm of intellectual competition, making it synonymous with excellence in the game.

NameProfession/Area of Achievement
Marton SzaboChess Grandmaster
Magda SzaboHungarian Novelist
Bela SzaboOlympic Fencing Champion
Jozsef SzaboRenowned Mathematician
Zoltan SzaboAcclaimed Artist and Watercolorist
Eva SzaboOlympic Gymnast
Sandor SzaboHungarian Boxer
Agnes SzaboMolecular Biologist
Karoly SzaboAward-Winning Film Director
Ildiko SzaboOlympic Hammer Thrower
Erno SzaboHungarian Physicist
Eszter SzaboNoted Fashion Designer
Gyorgy SzaboAerospace Engineer
Katalin SzaboElite Equestrian
Endre SzaboAcclaimed Photographer
Edit SzaboWorld Champion Sabre Fencer
Laszlo SzaboHungarian Footballer
Ilona SzaboOlympic Table Tennis Player
Ferenc SzaboChess International Master
Julianna SzaboPioneering Immunologist
Vilmos SzaboHungarian Composer
Adrienn SzaboProfessional Swimmer
Imre SzaboAward-Winning Cinematographer
Maria SzaboNotable Linguist
Tibor SzaboAerospace Engineer
Veronika SzaboOlympic Racewalker
Attila SzaboAccomplished Biochemist
Edit SzaboHungarian Painter
Gabor SzaboJazz Guitarist
Krisztina SzaboOpera Singer
Lorand SzaboMathematician and Computer Scientist
Renata SzaboHungarian Archery Champion
Sandor SzaboRenowned Sculptor
Krisztian SzaboProfessional Volleyball Player
Valeria SzaboWorld Champion Boxer
Csaba SzaboExpert in Computational Biology
Ervin SzaboOlympic Weightlifter
Margit SzaboHungarian Javelin Thrower
Roland SzaboAccomplished Pianist
Noemi SzaboAward-Winning Filmmaker
Jeno SzaboHungarian Biophysicist
Kata SzaboWorld Champion Modern Pentathlete
Gellert SzaboAcclaimed Violinist
Marta SzaboOlympic Rhythmic Gymnast
Balazs SzaboRenowned Astrophysicist
Agoston SzaboNoted Theoretical Physicist
Lilla SzaboOlympic Synchronized Swimmer
Gergely SzaboProfessional Cyclist
Marika SzaboHungarian Ballerina
Zsolt SzaboWorld Champion Kickboxer
Alexandra SzaboAccomplished Pianist and Composer
Csilla SzaboOlympic Water Polo Player
Tamas SzaboRenowned Jazz Pianist
Bianka SzaboWorld Champion Rhythmic Gymnast
Norbert SzaboAcclaimed Wildlife Photographer
Dora SzaboHungarian Triathlete
Viktor SzaboProfessional Basketball Player
Edina SzaboOlympic Canoeist
Botond SzaboNoted Architect
Levente SzaboAward-Winning Graphic Designer
Vivien SzaboElite Sailing Champion
Aron SzaboAcclaimed Film Producer
Dora SzaboHungarian Paralympic Swimmer
Norbert SzaboWorld Champion Sport Shooter

Common Szabo Surname

The Szabo surname, originating from Hungary, is prevalent and holds historical significance. Meaning “tailor” in Hungarian, it reflects ancestral occupations. Many Szabos migrated, contributing to a widespread presence. The name embodies a rich cultural heritage, and individuals with this surname often share a connection to Hungarian roots and traditions.

  • Szabo, Anna
  • Szabo, Balazs
  • Szabo, Csaba
  • Szabo, David
  • Szabo, Emese
  • Szabo, Ferenc
  • Szabo, Gabriella
  • Szabo, Hungary
  • Szabo, Istvan
  • Szabo, Janos
  • Szabo, Karoly
  • Szabo, Laszlo
  • Szabo, Maria
  • Szabo, Norbert
  • Szabo, Orsolya
  • Szabo, Peter
  • Szabo, Robert
  • Szabo, Sandor
  • Szabo, Timea
  • Szabo, Viktor
  • Szabo, Zoltan
  • Szabo, Agnes
  • Szabo, Bela
  • Szabo, Csongor
  • Szabo, Dora
  • Szabo, Erika
  • Szabo, Ferencne
  • Szabo, Gabor
  • Szabo, Hajnalka
  • Szabo, Imre
  • Szabo, Judit
  • Szabo, Kalman
  • Szabo, Lajos
  • Szabo, Marta
  • Szabo, Norbertne
  • Szabo, Oliver
  • Szabo, Pal
  • Szabo, Renata
  • Szabo, Sandorne
  • Szabo, Tamas
  • Szabo, Urzula
  • Szabo, Vilmos
  • Szabo, Xenia
  • Szabo, Yvette
  • Szabo, Zsolt
  • Szabo, Adel
  • Szabo, Benoit
  • Szabo, Charlotte
  • Szabo, Damien
  • Szabo, Elodie
  • Szabo, Fabienne
  • Szabo, Gilles
  • Szabo, Helene
  • Szabo, Ines
  • Szabo, Julien
  • Szabo, Katia
  • Szabo, Laurent
  • Szabo, Monique
  • Szabo, Nicolas
  • Szabo, Olivier

Beautiful Szabo Surname

The Szabo surname is a linguistic gem, originating from Hungary. Its beauty lies in its historical significance and cultural richness. Szabo, meaning “tailor” in Hungarian, reflects craftsmanship and skill. With a melodious sound, the Szabo surname carries a legacy of tradition, making it a symbol of Hungarian identity and heritage.

  • 1 Adrienn Szabo
  • 2 Viktor Szabo
  • 3 Eszter Szabo
  • 4 Levente Szabo
  • 5 Zsuzsanna Szabo
  • 6 Balazs Szabo
  • 7 Csilla Szabo
  • 8 Roland Szabo
  • 9 Lilla Szabo
  • 10 Gabor Szabo
  • 11 Nora Szabo
  • 12 Attila Szabo
  • 13 Katalin Szabo
  • 14 Akos Szabo
  • 15 Renata Szabo
  • 16 Sandor Szabo
  • 17 Reka Szabo
  • 18 Marton Szabo
  • 19 Evelin Szabo
  • 20 Istvan Szabo
  • 1 Aniko Szabo
  • 2 Kristof Szabo
  • 3 Dora Szabo
  • 4 Csaba Szabo
  • 5 Viktoria Szabo
  • 6 Tamas Szabo
  • 7 Emese Szabo
  • 8 Aron Szabo
  • 9 Brigitta Szabo
  • 10 Bela Szabo
  • 11 Judit Szabo
  • 12 Norbert Szabo
  • 13 Kinga Szabo
  • 14 Laszlo Szabo
  • 15 Zita Szabo
  • 16 Istvanne Szabo
  • 17 Daniel Szabo
  • 18 Vivien Szabo
  • 19 Adam Szabo
  • 20 Adriana Szabo
  • 1 Tibor Szabo
  • 2 Monika Szabo
  • 3 Benedek Szabo
  • 4 Flora Szabo
  • 5 Zoltan Szabo
  • 6 Boglarka Szabo
  • 7 Peter Szabo
  • 8 Nora Szabo
  • 9 Balint Szabo
  • 10 Eszter Szabo
  • 11 Richard Szabo
  • 12 Orsolya Szabo
  • 13 Gergely Szabo
  • 14 Judit Szabo
  • 15 Arpad Szabo
  • 16 Edit Szabo
  • 17 Oliver Szabo
  • 18 Reka Szabo
  • 19 Marton Szabo
  • 20 Viktoria Szabo

Szabo Last Name Jewish

The surname Szabo has Jewish origins, commonly associated with Ashkenazi Jews. It likely originated from the Hungarian word for tailor, “szabó,” indicating a family’s historical occupation. Many Jewish families adopted surnames during the late 18th and 19th centuries, and Szabo became a distinctive and prevalent name within the Jewish community.

  • Cohen
  • Levy
  • Goldstein
  • Rosenberg
  • Friedman
  • Silverman
  • Abramowitz
  • Steinberg
  • Adler
  • Schwartz
  • Katz
  • Weiss
  • Greenberg
  • Bernstein
  • Cohen
  • Goldberg
  • Rubin
  • Klein
  • Rosenbaum
  • Zimmerman
  • Fischer
  • Berger
  • Feldman
  • Rosenblatt
  • Schneider
  • Kaufman
  • Grossman
  • Simon
  • Levine
  • Schreiber
  • Hoffman
  • Engel
  • Berger
  • Stern
  • Reznik
  • Weissman
  • Brody
  • Gross
  • Feinberg
  • Fried
  • Horowitz
  • Rosenthal
  • Silver
  • Shapiro
  • Mendelsohn
  • Melamed
  • Solomon
  • Horvath
  • Landau
  • Kleinman
  • Fischer
  • Blum
  • Stein
  • Pollak
  • Perlman
  • Friedman
  • Morgenstern
  • Adler
  • Segal
  • Szabo

Cool Szabo Last Names

The Magyars established Hungary in 896 after they arrived from the East European nations. Their leader of Prince Arpad.

The Hungarian culture is demarcated by diversity. The Szabo last names are cool. So, here are some cool Szabo last names for you. 

Almassy: Seller of harvested apples

Acs: Carpenter

Arany: Golden

Bako: Axeman

Barta: Furrow

Bokor: Bush

Bathory: Points out to someone who is from Bator

Barany: Lamb

Boros: Wine

Biro: Judge

Oláh Bertalan





Lengyel Vilmos

Barta Bendegúz

Budai Benjamin


Vörös Ágnes

Dobos György

Orsós Fruzsina

Mészáros Szimonetta


Orosz Albert

Szűts Márió

Pintér Csongor

Hajdú Henrik

Lakatos Roland

Pataki Ágnes



Váradi Patrik

Farkas Emese


Tóth Beatrix

Boros Alexander

Németh Ádám

Fülöp Gyula

Gáspár István

Orsós Flórián


Egyed Benjámin

Papp Marcell

Fábián Bertalan

Barta Patrik


Katona Zsombor

Vincze Hajnalka


Jakab Olivér


Bodnár Valentin


Dobos Endre


Egyed Márió

Lengyel Levente

Pál Laura



Szabó Dávid

Kiss Izabella

Kerekes Tamás

Németh Lajos


Borbély Hajnalka


Márton Alexander

Dudás Bendegúz

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Catchy Szabo’s Last Names

Are you looking for some catchy Szabo last names? Well, you are on the right page then. On this page we will provide you with some catchy Szabo last names, so you do not have to scroll through the internet anymore. We have gathered them for you down below. 

Cinege: Titmouse bird

Csonka: Mutilated

Csany: Referring to a Noble family

Diennes: God of Wine

Dobos: Drummer

Dunai: River Danube reference

Erdos: Forest

Eros: Strong

Farago: Curve

Fazekas: Potter

Budai Zoltán

Novák Vince

Váradi Flórián

Vörös Viktória



Gál Kristóf

Szalai Vince

Horváth Ábel

Jakab Réka

Fábián Renáta

Pataki György

László Gyula


Egyed Vince

Hegedüs Valentin

Jakab Barnabás

Balog Árpád

Hajdú Lajos

Takács Andrea

Balla Áron

Gulyás Dániel


Pataki Kornél

Soós Éva

Barta Boglárka

Barta Flórián


Bognár Csilla

Bálint Lilla


Pap Sára


Csatár Szilárd

Vászoly Pál

Takács Dorka


Nemes József

Máté Arnold

Kerekes Dominik

Halász Bendegúz


Jakab Dávid

Vass Mihály



Bognár Dezső

Szekeres Krisztofer

Gáspár Viktor

Varga Vince





Orbán Flórián

Tamás Renátó




Veres Szimonetta

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Best Szabo Last Names

The Hungarian culture is marked by poetry, fold music and dance, art, diverse food, and so much more.

The Szabo last names are influenced by the culture to a great extent. More than their own culture, the cultures that are found around them. This is the best part. So, scroll down for the best names. 

Fejer: White hair

Fejes: Head

Fekete: Black

Ferenci: Frenchman

Fodor: Curly

Gabor: To find strength in God

Garai: Peak

Gorog: Greek

Gulyas: Herdsman

Hajos: Sailor


Orbán Márk

Novák Emese

Fehér Béla

Szalai Ákos


Apród Dezső

Szőke Fruzsina



Budai Renátó

Pásztor Krisztina

Székely Orsolya



Apród Rajmund


Pintér Veronika

Veres Alexander

Pataki Balázs


Rácz Benjamin


Szilágyi Nándor

Szalai Alexandra






Barta Róbert


Szalai Patrik



Mészáros Árpád

Rácz Márkó

Budai Mária

Deák Hanna

Fodor Márkó

Oláh Donát

Török Róbert

Sípos András


Veres Gábor

Illés Erik



Jakab Ákos

Hajdú Viktor



Miksa Bálint

Csatár János

Pál Patrik

Antal Bettina

Kovács Lili


Borbély Petra


Váradi Kitti

Pásztor Valentin

Balog Anita

Rácz Mónika


Oláh Lajos

Csonka Zsolt

Illés Kevin

Bakos Benjámin

Budai András

Kende Noel

Kis Dániel

Egyed Hanna

Rácz Tamara

Fehér Dénes



Takács Róbert


Horváth Márk

Orsós Laura


Halász Bálint

Simon Flóra


Barna Péter



Szőke Márton


Jónás Márk

Lengyel Imre

Katona Gergő

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Amazing Szabo’s Last Names

The Hungarian culture has its specialty. They are inclined towards embroidery and embroidered garments a lot. Isn’t that amazing? But you know what’s more amazing? The names we have for you on this page. Scroll down to find some amazing Szabo Last names. 

Huszar: Robber

Juhasz: Shepherd

Halmi: Resident of the hills

Halom: Small Hill

Illes: A variant for Elias

Halasz: A domestic name for fishermen

Kadar: Cooper

Kardos: Sword

Kalmar: Merchant

Jo: Goodness

Surány Erik

Budai Sándor


Pásztor Milán


Szőke Enikő

Apród Erik

Váradi Csongor

Boros Zalán

Balog Sándor

Bakos Beatrix

Csonka Adrián

Halász Szilvia


Egyed Dénes

Pap Flóra


László Kitti

Kelemen Mátyás




Fehér Bettina

Balog Balázs

Fehér Zita

Bács Zita

Fodor Bence






Bogdán Márton

Kovács Miklós

Tamás Enikő


Balla Flórián


Virág Csanád


Antal Domonkos

Kocsis Szilárd

Márton Károly



Fazekas Dominika

Borbély Áron


Szücs Hajnalka

Bakos Róbert

Zobor Csongor



Nagy Levente

Máté Kálmán


Váradi Anikó

Szabó Barna

Dudás Éva

Sándor Krisztián

Bakos Boldizsár

Vincze Gábor

Péter Kálmán

Deák Márió

Lukács Patrik

Budai Kinga

Kis Vanessza

Gulyás Richárd


Orosz Milán

Budai Benedek




Boros Kálmán

Sípos Barna


Sándor Beatrix

Farkas Rajmund

Balogh Dorottya

Pál Vince

Budai Anikó

Vincze Domonkos


Kerekes Flóra

Szilágyi Patrik

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Awesome Szabo Last Names

Do you know that Hungary is very much influenced by Romani culture too? How awesome could that be! Romani’s last names are awesome, and so is the Szabo last name, where Szabo is a last name itself. Scroll down, we have the most awesome last names for you. 

Nagy: Big

Lantos: Lute or minstrel

Katona: Soldier

Koszorus: Garland maker

Kurt: Horn

Meszaros: Butcher

Lakatos: Locksmith

Kerekes: Wheel

Meggyesfalvi: Cherry village

Nemes: Noble


Jónás Dezső


Jónás Kornél

Vincze Anett

Kelemen Dzsenifer


Kozma Milán

Kiss Noémi





Surány Alex

Székely Marcell

Márton Nóra


Molnár Zoltán

Halász Zsanett

Deák Regina

Bogdán Norbert



Varga Szilveszter

Barna Csanád


Lengyel Regina

Szilágyi Gréta

Váradi Lajos

Fábián Henrietta

Jónás Levente

Miksa Henrietta

Orsós Dezső

Lakatos Katalin

Vörös Marcell

Biró Miklós

Márton Milán

Király Kinga

Major Soma

Faragó Szabolcs

Katona Fruzsina

Molnár András

Vászoly Dorottya


Bogdán Bálint

Takács Barna

Lengyel Brigitta

Somogyi Lajos

Kis Boldizsár

Kapolcs Blanka


Bogdán Benedek

Fazekas Réka

Csatár Réka

Török Alexander

Molnár Alexander



Varga Jakab

Király Martin



Halász Erika


Mészáros Róbert

Szilágyi Zoltán

Deák Viktória


Balogh Brigitta

Mészáros Márió

Antal Dalma

Pataki Barnabás

Kocsis Edina


Nagy Tibor

Barna Liliána


Németh Ákos

Takács Evelin

Király Szilvia

Pásztor Annamária

Halász Zsuzsanna


Orsós Melinda

Gál Ákos



Mezei Vilmos


Fazekas Zsófia


Máté Dorka

Balogh Mónika

Lakatos Daniella

Csatár Béla

Kocsis Levente

Papp Flóra

Balla Henrik

Jónás Hanna

Biró Nóra

Fülöp Zalán

Fekete Gréta

Vörös Emese


Pásztor Donát

Sándor Rudolf

Somogyi Gyula


Szőke Balázs



Pál Nikoletta

Mészáros Árpád

Papp Pál


Sándor Nándor

Hegedüs Dominika



Dudás Tibor

Orbán Lajos

Szücs Martin

Mészáros Patrícia


Bognár Zoltán


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The Szabo surname is a meaningful link to Hungarian roots, carrying family history and pride. It’s not just a name but a connection across generations, symbolizing a strong and lasting heritage.

Szabo Surname Generator

Szabo Surname Generator

The Szabo surname originates from Hungary and is prevalent in Eastern Europe. It often denotes a person’s profession or characteristics.

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