15+ Things Dads Should Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exceptionally trying journey especially for young couples who are being parents for the first time. While pregnancy and childbirth are seen as the woman’s job, it is very important for to-be-fathers to be supportive of their partners.

It has been proven that pregnancies in which the father is actively involved in all pre-natal activities with the mother are comparatively healthier pregnancies.

What are the things which Dads should know about pregnancy?

  • Right from the time the pregnancy is announced, your partner will be the center of all attention.
  • Pregnancy cravings are a real thing!
  • Your partner’s senses will be heightened to a great extent.
  • Your partner will gain at least 25 to 30 pounds during the whole pregnancy period.
  • Your partner will be emotional and vulnerable 

Also, spending time and taking care of your partner will not only ensure a better pregnancy experience for her but will also strengthen the bond that the two of you share! So, let us consider a few things that to be fathers should know about pregnancy.

Here are important things dads need to know about pregnancy

Right from the time the pregnancy is announced, your partner will be the center of all attention

The news of the pregnancy is sure to put your wife or partner at the center of everyone’s attention and even though this also means you are going to be a new father, be prepared to know that you will get little to no attention. 

This might be hurtful for some to be dads, but we would say that fret not, rather you too make sure that you join the bandwagon to make your partner feel special and dote on her during these extremely trying, difficult, and confusing 9 months which are nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Pregnancy cravings are a real thing!

Oh yes! They are! She just had her breakfast but might be craving a large pizza right after that! You might be comfortably dressed in your pajamas, ready to watch your favorite show or football match but instead, you will have to make a run to the nearest fast food store at 11 pm to satisfy her hunger pangs! 

Another thing that you have to understand is that your partner might be too tired to make her meals herself. In that case, you need to step up on your daddy-duties and batch prepare the meals for her or order in food. If cash permits, you could hire help for the pregnancy months and the first few months after the baby is born. 

Your partner’s senses will be heightened to a great extent

Senses and especially the sense of smell are strongly heightened during pregnancy. Your partner might want to puke her guts out at the slightest smell.

This can get worse if she is going through especially bad bouts of morning sickness. You might have to help her during these times with the cleaning and self-care that she needs. 

Your partner will gain at least 25 to 30 pounds during the whole pregnancy period

Almost all women on average gain around 25 to 30 pounds during the three pregnancy trimesters. Her body can curl, expand, stretch and then get bigger if you believe it can’t.

Your wife is sexy…you don’t deny that for a second and her new body’s insecurities would magnify if you think it is anything else. Tell her again, she’s gorgeous and trusts her.

Having sex during pregnancy is useful!

At the end of the 3rd quarter, sex leads to labor. Remember it for her. It is recommended that at least 6 weeks after the baby’s birth you have no sex.

Remind her once more. Having sex is safe during the third semester as it will also help her muscles to relax and it will also ease her from the cramps. Discuss it with her and make her understand that it is useful. 

It is okay to not feel connected to your baby yet

It’s natural to feel like you’re not yet connected to the baby. You’re not the person with it, you feel they have kicked and some of the diseases that come along with pregnancy are a daily reminder you develop another person.

After all, you’re not that person. Do not panic or overthink about it. Once the baby arrives you will have a lot to work to do. So, be prepared!

Your wife will be curious about pregnancy

A million questions will be asked by your wife to pass on together. Entertain all her questions. It is important to learn together. Overall, you should learn about a lot that happens to babies right after birth and decides together. 

This will help you both be mentally prepared once the baby is born. You both can even join pregnancy classes or watch pregnancy-related videos online to have thorough knowledge about all the proceedings during the entire period.

It is required to baby proof your car

Get the seat in your car tightly strapped. Despite everything else you have as baby shower presents for your wife and you; the auto seat is what you need most for your baby because it is necessary to carry a baby home from the hospital. 

This is essential as there will be occasions when you will have to take your baby along with you while going out. Having a secured seat in the car for your baby will help you concentrate on driving without worrying about the little one.

It is okay to get emotional while seeing your baby for the first time

When you watch a baby get placed on the chest of your wife the very first time, you might like to get the emotions you felt. This moment can’t be defined by any sentences. It’s the same when you first carry your son.

For a torrent of feelings, it is very natural: pleasure, satisfaction, passion, anxiety, insecurity. Cherish the moment because the first time is always special!

Do not worry about how your baby looks when he/she is born

When they are conceived, the babies look weird. Everyone would have a cone-shaped head (unless your wife gets a c-section) and all are born coated in vernix, and others are born covered in hair, lanugo, and/or milia.

All their characteristics are particularly bloated, so I wouldn’t praise where your child is already big.

Post-labor contractions are a thing!

Post-labor contractions hurt too. This can still be painful and uncomfortable. Give her time to relax and help her in whatever way possible. A massage once a day can help her ease the pain.

Give it time to get accustomed to everything once the baby comes home

It is just like bringing a new baby home that you are advised to take a cruise around the ocean without a textbook and never sailed before. You will always ask whether you do it well or whether you injure your ships.

The learning curve is steep. Whether you will die amid the storms, you will think, but you will finally hang it up and go wildly. You will master the raw waters and have a good time in the smooth seas.

It is natural for your baby to be restless

Your sweetheart could make you insane. In this new thing called parenthood, it is difficult for new dads to find their place. The baby cries and you don’t know why, and sadly you’re not the one who can comfort you.

Do not personally take it. Don’t take it. You might be disappointed. It’s usual, don’t worry. It’s natural to ask if you do it all right. And to sound as if you’re all wrong. Be easy with you. You do better than you believe.

You will have to get accustomed to sharing

You must learn how to share it again. You’ll share your wife with your baby and her attention isn’t just yours. Indeed, you would be fortunate if you get some exposure in the first few weeks.

You will have to get accustomed to this and also prioritize what is important. Parenthood is hard and tedious and it is essential to give as much space and time to both the baby and the mother during the first stages of childbirth.

Take charge of the first few weeks

Take the first step. Adjustment is the key during the first few weeks. New babies are also blended with day and night, meaning the infant is wide awake when you are completely tired.

You and your wife must find out how to make changes so that all of you can relax. You will not have to work hard; you will soon get accustomed to your child’s sleep and eating routine and that will give you a lead to work. 


A full change in life is your first boy. It would be a big transition to your life to be completely selfish, to have an innocent and screaming creature in your home who wants your whole love, devotion, and patience. Take it from other fathers…still, it’s the right change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for the baby to have acne?

Although you would not imagine a brand new baby to have anything in its daily lives that tortures many adults, baby acne is common. This normally affects babies between 2-3 weeks of age and is seen in about 40% of newborns.

The key thing to note here is that an infant doesn’t annoy us to hurt us or scar us, so it shouldn’t be so worrying. The pimples are normally caused by mom’s hormones in the newborn system but also by dirty, as pores of a child are still not fully formed.

Why do I get impatient with my baby?

To some extent, it is natural to be irritated and angry with a newborn. New parents are not used to crying constantly when anything is needed, nor to caring for a child 24 hours a day.

The Parents Magazine says that a new mother mostly rages after birth against hormones so that her feelings might be everywhere, which in turn will affect the fathers too. It is important to remember that it is completely OK to put the infant down, with the other parent or in a stable and safe place, and to leave the room and recover.

How to take care of my baby at night?

A new father must be aware that most new infants are not sleeping all night long. Very often, they sleep on and off while they have to be washed and eaten between their little naps. Although some moms will have to carry the baby with her breast milk in the middle of the night, sometimes dad will even calm the baby back to sleep.

How can I sleep peacefully with my little one?

You should not use caffeine to wake up when taking care of a child during the night and day. When we are waking up with caffeine or power drinks, our sleep capacity in the future is still disrupted.

A new parent has to sleep cue while the baby sleeps, and most likely we won’t sleep fast if we have caffeine running into our bodies. 

How can I make my baby stop crying?

Many fathers feel as though they couldn’t console their baby as much as their mother can. The key thing is to first know why the infant weeps — this will give you an idea of how to avoid the weeping.

Many dads are nice to make kids laugh and fun, which does not fit with a newborn boy, but they start to create a connection. A lot more is also available for a screaming infant, like pacing around the home, driving around the car, etc.

How can I ease my wife during labor?

For most fathers, labor and delivery are exhausting because they can’t ease the wife in their labor. The first thing to note is that it must be cool and gathered at all times, according to Parents Magazine.

If a mother sees you freak out, she will probably stress out too. It is also important for daddy to learn about the work process – what could happen, what might not, and so on – because mom can concentrate on giving birth to the child instead of having to relay all the specific features of what happens to the father.

Be constructive the whole time; this will go a long way in the delivery room.

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