Taking Care of A Pregnant Wife: The Ultimate Guide for Husbands

A major difference in the genders is associated with the fact that women have the ability to bear a child and bring a progeny into the world. As blatant as it may sound, there have been multiple instances when all the role that a man played in pregnancy was making the necessary deposit and exiting the scene. 

Guide for Husbands for Caring a Pregnant Wife

However, modern times have changed and men do play a more significant role these days in pregnancy. Pregnant wives are vulnerable to emotional outbursts. Husbands can take charge of the situation and be more responsible in handling the situation better. If you are in the position of a husband, here are a few examples for doing so are-

Have an appropriate response to the news of pregnancy

Husbands should understand that being pregnant is a big deal for their wives more often than not. Even if it was unplanned or the situation is not favorable, you should not react negatively like crying or breaking down. The initial response should be assuring to your wife so that she feels confident and secure.

Gain some knowledge about pregnancy by reading books

You will be surprised to know how much you can learn from books, even in the case of pregnancy. Most of it talks about the perspective of pregnant wives and reading about it can result in a more profound understanding of the situation. You will be able to empathize better and take better care of them.

Keep her as less stressful as possible

Since pregnancy and stress go hand in hand, it can sometimes become too overwhelming for your wife. They literally have a human being growing inside them which has its own requirements and demands. As a husband, you can make sure that she is not under any additional stress as such.

Help her in her personal as well as professional life as much as possible. Do more household chores as and when needed. Also, help her with some projects that she may be working on. The whole idea is to reduce the workload as much as possible so that they can concentrate on their pregnancy more.

Let her complete her quota of sleep

One of the biggest problems with being pregnant is losing the ability to sleep properly. Anyone with another human inside them would feel in the same way. When she lies down on her back, the fetus puts incessant pressure on the spine and the nerves which can cause a lot of discomfort. Sometimes, the baby can start its kicking routine at night. Even that can be hugely problematic.

You should go out of your way to ensure that your wife gets the necessary sleep when she is pregnant. Generally, she will be very irritable when she does not get adequate sleep. Couple it up with the hormonal disbalances and life can become really tough.

The question is what, as a husband, can you do in this situation? Get her a full body pillow. This will ensure that she does not put too much pressure on her back while sleeping. A comfortable sleeping position can go a long way in solving this problem of lack of sleep.

Secondly, you can give her a back massage or rub from time to time. This can relieve her physical stress to a large extent and she will feel relaxed both in her body and in her mind. Occasional cuddling with a glass of herbal tea can also work wonders.

Patience is the key 

There is no denying the fact that your wife’s hormones will be off the charts when she is pregnant. It is a normal physiologic phenomenon and there is very little that she can do about it. Therefore, if she has more mood swings than before, you should patiently bear it.

One moment she will be all happy and jumping around with joy while the very next she will slump into a lot of sorrow and cry continuously. Instead of pointing out her irrational behavior at this point, it is better that you put it all on the hormones and be a silent partner in this respect.

The sexual drive of your wife can also go for a roller-coaster drive during these trying times. Generally, it has been observed that it becomes significantly less during the first and the third trimester while it comes back to normal in the second. You should be very patient in this aspect as well.

Handle her frequent peeing schedule well

This is another problem that is commonly associated with pregnancy. Your wife will feel like peeing more frequently than before. When you talk about increased frequency, it can basically be as low as 30 minutes. Getting up in between movies or while sleeping at night can have a lot of bad implications. You need to understand it well.

There are a few things that you can actually do to help her with her frequent peeing schedule though. First and foremost, be accommodating. If your wife asks you to pull up at a gas depot to go to the bathroom, you should not mumble under your breath or give disapproving glances.

Secondly, it is best that you clear the path from the bed to the bathroom for your wife at night. There should not be anything on the way that can cause her to trip or fall down. This is a very important method of ensuring the safety of your wife as well as her child.

Be as close as possible to pregnancy yourself

Confused? No, no one is asking you to become fat by sticking pillows on your belly or to have the same kind of mood swings that your pregnant wife is having. It is about following some habits and giving up some that are similar to what your wife has to do.

For example, she will not be allowed to consume alcohol during pregnancy. You should give it up too or at least not indulge in it in front of her. Become a teetotaler and maybe you will also benefit from it, from the health point of view.

Moreover, exercising is an important aspect to concentrate on, for pregnant women. It is not only good for your wife but for the baby as well. You accompanying her in a daily workout can be good for you as well.

The reason why imbibing the same practices and giving up some habits for the sake of your pregnant wife is a good step is because she will get some moral support and not feel left out. It will be easier for her to listen to her doctor’s advice by doing so.

Keep complimenting her from time to time

Your wife’s body during pregnancy will go through changes naturally. She will become more chubby and she will transform into a healthier version of herself without playing any role in it. Moments of sadness and doubt can creep in where she might think that she is not good enough for you anymore.

You need to acknowledge that it is just a temporary change and you love her no matter what. Keep complimenting her from time to time and tell her that she looks as beautiful as she used to before and there is absolutely no change in your feelings at all. This can be very reassuring.

Help her deal with morning sickness well

Morning sickness is something that pregnant women experience very frequently. The name might be considered a misnomer though as it can occur throughout the day. The symptoms are pretty harrowing though. It can lead to nausea, abnormal sleep patterns, and sometimes even vomiting. 

Now that you are aware of it, the next big question is what you should do about it. You can help her with a number of remedies like Vitamin B6 supplements and ginger ale or tea which can help to ward off nausea. 

Fooding habits generally go for a God’s when morning sickness strikes. The taste and cravings can keep changing from time to time. Therefore, you need to be flexible in understanding the demands of your wife and you can cook accordingly.

Keep an open door and mind for her to vent out to you

Pregnancy can be a time when different weird thoughts come to mind. Is the baby fine? What if the baby is not normal? What if it doesn’t come out of the womb properly? What if they don’t become good mothers? These thoughts can be pretty disturbing to some.

You should be aware that this type of thinking is pretty normal. You should not ridicule them for it and try to instill as much confidence as possible in them. Don’t just go for false assurances. Read and learn about some matter and answer the questions as appropriately as possible.


The role of a husband during pregnancy has become really defined now. They are not the silent partner anymore and rightly so. As a husband, you should be beside your wife at all times during the pregnancy, making life easier for her and subsequently for the baby. Only then will you fulfill the responsibilities of a husband and a mam alike.

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