Top 10 Parenting Tips to Deal with a Naughty Kid

Kids are meant to be naughty and if we find these young ones very sober and reserved then we genuinely miss the naughtiness. It’s a fun phase to enjoy their small innocent activities but later on, it might become a hassle to handle such kids.

Parents often complain about their child getting unruly and defiant as they grow. However, it is challenging to handle such children who go on with their activities without paying any heed to parental guidance. 

Why can naughty kids be a problem?

  • Naughty kids will receive tons of complaints and bad remarks from school.
  • They tend to disrespect others.
  • They bully and boss over other kids when they grow up.
  • They are difficult to manage after they reach a certain age.

So what could be done on such a case? Do you beat them or punish them to discipline them? Naughty kids turn adamant and stubborn and get into trauma with such behavior. So what could be the observation of parents who have handled such a bunch of kids tactfully? 

Ten Tactful Tips to deal with a Naughty Kid

Here are the tactful tips that can help in dealing with naughty kids. 

deal with naughty kid

Set the Limits 

Your child should not go on and on with demands and you stay calm and fulfill all of those. You should decide on his necessities and desires.

If a child starts getting every little thing that he wants then it is likely for him to turn into a whimsical person who would threaten you by adopting different methods to fulfill his wish. You should know where to stop and say ‘No’. Kids will read your reaction and learn it from the next time.


You cannot be a rule changer, though you are the boss. You are not allowing your child to use your phone on one day and on the other day you hand or over to him because you don’t want to be disturbed! How does that discipline your child now? He will be confused and the rules will be flexible for him. You have to remain consistent with what is wrong and what is right.

Teach, instead of Punishing

Children are different in their ways so each child has to be dealt with differently. But parents and teachers are role models for young children so it is crucial to behave well in front of them.

Kids are to be treated with patience and polite ways which would reciprocate in the same manner. Physical Punishment and Abuse will make them worse, especially naughty kids will be determined to repeat an unwanted activity once again. 

As parents, positive discipline and understand the needs of the children becomes very important. Kids will understand their self worth with right teaching and not aggressive monitoring. If you are a single parent, things can be difficult, but with the right tips, it will be easier. 

Pay Attention

Children always want to be the center of attention. They love to show you the new dance or song that they might have learned at school. They would want you to listen to their happiness or distress, so you need to pay attention to every detail that they want you to know. 

Don’t get busy with everyday work and avoid this part of the time with your child. If you listen to them, they will find a friend in you and you will find it easy to discipline then when they are naughty.

Don’t release your anger on kids

Consider this as the most important reason for a child getting naughty and stubborn. Never try to pour in your anger on a little one. You may have had an argument with a boss or your husband, in-laws, friends but that does not mean that you demean your child and take out all negative emotions on him. Your child will notice all your behavior and learn this negative trait from you.


Praise your child when they are being good

naughty kid parenting tips

Children love to get appreciated. Even if your child is naughty, make sure that you consider and feel proud of their good behavior. Don’t just focus on the bad but try and appreciate the good in them.

It gets frustrating for a child to get poked for every little thing. Teach them words like ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ with the intensity of its importance and use it often. To keep yourself motivated, you can read the best parenting quotes

Define Consequences 

Your child should know the consequence of his naughty activity or misbehavior. Be firm on what you decide, use a favorite prop ask him to behave well or you would take it away.

If they continue with arrogance, take it away and give it back only when they apologize or start behaving well. Do not fall for their tantrums but make sure you school them on the consequences of their particular behavior. 

Check if they are being bullied

Children often get finicky and stubborn when they are getting bullied. Just look into their behavior in the classroom, relationship with peers, and online friends portal. They might be hiding something from you which would drastically have a negative impact. You should monitor all his activities and be approachable enough to discuss things with transparency.

Set screen time limit

Kids love to use smart devices all the time as they have access to different games. They get arrogant with games as they don’t want to stop until they cross a particular hurdle. It’s only a game and food served on the table is important than that! Children need to learn that and also watch on certain violent video games that corrupt young minds. 

Be their friend!

parenting tips deal with naughty kid

Children love their friends so you should be a true friend. They should find comfort, trust, love, and a solution in you. Instead of developing a fearful relationship, make an amiable development. Kids have many things to share and you can share a few of your stories to encourage them.

Let them pour out their emotions on you, react tactfully, and help them as a friend. They will never overstep your desires. 

Here are some Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which helps you to deal with Kid.

What is the biggest behavioral mistake as a parent?

Smacking and Shouting is a short term solution. The kid might keep quiet for some time, but they will have a poison tree growing inside them.

What is the positive punishment that can be used to discipline a child?

Time- Out for a minute is an approved solution from parents where a child can be kept in silence facing the wall for a minute, and let them ponder over their mistake and find out a possible solution to what wrong they have done. This will give them time to realize their mistake. It will also calm you down.

Is calling a child ‘naughty’ considered to be bad?

Children should not be slapped with tags that aren’t considered good. They might not like to be called so, and a relationship is built on mutual respect.

Why does a child misbehave on certain occasions?

Physical Rest is very important for children. They need to have healthy food and good sleep to have their minds refreshed. 


Naughty kids are lovable and creative. They just need to be channeled properly to get the best out of them. They love independence and appreciation, so solving their mind puzzle would get you the best out of them.

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