18 Things Great Parents do Greatly

Feature snippets- How to be good parents 

● Boost your child’s self-esteem as it gives them the motivation to fight their way through life.

● Show the pride you feel when your kids do something good in their life. 

● Set some limits and be consistent with the way you incorporate discipline into their life. 

● Make communication your foremost priority as it bridges every gap between you and your children.

● Try being flexible and be willing to adjust your parenting style when needed. 

Parenting is indeed a difficult task, and with upcoming times it seems to be tougher. Parenting is something that can be very subjective, which means that if something works out for your children does not mean that it necessarily will work out for others; these thoughts of monotonous parenting have affected the children emotionally. The most important aspect of parenting is that you need to communicate with your children and try to be their safe place, the one who believes in them rather than being very strict on them.

Here are a few things great parents do greatly for their Children:

Striving to be in children’s shoes 

Yes, this might sound a bit odd, but it has been seen that great parents strive to be like their children and not the other way around. When you pressurize your personality or your traits into your children, they just grow up to be a mimic of you and not someone who has an identity of own which might turn out to be a major problem in their life. They will turn out to copy every step of yours, which might not be suitable during their situations, and they may not grow up to be someone who makes decisions.

When you put yourself into your children’s shoes, you will be able to notice the problems faced by them, you will be able to treat them with empathy which will automatically create a bond between you and your children, and they will start sharing their struggles and problems with you for which you might even help them out.

Try practicing non-interference 

You should not be a nosy parent who is always inquisitive of your children’s whereabouts and also interfering in their personal life, and you will see that when you will interfere more the more they will try to hide things from you and also this may lead them to a wrong path, so it is better that you know your limit when you involve in your children’s life. When you involve in your children’s life too much, you may notice that they keep things to themselves, which causes them much harm.

When you let them be as it is and just let them enjoy their life, they understand what this life is all about. Yes, they might make mistakes, but these mistakes are the ones that might help them in growing in their life. When you maintain your boundary, you will notice that they don’t run away from you and also do not hide things; they even respect you for this behavior.

Teaching your children to listen to the voice of their heart

Parents need to teach their children the right things so that when they grow up, these traits will help them in their daily life. You will notice that when you listen to your heart, you are content with whatever decisions you make, good or bad, because this is something which you had wanted to do, so even if for the better you had not chosen the one you wanted from your heart then you would have an unfulfilled wish which might just make you upset, so it is better to do the things which you want from your heart always. 

When you teach your children such values, you will see that they are happier in whatever they do or choose for themselves, this is because they have chosen that for their wish and even if it is wrong it will give them a lesson which will help them grow in life and not make them regret about their decisions.

Protect, preserve and develop the genius of your children 

When you are a parent, you ought to know every tiniest bit of your children’s behavior and characteristics. You need to be fully aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and what they are good at. So you need to know your children fully if you want to know the things they are good at. When you come across the talent your children have, you eventually start pushing them to do their best, but that should not be the condition you should let them flourish at their own pace, which will help them come out as a master of their talent. 

When you get to know your children’s talent, you try to protect it as much as possible; you will see your children’s talent flourish through all the courses. You will see that your children will have difficulties in their path, but they will turn out to be masters of their talent, and it will be a proud moment. When you preserve and help them develop, you will feel a sense of satisfaction within yourself.


Ten reasons to follow your heart:

● When you start following your heart, you decrease your regret.

● You find a newfound trust for yourself and also from those who adore you.

● You get to know yourself and understand who you truly are and what you want for yourself.

● You can ensure that you are on the right path.

● You will be able to forgive yourself as well as others when mistakes are made.

● You will be able to love yourself.

● You will be able to show admiration and compassion to others.

● The more you listen to your heart it will be easier for you to trust your intuition.

● You will be able to stop overthinking and have an attitude to go with the flow. 

● You should always listen to your heart because it knows what you truly want.

Not giving up on yourself for the sake of your children. 

You as a parent also have a lot of dreams and ambitions, you need to survive as a human being, and you should not forget that you too have a life. This is something that you need to cherish, and you should never forget that. When you are a parent, you should remember that your children follow every step of yours, and loving your life is one of the greatest traits that you can pass on to your children. When you live your life, you seem to have an attitude as someone who loves to relish every second of their life and does not bother with the negative aura around them.

When you leave everything for the sake of your children, you tend to have an attitude of sacrifice for which you expect your children to excel in everything they do, which in turn creates pressure on them and creates distance between you both. Your children carry on your guilt of forsaking everything in your life, which in turn makes their whole childhood a bad past making their relations worse with you. 

Never teach your children to look for validation from outside. 

You know that you need to build yourself as strong as possible for this cruel world; you need to remember to love yourself and prioritize yourself foremost, which helps you in life. Similarly, you should always teach your children not to ask for love or appreciation from outside because that is something that is variable and might change from time to time. People might be jealous of your children, and they might just try to break their confidence which might happen if your children are too much dependent on validation from outside, then it might affect them deeply. 

You should always aim to teach your children that they should always aim at giving their best in every possible situation and not get negative criticism because there might be some genuine feedback, but the majority of them will just pull them down, and they might start hating themselves. So they should be confident in putting themselves out, not fearing what the result will be. It will teach them to always show their authentic self without any doubt.

Teach your children to live life freely always. 

You know that after a point in your life you just want to enjoy your life and not pay heed to anything, you won’t cherish the moments that are being spent because that one misunderstanding that you had was that you had got enough time but when the realizations dawn on you, you understand that you have to make the most of every moment. Similarly, your children should never be under the idea of doing something the next day, and they should seize every moment of their life and do whatever they want to do. Your children should have the foremost idea of enjoying their life.

You should pass the teaching that this life is too small to not enjoy being stressed all the time, so whatever time your children have, they should use it to make memories which will just help them smile in the future and also give them the courage to withstand any hurdles. The children are like clay, so you should just pass them some of your learnings and values and let them develop on their own. When you teach your children to focus on everything that they have presented, you will notice that they always use those present moments to do something good.

Making your children live with an open heart

You know that an open mind and heart are very much needed for your children. It helps them in managing things smoothly and also accepting things. When your children grow up, they might come across situations that they have not seen or faced in their lifetime. At that point, your children should not be judgmental to anyone. Rather, they should try accepting everything with their open arms. Yes, it is true that when your children become open-hearted people, they will suffer from betrayals, heartbreaks but all of these are a part of growing up, and this will only teach them to understand everything about their surroundings wisely. 

When you are teaching your children to be open-hearted, you are instilling in them an unadulterated version that is ready to go on an adventure to see how this world is. To your amazement, they might come up with such different versions of themselves that cannot be bogged down by anyone, and at that point, you should be proud because you let them grow up at their own pace, which makes them realize the pros and cons of being open-hearted but the best part is when they remain open-hearted despite being trodden down many times.


Ten reasons why self-love is important for you:

● It helps in reducing stress in your life. 

● Self-love helps in developing healthy habits in your life.

● It helps in building your emotional resilience, which will be helpful for your future. 

● Self-love will improve your relationships with others. 

● It helps in making you more productive, thereby making you more efficient.

● It helps you with your anxiety and depression symptoms, helping you to get away with it.

● Self-love will increase your happiness. 

● It will help in increasing your confidence, thereby also making you confident.

● Self-love helps you in achieving your goals and aims. 

● It helps in inspiring others. 

As a parent, teach your children to be happy.

As you grow up, happiness becomes that long-lost friend who used to be a close friend of yours, so one of the important values that you can pass onto your children to be happy is foremost. They should always do the things which they would like and would provide them happiness, and they should never go against their will or happiness. Being happy will teach them it becomes easier to solve things or deal with things when they are dealt with a smile. They will come to know that being happy will become difficult with each passing year, but once they have mastered this, it will be a smooth path. In this era where everyone is just offended or jealous by the other person being happy, your children will perhaps be the only ones to spread happiness.

You will notice that when you are happy, even the things which were difficult for you sometimes can be done with ease, and this is the actual magic of happiness. When your children stay happy, they will be able to face any hurdles that might pop up in their path, and they will be doing them with a smile, then you would think to yourself that you surely have passed down some of the greatest traits which will help them throughout their life.

Enabling your children to treat everyone with love, respect, and compassion 

Love, respect, and compassion are some of the greatest virtues in this world, and with each passing day, these are just decreasing in their number, so your foremost aim is to teach your children to treat everyone with respect irrespective of their race caste, or creed. They should remember that as they treat you with the utmost respect, in the same way, they should treat everyone around them with respect and compassion, they will be able to spread love and kindness to everyone. When they are able to do this, you will remember that they are putting smiles and love even across strangers, and that will be your greatest gift. 

When your children treat everyone with love, respect, and compassion, they will be able to get blessings even from strangers. They will be able to empathize with people who are going through tough phases of their life and also will be able to put smiles on their faces. These traits will automatically help them to go on to be great human beings as a whole. When your children show love, respect, and compassion to everyone around them, eventually, they will be excel in their life and also help out anyone in need. At that moment, you will know that you have been successful as a parent.

Teach your children to be authentic 

It is essential to be unique and always show out the authentic self. You know that when you are unique, you automatically become a person who is different from others, and you have a trait that sets you apart from the rest. When you teach your children to always portray their truest self, then you will notice that from childhood, your children will always show something or be something which they are, and they will not mask themselves to be someone else to get validation from outside. These characteristics will eventually set them apart from the rest, and they will be able to create their impression in this world. They will portray only their truest self without any hesitation.

When your children show their authenticity, it shows that they have developed as human beings, and with all due rights, they accept whoever they are, and it does not matter to them whether they are accepted by society. When they put on their truest self, they automatically attract people who are engulfed in their authenticity, which ultimately leads them to the path of success. This teaching of yours eventually helps your children out in some situations when they grow up and make their footprint. 

Treating life as an experiment 

The greatest thing that you can do as a parent is make your children believe that life should be treated as an experiment. You should let your children know that there is no fixed path for living your life; they should live their life on their terms and do things that will just provide them happiness and sanity. They should not do anything wrong according to them just for peer pressure, and they should always think that there is no end to knowledge; they can try out their hands at different things and see what is suitable for them. They should consider that life has innumerable doors which are yet to be opened by them, and so they should never leave hope.

When you teach your children that life is an experiment, you teach them that life’s an adventure where it will have its rocky as well as smooth paths. Your children learn to face their fears, and they will be able to overcome every difficult part of their life with ease. They experiment with their life which helps them in getting acquainted with new things now and then and even try their hands out. Who knows that the things they might be best at are maybe still undiscovered? Treating life as an experiment will help them go past any negative thoughts or comments as a whole, and at that specific point, you will know that you have succeeded in your parenting.


Parenting is something which people need to refresh because the times, the situations, the problems that you have faced in life might not be the ones that your children face, so you need to understand that times have changed and with that, people have also changed. You need to be able to communicate and give your children the space they need because this is one of the most important aspects which helps them in growing up and developing as human beings. When you let your children do their things, you will notice that they can face situations and take lessons from them. From the points given above, you get a clear idea of the points you need to focus on for being a great parent; though it is not mandatory that you need to follow these rules, these might help you become a good parent all over.


Ten benefits of being authentic:

● You will be able to maintain healthy relationships with others.

● Your dedication to your passion will increase with time. 

● You will be able to hold onto a unique place in your profession.

● Your authenticity will provide you with recognition from eminent personalities.

● You will be able to lead a simple life. 

● You will be able to enjoy your leisure time freely.

● You will be able to have much enriched personal growth.

● You will be leading a wonderful love life.

● You will be able to understand the true meaning of your life. 

● You will be able to carry on with good taste in your life.

Frequently asked questions on things great parents do greatly:

1. What does good parenting mean?

Good parenting is something that has a great deal of consistency and routine which gives their children a sense of control and also the liberty to explore life.

2. What is the best way to communicate with your children?

Try picking up the emotion that your children want to tell you and acknowledge the emotions that they are trying to convey to you.

3. How to make your child feel valued?

Try being attentive to what your child says every time they try conversing with you, show affection to them when needed, and provide them with genuine praise when they do something good. 

4. How to build a strong relationship with your children?

Show affection to your children set some real boundaries, rules, and some consequences which they have to face. Genuinely guide them when needed. 

5. How to be a role model for your child?

Share the values which you want your children to follow, demonstrate self-independence, and always deal with stress effectively in front of them.

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